Top 50 Burnsville, Minnesota home sales for August 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Burnsville, Minnesota in August 2021, according to

In August 2021, there were 66 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $328,750 in Burnsville.

Top 50 home sales in Burnsville for August 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Kelly P. and Michael D. Grimm, Peter J. and Patricia C. Pustorino and Jeffrey S. and Stacy P. Bouman1050 Rivage Lane$1,025,000
2020 Debra K. Lacount Under Agreement Dated December 30 (revocable trust)15700 Loop Road$670,000
Jeremy P. and Lindsay J. Knutson2232 Estates Drive$665,000
Mikhail and Ignat Bakay2704 Wren Court$660,000
Mark W. Kurilla1508 Summit Oaks Court$604,000
Greg Voyevoda and Olena Gaida1313 Summit Oaks Drive$575,000
Jiaxing Chen1220 Earley Shores Lane$550,600
Lynda A. Jodsaas3000 Wind Cave Court$550,000
Lawrence K. and Tracey L. Ober1704 Keller Lake Drive$500,000
Abdulaziz Kidir and Sadiya Walie701 Oak Ridge Court$475,000
Kay C. and Frederic Nordeen2845 Boulder Drive$435,000
Lauren Elisabeth Edwards and Dustin Smith108 Interlachen Road$420,000
Joseph Michael and Sarah Joann Bertram14905 Chestnut Drive$410,000
Colt Blunt951 Earley Lake Curve$405,000
A. Delaware Statutory Zillow Homes Property (trust) (trust)12220 24th Ave.$399,257
A LLC Opendoor Property J LLC12809 Woodview Lane$396,500
Nancy V. Ortiz Sinchi1801 Melody Lane$390,500
Shadarra J Strange and Jacob Veldhuizen14412 Park Ave.$390,000
Eli D. Patrikus and Victoria Bleckeberg1204 Rushmore Crescent$387,000
Mitchell Bires and Chaltu Wakjira101 Crestridge Drive$375,000
Xin Ye13124 Oakland Drive$375,000
Nancy J. Dahlen and Elsa I Nitz401 135th St.$368,500
A. Delaware Statutory Opendoor Property Trust I. (trust)12958 Morgan Place$367,600
Gesvin Rene Estrada Garcia and Nancy Lizet Estrada11449 Galtier Drive$366,300
A. Delaware Statutory Opendoor Property Trust I. (trust)14012 Frontier Lane$365,500
Mitchell L. and Karen J. Brown1825 Lacota Lane$350,100
George and Marsha Agyemang15213 Tyacke Drive$350,000
AG Bryant LLC2400 Villaburne Court$350,000
Benjamin Kaiser713 151st St.$350,000
Jennifer Harrell and Brian T. Wamsley700 131st St.$349,900
Adam Kania108 Meadow Circle$348,000
A. Delaware Statutory Opendoor Property Trust I. (trust)11618 Rio Loma Lane$340,500
John A. Stout and Forrest Bryan13123 Pleasant Place$332,500
Sareth and Kyle Francis Neufeld12861 First Ave.$325,000
John F. and Peggy Hanson1595 Summit Shores Circle$319,900
Kenneth Ray Phillips1124 Aspen Drive$315,000
2010 the Robert C. Multerer and Kathryn L. Multerer Agreement Dated January 19 (living trust)171 Birnamwood Drive$307,000
Ryan Louis Below and Danielle Marie Daley441 Timberland Drive$304,000
Zachary Edward and Gretchen Mae Church3321 Brookview Drive$295,000
Amy Barth14764 Oak Run Lane$294,900
Thomas N. Crouch234 Birnamwood Drive$294,333
Star Management LLC505 135th St.$282,500
James R. and Mariah M. Wood657 143rd St.$240,000
Hennepin Rp Funding LLC2305 Friendship Lane$240,000
Joseph L. Osorio1801 140th St.$236,000
Christian Z. Feldmann601 Portland Place$235,918
Amanda Bruce5341 Greenhaven Lane 108$235,000
Arulraj and Sivasutha Thurairajalingam25 Southcross Drive 208$234,900
Kelsi Bengtson610 Portland Mews$230,000
Donavan Moore5321 Greenhaven Lane 105$229,200

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