Top 50 Alliance, Ohio home sales for August 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Alliance, Ohio in August 2021, according to

In August 2021, there were 50 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $81,500 in Alliance.

Top 50 home sales in Alliance for August 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Jarett Peterson and Dalaney Vaderford14068 McCallum Ave.$499,000
Scott S. and Lori L. Pasch2456 Queensbury Road$359,600
Gregory A. and Marilyn L. Ruff2475 Orchard Spring St.$278,000
David M. and Melinda L. Smith3285 Union Ave.$250,000
Chad M. and Ashley R. Muniz11606 Freshley Ave.$240,000
Joseph M. and Monica M. Stolz323 Beech St.$230,000
Dianne Susan Patterson2551 Belleflower Drive$190,500
Robert Boon Sr.136 Maplewood Drive$190,000
Dianne Susan Patterson2551 Belleflower Drive$189,500
William J. and Cynthia L. Shinn1441 Parkside Drive$164,900
Randy W. and Sylvia J. Carter941 Cornell Drive$152,000
Christopher Michael James II11970 Aebi Ave.$151,000
Robert Wise12420 Cartway St.$147,000
Samantha D. Swank2242 Parkway Blvd.$142,900
Kenneth R. West2094 Western Ave.$139,500
Joseph Leone and Lillian Donovan1062 Parkside Ave.$130,000
Zachary Tyler Gazdacko2943 Union Ave.$124,000
Tkb Dayton LLC1825 Rockhill Ave.$120,000
Thomas and Wendy Caserta1110 Glenwood Drive$113,400
Kevin D. and Holly N. Lucas2118 Watson Ave.$108,000
Vicki Knizat834 Lilly Road$105,000
Deion Prowell and Kiersten Wines270 Vine St.$99,500
Rebecca Lynn King15426 Cenfield St.$90,000
Shunk Estates Inc.1156 Parkside Ave.$90,000
Kevin D. and Holly N. Lucas315 South St.$83,000
J. Seth and Jennifer L. Sutton2105 Miller Ave.$80,000
Jeremiah and Dawn Selzer844 Haines Ave.$72,000
Shunk Estates LLC784 Sunset Drive$69,000
Chad R Dickerhoof and Cole Sutek1226 Noble St.$68,000
Rickerman Power LLC340 Market St.$65,000
David Davis10725 Barcus Ave.$65,000
Revision Homebuyers LLC526 High St.$60,000
Jennifer L Jordan1079 Ely St.$58,000
Saprina Ttee Allen252 Columbia St.$50,000
Paula Ru LLC151 Summit St.$50,000
Joseph W Sukosd798 Main St.$46,600
Mark A. Tigner1024 Seneca Ave.$37,000
Sagar and Foram Patel and Brandon Evans1674 Arch Ave.$35,500
Skyworks Ltd.688 Mich. Grath St.$35,000
Township Homes Ltd.11881 Klinger Ave.$25,000
Atlantic Real Estate Holdings LLC550 Waugh St.$25,000
Lmt Properties II LLC2235 Cherry Ave.$25,000
Cim Reo 2021-NR1 LLC150 Milner St.$24,000
Nash A. Petry510 Harrison St.$23,800
Alycea Bradley and Kristafer Phillips1015 Freedom Ave.$18,942
Najee Hannigan519 Mechanic Ave.$18,800
Better Community Investments LLC1211 South St.$17,000
Sophia Phillips-Afrifah164 Main St.$12,000
Michael Lilly658 Liberty Ave.$9,000
Patricia A. Coats926 Patterson St.$8,700

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