Top 100 Clermont, Florida home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Clermont, Florida in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 110 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $330,000 in Clermont.

Top 100 home sales in Clermont for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Cherry Lake Apartments LLC10435 Cherry Lake Road$1,300,000
Debra L Gustin13232 Sugarbluff Road$875,000
Deanne and Robert G. Fitzpatrick12408 Hull Road$768,000
Linsey Donovan11818 Lakeshore Drive$690,000
Tiffany and William M. Moglia1341 Bridge Hill Lane$645,000
Shanna Alikhan and Pino Patricio Del561 Mar-Nan-Mar Place$612,000
Amanda Suzanne Dale and Joshua Ryan Moyerman20311 Misty Ridge Lane$599,900
Kathy and Larry A. Fullen6702 Lake Kirkland Drive$585,000
Andrew and Chanda Duvall Horne13044 Sunshine View Court$550,000
Alberto Alvarez17953 Apshawa Road$535,000
Alex and Tiffany Santos2821 Columbus Ave.$532,000
Sookchan Dropatty Lachman and Kevin Sookchan13025$465,000
Francisco Ruvalcaba and Shelley Vasquez12313$460,000
Michael Coe Buchanan Jr. and Kerri Joy Livesey11328 Cypress Shore Court$450,000
Kelly Lynne and Reinaldo Francisco Roberts3782 Beacon Ridge Way$450,000
Silva Ronnie Zubi Da12802 Hyland Lane$445,000
Dawn Ann Janelle Dykes2879 Majestic Isle Drive$441,500
Opendoor Property Trust I.10049$441,200
David O. and Susan E. Burnham1357 Lattimore Drive$440,000
Charles Augustus and Leonie Angella Samuels Richards3675 Peaceful Valley Drive$440,000
Jennifer Elizabeth and Robert James Rivers4265 Fawn Meadows Circle$439,000
Telcom International LLC2698 Eagle Lake Drive$435,000
Raymond Francis Day III9343 Meadow Crest Lane$425,000
Op Spe TPA1 LLC4484 Barbados Loop$425,000
Julia and Mikko Gruenzner11601 Graces Way$417,000
Ariel and Galina Blanco13059 Sandy Pine Lane$411,000
Mewarlal and Sunderdai Babooram16836 Rising Star Drive$411,000
Joseph A. IV and Leah Trentley1011 Glenraven Lane$411,000
Mark Marissa Maezee and Mary Lynn Gunter Marissa Maezee2667 Valiant Drive$406,000
Addison and Maegan Smith15320 Grand Haven Drive$400,000
Lawrence E. and Nancy P. Kalinowski12413$400,000
Jolee and Stephen Mark Oder13056 Long Pine Trail$398,000
Gary Robert Nelson and Nelson Norma Jean Voss16608 Champions Court$395,000
Hilaire David J. and Hilaire Debra A. St.1633 Nectarine Trail$380,000
Marcos Antonio and Vivian Nicole Cappa16643 Rockwell Heights Lane$380,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.15927 Heron Hill St.$377,000
Kierstyn N Courchaine1223 Lattimore Drive$369,900
Wanda Luz Garcia15726 Bay Vista Drive$368,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.10455 Carlson Circle$365,800
Michaela Coogan and Nicholas Krueger10912 Crescent Lane$365,000
Christopher L. and Tiffany Thalman10804 Wyandotte Drive$365,000
Greg and Vivian Oshaughnessy2449 Prairie Dunes$360,000
Patricia S Merle1106 Everest St.$354,900
Karen Marie and Michael James Kuhn16704 Rolling Green Drive$350,000
Phillip J. Barbato Jr. and Barbato Laura Tiedemann4314 Hammersmith Drive$350,000
Alicia Ann and Kevin Michael Ley11811 Monte Vista Road$350,000
William A. Avvenire16053 Blossom Hill Loop$350,000
Jo Anne and Larry E. Sapp3552 Chapel Hill Blvd.$349,900
Daniel Leach and Randall B Palmer2407 Twickingham Court$349,800
Sugrim Budhu12754 Scottish Pine Lane$345,000
Damelio (living trust), Victoria Chiu Damelio (trustee) and Vincent James Damelio III (trustee)4227 Kingsley$340,000
Emilee Elizabeth and Jeremiah Lee Gantea3798 Beacon Ridge Way$340,000
Colleen and Michael Rivera4232 Greenwich Court$340,000
Shukhrat Nazarov and Dilfuza Shayskhakova16621 Caribbean Breeze Way$330,000
Marie Nicole Cadet and Carlo Fedna1526 Muir Circle$330,000
Alexis Mileady Granda5021 Cape Hatteras Drive$330,000
Lajonna L. and Michael Tillman15841 Bay Lakes Trail$325,000
Xiaoyan Yin15427 Groose Point Lane$320,000
Dorothy L. Couch14148 Greater Hills Blvd.$319,000
Stephen R. Plahuta1945 Shoal Court$315,000
Kimberly and Michael S. Frey2654 Brook Hollow Road$312,000
Amy Caiwei Lin and Jerry Chun Wang17638 Woodcrest Way$310,000
Rameish and Sarvanee Mulchand Seeram4741 Barbados Loop$310,000
Javier Alvear10306 Toro Drive$310,000
Vicgi P Cuello and Socrates Martinez17501 Silver Creek Court$306,000
McH Sfr Property Owner 1 LLC1588 Silhouette Drive$306,000
Louis R. and Marisol Torres15842 Green Cove Blvd.$305,000
George and Meghan Sowden11718 Constance Way$300,000
AH4R Properties Two LLC13231 Moonflower Court$300,000
Caleb John and Jenna R. Konkel9426 Meadow Crest Lane$300,000
Rose Anna Ford3811 Westerham Drive$295,000
Rosa Espinoza1793 Rosewood Drive$295,000
Fkh Sfr Propco G LP2027 Jaffa Court$290,000
Kimberly and Shawn Parker2221 Caledonian St.$289,900
Kimberly Semchuk2136 Fish Eagle St.$289,000
Babette A. Yohe16622 Lazy Breeze Loop$289,000
Louise A. and Robert J. Wind3621 Westerham Drive$288,777
Shazeeda Deen2682 Eagle Lake Drive$286,000
Mauricio Gonzalez11148 Haskell Drive$285,000
Kayla Sara Marie Biddick312 Summer Place Loop$285,000
Armando Enrique MacHado Canabal11783 Oswalt Road$280,000
Andre Schuerle7840 Swiss Fairways Ave.$278,283
Fkh Sfr Propco G LP12800 Eryn Blvd.$276,500
Ellen Fleming (trustee) and Fleming Family (declaration of trust)3617 D$270,000
Christa Turner and Quentin Franz Gamelin2306 Edmonton Court$270,000
Monica Roca Falcon3606 Cinnamon Fern Loop$270,000
Debra R Friedman10518 Cedar Forest Circle$270,000
Debra and Warren Edward Hiles2204 Kiwi Trail$270,000
Karen Ann Blasky892 Wolf Creek St.$269,000
Bryan Paul and Caitlin Dombrowski241 Brookdale Loop$268,500
Angie Song Osika3613 A$264,000
Nicole C Fulton113 Riggings Way$260,000
Marsha D Wheeler3043 Cedar Bluff$258,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.2129 Fish Eagle St.$251,900
Giovanni M Pabon and Noelle Yahya220 Overlook Drive$249,500
Norman A. Sherman Jr. and Susan A. Sherman848 Wolf Creek St.$244,000
Chipi Ana Yolanda Duarte160 Division St.$240,000
Crowne Property Acquisitions LLC1230 Fourth St.$238,000
Marlyn Garcia Sanchez and Mauricio Gomez Vieyra11740 Oswalt Road$235,000
Zagame Gretchen Rose and Jeff Wertz1725 Retreat Circle$234,900

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