Top 100 Springfield, Illinois home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Springfield, Illinois in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 203 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $134,000 in Springfield.

Top 100 home sales in Springfield for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Devin V. and Ashley M. Amin3505 Embassy Drive$865,000
Sebastien and Heather Lalonde2301 Tara Lane$825,000
Suresh Kumar Kulandhaisamy and Sowmya Chandrasekaran5200 Eagle Ridge$715,000
John M. and Chantal N. Irish5213 Eagle Ridge$625,000
Laura M. Mahony and Daniel F. Mahony Jr.5112 Eagle Ridge$550,000
Sheila and Lyndric Caldwell3416 Quail Chase$525,000
Sdco Properties LLC and Mesa Fours Land Trust88 Mesa Road$500,000
Cynthia Ann Timoney1230 Churchill Road$490,000
Jeremy and Bridgette Mugge5004 Wildcat Run$465,000
Lyndsey Heise610 Williams$440,000
Bradley Punke and Jennifer Fitzgerald2612 Killarney Road$400,000
Donald and Celeste Hawkins2501 Shadow Chaser Drive$377,000
Woodrow M Baker and Brittney M McGee6425 Winterberry Lane$375,000
Greer McNeil and Juan Franco4121 Destiny Drive$355,000
William G. and Susan K. Cowles4824 Greenbriar Drive$350,000
Andrew Furlong and Grizelda Montelongo4005 Almahurst Drive$349,900
Zachary and Lauren Thomas3616 St. Annes Drive$349,900
Gregory A. and Estelle Tyus6800 Ninebark Drive$343,000
Allen T. and Sheila M. Reyne3121 Red Bud Lane$330,000
Sarah M. Hacker and Keith D Fisher2705 Haggard Drive$325,000
Ashley Mihalich4101 Fielding Drive$320,000
Marlene M. and James G. Morrow509 Appomattox Drive$320,000
Tejas Patel4909 Blackwolf Road$301,000
Jan W. and Lisa M. Creasey1836 Laurel St.$300,000
Ray Lewis and Linda Oldfather1501 Dial Court$300,000
Stephanie N. and Brett A. Hinds3924 Stone Bridge Road$299,900
Clement W. and Noralee D. Milkint2533 Argonne Ave.$270,000
Jeffrey T. and Pamela G. Moe1121 Latigo Lane$270,000
Charles W. Conner Jr. and Stacey L Conner6709 Phlox Drive$270,000
John A. and Martha E. Wolters1821 Hunter Ridge Drive$267,000
George W. Valuck and Lisa S Valuck Fischer2201 Palo Alto Drive$262,500
Jaclyn and Chad Haffer1007 Vine St.$259,900
Brian N. and Diana L. Cozadd2212 Dubsdread Drive$250,000
Brenda Conner2108 Burgess Drive$250,000
Andrew William and Andrew Jordan2600 Meadow Pointe Road$246,000
Mary Francine Chua and Anshul Pandey2001 Huntleigh Road$245,000
Brian M. and Michele Diveley2807 Tozer Road$235,000
Brian Scott Pruett2424 Glencoe St.$234,900
Alyssa and Cory Neuhoff3725 Castle Hill Blvd.$233,500
Rick Kendall3 Heritage Drive$232,150
Timothy and Katherine McKenzie3712 Carney Blvd.$230,000
Gail M Williams and Amanda S. Boggs20 Red Oak Lane$220,000
Melissa Farley19 Oakwood Drive$220,000
Mark and Jessica Rubinkowski2429 Idlewild Drive$218,000
Richard Andrew and Tammy C. McLean2452 Lindbergh Blvd.$210,000
Patricia and Joseph Cabell3800 Viking Blvd.$210,000
James Project Inc.1908 Croydon Drive$209,000
Warren J. Rixon and Samantha G. Lund1709 Lowell Ave.$207,500
Jordan Gibson and Katherine Chi4156 03rd St.$205,000
Lucille Clark2065 Cambridge Road$201,000
Mary Elizabeth Lawhorn2314 Cormorant Drive$200,100
Patrick Knisley407 Adelia St.$199,900
Cheryl A. Peet42 Twilight Lane$193,000
National Residential Nominee Services Inc.3 Delano Lane$191,000
Robert W. and Cecilia M. Shomidie3 Delano Lane$191,000
Alexis Schubert and Zachary James Ashton308 Astoria Road$190,000
Tdl Properties One LLC1140 Osburn Ave.$190,000
Tdl Properties One LLC2859 14th St.$190,000
Brandon Stewart2436 Lawrence$188,000
Zachory Sanders1220 Dani Lane$186,000
Benjamin Van Diest121 Andover Drive$180,000
Yolonda N. and Lorne C. Williams2316 Park$180,000
Sherman and Ratchel G. Napier1300 Harmony Court$179,900
Amanda J. Bly and Waldon J Cook907 Wythe Road$179,000
Rebecca Mendoza and Artemio Mendoza Estrada3 Sarah Ave.$176,002
Tyler Underwood and Amber A. Jones101 Resina Drive$176,000
Karen and Wayne Gall1 Buecker Lane$172,000
Patricia Norine Sutherd (trust)615 Outer Park Drive$171,500
Jerry O. Smith1400 Governor St.$165,000
Ryan and Hannah Marie Janssen112 Resina Drive$165,000
Megan Whitlow212 Saxon Drive$163,200
Daniel Pruitt2308 Hampton Drive$160,000
Kristin J Ives2117 Noble Ave.$160,000
Dana M Murphy37 Robinhood Lane$160,000
Lee and Erica Brittin602 Bonanza Pass$160,000
Alice Londrigan3523 Teakwood Drive$158,000
Garrett Vaughn and Lois Kanter22 Groton Drive$155,175
Freedom Equity Properties Inc.2909 Lakeshire Drive$155,000
Thomas S. Waters3113 Superior Drive$153,400
Susie Nguyen and Tommy Hua1622 Thornhill Drive$153,000
Christian B. Turner2805 York Road$151,500
Abigail E. and Eric W. Coombe1812 Holmes Ave.$151,000
Ellyn Baker2106 Warwick$147,000
Ashley and Benjamin McCloughan3116 Principia Drive$147,000
Nancy Towell Shellhammer6 Groton Drive$145,900
Patrick N. Lam and Mary K. Nguyen3309 Crystal Lake Drive$145,500
Freedom Equity Properties5211 Deerwood Lake Drive$145,000
Jared R Simmons and April J Luebrecht2001 Whittier Ave.$144,925
Deena C Barnett11 Lake Knolls Drive$143,000
Ashley L. Mihalich52 Kirkley Lane$142,500
Kaufman Rentals LLC2645 Cardifs Ave.$142,000
Cory T Rawlings2913 Sutherland Road$141,500
Freedom Equity Properties Inc.6333 Brent Drive$139,900
Bonita Silas1456 03rd St.$139,900
Madelyn J Loeser1370 Valley Drive$138,000
Freedom Equity Properties Inc.2437 Idlewild Drive$137,900
Brooke Margorie Pasley and Peter William Joseph Miller3216 Sequoia Drive$137,500
Daren and Jackie E. Cooper1824 Hood St.$135,000
Grasso John A. and Grasso Rose M. Lo2040 Walnut$135,000
Trudy Stutzman4309 Pickfair Road$135,000

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