Top 50 Edina, Minnesota home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Edina, Minnesota in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 56 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $700,000 in Edina.

Top 50 home sales in Edina for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Steven Phillip and April Marshall Clausen4609 Tower St.$2,400,000
Carol Patricia O'Shea and Timothy Michael O'Shea5505 Kellogg Ave.$1,955,000
Great Neighborhood Homes Inc.5209 Minnehaha Blvd.$1,800,000
Julia and David Saber4512 Edina Blvd.$1,680,000
Daniel Patrick Tobin4244 Scott Terrace$1,565,000
Constance Fleischer of the Jerry and Constance Fleischer (revocable trust) (trustee)6108 Fox Meadow Lane$1,555,000
Eric and Chalsey Nelsen5920 Lee Valley Road$1,450,000
Abraham Victor and Nina Anders Fields4403 Branson St.$1,430,000
Bryce Kalow and Sophie Olson5832 Kellogg Ave.$1,410,000
Cezanne Katherine and Kyle M. Gardner4400 58th St.$1,375,000
Ehren N. Rudolph7017 Antrim Road$1,275,000
2021 the Rksb Trust Under Agreement Dated July 15816 Arbour Ave.$1,265,000
Nicholas A. and Amanda M. Stark4607 Casco Ave.$1,200,000
Nicholas and Jennifer Haglund4503 Arden Ave.$1,150,000
Estella and Patrick Eckart4386 MacKey Ave.$1,125,000
Daryl Ray Tharp Jr. and Amy Lynn Warner4801 Aspasia Lane$1,100,000
Kyle R. and Kelsey J. Girard5428 Kellogg Ave.$1,000,000
James and Bernadette Thomson6620 Cornelia Drive$935,000
Adam Olson6513 Polar Circle$904,000
Erik Hoge and Sarah Hensley Lapham Paisley6716 Cahill Road$900,000
Carolyn and August Judisch5724 France Ave.$900,000
Brenda Deanna Francis6112 Idylwood Drive$855,000
Jacob S. and Katherine E. Fuerstneau4835 Maple Road$850,000
John Yamamoto and Melinda Hayes3942 49th St.$800,000
Tracy M. Alger and Christopher G. Weigle6144 Arctic Way$775,000
Claire E Hughes and William Pigeon4009 Sunnyside Road$740,000
George H. and Logan L. Charles5916 Bernard Place$725,000
Courtney Lucas6109 Idylwood Drive$720,000
Ned Kermit and Susan Kay Rokke6108 Tingdale Ave.$680,000
Adam J. and Maria A. Boudreau5600 Warwick Place$675,000
Dale Miles Skogstad5700 Xerxes Ave.$650,000
Refined LLC4604 56th St.$650,000
Manuel Estevan Gonzalez and Johanna Lia Cammas5408 Creek View Lane$630,000
Greene Renovation LLC4800 Wilford Way$625,000
Quinn Northrup5824 Dewey Hill Road$614,682
Andrew and Carole Fager4005 Natchez Ave.$600,000
Kathleen Benning and Jason Hoekstra7316 West Shore Drive$565,000
Hem Hemantbhai Desai and Heli Bhatt5013 60th St.$560,000
Katherine A. Harrison6129 Beard Ave.$550,001
Annie and Erik Tropple5232 Edenmoor St.$540,000
Andrew and Rebecca Dovolis6704 Samuel Road$517,000
Keely and Marc Hirschmann7213 Cornelia Drive$500,000
Matthew and Kenzie Ingebrand4512 70th St.$495,000
Yunus and Imen Balioglu5717 Beard Ave.$490,000
Blackstone 1 LLC5015 44th St.$487,500
Drake Investment LLC5720 Chowen Ave.$480,000
Conrad Jay Carlozzi and Caitlin Mary Rogers5709 Grove St.$450,000
Hannah Paige Smith5312 70th St.$450,000
Caryl Jona Flores and Hannah Rose Young304 Van Buren Ave.$450,000
NR Properties5833 Fairfax Ave.$425,000

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