Top 100 Spring Hill, Florida home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Spring Hill, Florida in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 296 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $236,250 in Spring Hill.

Top 100 home sales in Spring Hill for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
William J. Callahan Jr.11348 Newington Ave.$935,000
Michael and Ryan Caluya4420 Lake in the Woods Drive$546,900
Alexander Ossa III425 Romine Court$534,000
Larry S. and Sharrell J. Coley5069 Championship Cup Lane$492,500
Robert Lester and Rita Larae Van Norman3509 St. Ives Blvd.$480,000
Marvin E. and Sharon E. Hill4467 Rachel Blvd.$475,000
Judith Mahoney13635 Weatherstone Drive$475,000
Nikole Annette Rucinski5309 Leather Saddle Lane$455,000
Michael F. and Paula Trevisani8194 Sugarbush Drive$450,000
Christine and Nicholas Deceglia2256 Country Ridge Lane$429,000
Elias Sayah4158 Copper Hill Drive$425,000
Frederick E. and Kris Jensen Van Heste4548 Lake in the Woods Drive$415,000
George Otto Trste Mabry Jr., Shalley Ann Trste Mabry and Mabry Family (revocable living trust)11382 Stanford Ave.$407,000
Neal Cook14055 Andrew Scott Road$400,000
Thanh Lu4312 River Birch Drive$393,500
Omar Vera Hernandez and Iviana Santiago Gonzalez1008 Tournament Drive$391,000
Leah Janelle and Brian James Matthew Gonzales3156 Lema Drive$390,000
Eric and Renee O. Hollinger365 Knights Bridge Road$390,000
Cheryl Anne and William Franklin4037 Breckland Court$378,000
Bradley and Tanya Valera Bruton1318 Masada Lane$376,000
Richard E. Trste Holmes and E. Holmes Richard (trust)4002 Indian River St.$375,000
Janet L Hartley0$370,000
Ronal Eduardo Vazquez Garcia2094 Finland Drive$360,000
Jessica C. Gillotte and Michael Hollis2091 Maximilian Ave.$360,000
Kimberly and Michael Dunn11478 Deep Creek Drive$350,300
Andrea Lorenzo and Edward T. Baker13107 Haverhill Drive$350,000
Kevin L Moore and Robin Puckett11406 Chalk Farm Road$350,000
Meena Ragheb14818 Edgemere Drive$350,000
Lester T. and Joyce A. Folkenson12400 Arslan Lane$345,000
Anthony and Francine Lackey1328 Corolla Ave.$345,000
Rosa Larotonda and Patrick Larontonda10428 Ireland St.$342,000
Jonathan Tyler and Shayna Lynn Martincic1050 Hook Drive$340,000
HP Florida I LLC6104 Kinlock Ave.$340,000
Robin A. Burns11557 Fairfield Court$339,900
Tracy Hanna1219 Venetia Drive$339,000
Ralph Brett and Kristina Deloach Perkins12011 Sapphire Drive$335,000
Rafal and Nicole Onishi12450 Fish Cove Drive$330,000
Roy Lee Jeremy and Regina Green13136 Weatherstone Drive$326,000
IH6 Property Florida L P4224 Bramblewood Loop$325,000
John S. and Sonya D. Hughes7409 Rosemont Lane$325,000
Jerry S. and Rose S. Shore2271 Gaucho Ave.$325,000
Anthony Nicholas Lopinto2253 Amherst Ave.$325,000
Rhonda Jean and Joseph Francis Maley4358 Las Palmas Ave.$325,000
Zillow Homes Property (trust)12509 Drayton Drive$324,732
Brett Alexander Sehwinge and Elizabeth Michelle Schwinge4275 Braemere Drive$322,000
Kimberly J Rose4108 St. Ives Blvd.$321,600
Mark J. and Julie A. Malenda10271 Sharkey Court$320,000
Jason M. and Jami L. Rexrode and Gary Heaps1031 Greenturf Road$314,444
William Lee Valentina and Williamlee McGeorge Valentina4069 Breckland Court$312,000
Sfr Jv 2 Property LLC5732 Greystone Drive$312,000
Zillow Homes Property (trust)2343 Glenridge Drive$310,600
Renate H Newmark9226 Jena Road$310,000
James and Viktoriia Diakiv Rothe1568 Fayetteville Drive$310,000
Austin and Shawn Dodd13428 Mandalay Place$310,000
Michael B. Wood101 Paris Ave.$309,900
Michael Joseph Fricano3081 Waterfall Drive$306,000
Charles T. and Lynn Carol Pishock3525 Beaumont Loop$306,000
Daniel R. and Nicole J. Sills11367 Norwood St.$305,000
Corey R Duncan10344 Henderson St.$305,000
Vincent J. and Lara A. Klein5242 Dellbrook Ave.$303,500
Travis May2116 Breezy Way$303,000
Zillow Homes Property (trust)4346 Craigdarragh Ave.$300,339
Larry Stephen Obrien and Deon Jeanine Taylor2080 Sparkling Waters Way$300,000
Sara Ruth and Robert Edward Barto2066 Gold Road$300,000
Opendoor Property C LLC3999 Bramblewood Loop$298,800
Humberto Roldan and Carmen Dejesus11390 Pickford St.$296,000
Douglas Rowe2333 Arrendonda Ave.$295,000
Don L. and Betty L. Jacks159 Hague Court$295,000
Sfr Jv 1 Property LLC14128 Redwood St.$293,000
Julio R. and Shelly L. Torres11416 Portola Lane$293,000
Offerpad SPVBORROWER1 LLC1019 Cambay Lane$292,000
Karla Elaine Greene6402 Mariner Blvd.$290,000
Mark J. and Debra L. Anderson7274 Sugarbush Drive$289,900
Fred E. Evans Jr. and Melissa Gabrielle Evans13857 Dunwoody Drive$289,500
Diane and Bruce Clark7055 Big Bend Drive$285,000
Maykel Sanchez2289 Renton Lane$285,000
Julie A. Saathoff and William G. Saathoff Jr.6527 Freeport Drive$285,000
Tatyana Kozlova3574 Beaumont Loop$285,000
Eric and Linda Nicholas Gonia2290 Evangelina Ave.$285,000
Nathaniel Lucas and Casey Leigh Grodrian5282 Brackenwood Drive$283,000
Joshua Benjamin and Tara Green13097 Little Farms Drive$280,000
James R. and Karen F. Miller342 Upland Ave.$280,000
Donald Frank and Karen Alane Halucha7248 Bottle Brush Drive$279,777
Sfr Jv 1 Property LLC14481 Finsbury Drive$277,000
Margaret Cote and Gary A. Arnott2445 Bishop Road$275,010
HP Florida I LLC2388 Gallagher Ave.$275,000
Alexis Michelle and Justin Waring4826 Larkenheath Drive$275,000
Risel Gonzalez Naranjo and Cristher Miranda Gonzalez13435 Banyan Road$275,000
Tiffany Akemann6027 Freeport Drive$275,000
Dennis M. and Deborah Marie Chilson7019 Sparkling Creek Court$275,000
Sfr Jv 2 Acquistion LLC231 Fairmont Drive$274,000
Sfr Jv 1 Property LLC10408 Gifford Drive$272,900
Tracy L. Trste and Donald A. Trste Leblanc and D.&T. Leblanc Family (revocable trust)147 Fairmont Drive$269,900
Chen Guo Tan14920 Edgemere Drive$269,900
Zillow Homes Property (trust)0$269,017
Brian F Jones and Summer IL Jones183 Hague Court$269,000
Stephanie L. and David L. Spikes320 Dartmouth Ave.$267,000
Jason Joseph and Darlene Clare Rodriguez9334 Mallard St.$265,000
Tiyler Marie Schreck3049 Eunice Ave.$265,000
Dayron Arias9446 Bayside Court$265,000

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