Top 50 Cornelius, North Carolina home sales for August 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Cornelius, North Carolina in August 2021, according to

In August 2021, there were 54 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $363,500 in Cornelius.

Top 50 home sales in Cornelius for August 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Lynne Cunningham and Daniel J. Brown17535 Springwinds Drive$1,435,000
David L. and Dawn M. Mitchell7310 Swansea Lane$1,372,000
Craig and Rebecca Stanionis21512 Lake Point Lane$1,325,000
Corey S. and Alexandra Mottesheard18815 Harbor Light Blvd.$1,175,000
Timothy and Megan Schmidt18924 Henry Lee Knox Lane$1,030,000
Kelly and Matt Mogk8638 Camberly Road$625,000
Zillow Homes Property (trust)8315 Camberly Road$618,000
Jon Matthew and Jennifer Ann Guckenberger20200 Tailwind Lane$600,000
Bobby Don Dickey Jr. and Tiffany Billings15912 Trenton Place Road$580,000
Robert James McGalliard Jr. and Wendy Anne Robinson21502 Gulfstar Court$549,000
Opendoor Property C LLC17810 Half Moon Lane N.$538,500
Eliana Valdez and Thomas Wendorff19531 Dufour Court$525,000
Paul W. and Stacy Thomas Jackson19746 Valiant Way$520,000
Richard William and Lisa A. Morgan21511 Ogden Cove Drive$505,000
William N. and Sandra B. Phillips17628 Invermere Ave.$477,000
Michael John and Deborah Ashley Solan21619 Torrence Chapel Road$470,000
Ali Osman Karacan19010 Ruffner Drive$444,000
Donna G. Moriarty, The 's Two (survivor) (trust) and The Moriarty Family Trust Dated April 18 200318787 Vineyard Point Lane$425,000
Uscmf Sn Nc a LLC20276 Amy Lee Drive$425,000
Luis Miguel and Shona Aguilar Cortell17210 Sycamore Ridge Court$395,000
Bradley James Warfield20012 Coral Cove Court$395,000
Sfr Propco G Fkh LP9220 Ducati Lane$394,000
Opendoor Property C LLC7437 Monbrison Creek$393,000
Paul J. and Tracy L. Bohl18789 Vineyard Point Lane$390,000
Willard C. III and Barbara L. Osburn8649 Edinburgh Square Drive$386,000
Sfr XII Charlotte Owner 1 LP18019 Train Station Drive$375,000
Sean and Christine Krebs9707 Cadman Court$367,000
Mary Stedman and Charles Francis Distabile20220 Amy Lee Drive$360,000
Shirel and Itamar Braun9024 Rosalyn Glen Road$355,000
Collin Jackson20020 Schooner Drive$350,000
Patrick Bueker19941 Madison Village Drive$350,000
Zachary Ryan Griffin and Brooklyn Kathleen Burks18629 Coachmans Trace$345,000
Myrna Lopez19552 Makayla Lane$325,000
Frank Palmer18821 Cloverstone Creek$325,000
Anthony J. and Kathleen L. Kovscek19603 Derby Court$325,000
Karen Renee Eudy18851 Vineyard Point Lane$320,000
Zillow Homes Property (trust)19916 Lamp Lighters Way$320,000
Stephen George and Meghan Elizabeth Michaud9610 Cadman Court$315,000
Marcus B. and Lori A. Lee18125 Pompano Place$315,000
J. Mottle Constance (living trust)18701 Nautical Drive 102$313,500
Stephen J. and Christina D. Frudakis Burke, Christina D. Frudakis-Burke and Robert and Jeanne Morris Foley10711 Meadow Crossing Lane$300,000
RS Rental I LLC20104 Balsam Court$295,000
Progress Charlotte LLC19420 Fridley Lane$290,000
David R. Castillo18834 Silver Quay Drive$270,000
Doris Chung-Watson and Doris Chung and Danny L. and Brooke M. Watson16213 Peachmont Drive$265,000
Jason D. and Samantha J. Barnes17747 Delmas Drive$260,000
Zachary G. Stamey and Susan Hand18879 Vineyard Point Lane$230,000
GC of Fayetteville Inc.19061 Coachmans Trace$230,000
Diane Travis16724 Amberside Road$216,500
Elaine Deck9815 Psalms St.$215,000

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