Weekly recap of Coconut Creek home sales during August 29-September 4, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of August 29-September 4, 2021. The median sale price was $240,000.

3998 Crescent Creek Place
Coconut Creek North$475,000
Buyer: Henry Bui
Seller: Qixing and Andrew Chen and Yijing Xing

1903 Bermuda Circle
Coconut Creek South$118,000
Buyer: Jose R. Marrero (life estate) and Lourdes and Elizabeth Marrero
Seller: Carlos Edmundo Salmea Cordero and Carlos Salamea Kuonqui

3862 N.W. 21st Court
Coconut Creek South$285,000
Buyer: Anahid Balian
Seller: Brittney Elfenbein

5032 Heron Place
Coconut Creek North$476,900
Buyer: David Allen and Kimberly Easter Bergstrom
Seller: Zillow Homes Property (trust)

4311 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$166,000
Buyer: Tamara C Miller
Seller: Sheila Tobiasson and Dorothy H. Rawa (living trust)

4812 N. State Road 7
Coconut Creek Central$259,000
Buyer: Daniel and Joette Degiovine
Seller: Leonardo Braga

4602 Carambola Circle
Buyer: Melissa Cutone
Seller: Judith Ann Joseph (revocable living trust)

5012 Mallards Place
Coconut Creek North$630,000
Buyer: Marc Fenson Jacques Louis, Uldgie Jean and Desire Marie-Yvette
Seller: Robert K. and Scarlett Wasserman and Wasserman (living trust)

5032 Mallards Place
Coconut Creek North$540,000
Buyer: Kevin Williams and Kimberley Green
Seller: Josie Coleman and Anthony Ramirez

2646 Dahoon Ave.
Coconut Creek South$319,000
Buyer: Patricia E Case
Seller: Leona J. Ray

3312 N.W. 47th Ave.
Coconut Creek South$210,000
Buyer: Joanne Torres-Patterson
Seller: Glenn G. Gayle

5005 Wiles Road
Coconut Creek Central$240,000
Buyer: Imran Mushtaqali and Ludmilla M. Ygberg Shah
Seller: Lawrence and Claude and Luella Bird

4151 Coral Tree Circle
Coconut Creek Central$247,000
Buyer: Veronica Ester Martinez Van-Stranhlen
Seller: Bernard M. Martin

4270 N.W. Ninth Court
Coconut Creek South$358,600
Buyer: Gy Realty LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Kandice Dominguez and Karen Dominguez Oltz

2803 Victoria Way
Coconut Creek South$115,318
Buyer: Alan Debora
Seller: Rena Maxwell and Jonathan Perwien Maxwell

5031 Wiles Road
Coconut Creek Central$229,000
Buyer: Joseph A. and William Schaedel
Seller: Michael and Karen Shankoff

4828 N. State Road 7
Coconut Creek Central$230,000
Buyer: Laura Sestito (life estate) and Christian M. Joseph A. and Nicholas M. Sestito Joseph A.
Seller: Ryan Michael Conley

2519 N.W. 49th Terrace
Coconut Creek South$180,000
Buyer: Roberto C Pirotto
Seller: Fabian S Collazos

4141 N.W. 10th St.
Coconut Creek South$507,500
Buyer: Adam and Valerie Rosenzweig
Seller: F. Beale III and Donna L. Tilton

2501 Antigua Terrace
Coconut Creek South$124,000
Buyer: Iris J. and Manuel Sifontes
Seller: Stuart Rubin (revocable trust)

4007 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$195,000
Buyer: Melissa Infante
Seller: Judy Diane Woodhurst

1905 Bermuda Circle
Coconut Creek South$95,000
Buyer: Lisa Ciccone
Seller: Joel Sarli and Margarida Sarli (revocable living trust)

5610 N.W. 61st St.
Coconut Creek North$163,000
Buyer: Westelm 1 LLC
Seller: Roberto Masetti

2001 Granada Drive
Coconut Creek South$187,900
Buyer: Carmela De Nicola
Seller: Denise Louise Schiano

4249 N.W. 61st Court
Coconut Creek North$405,000
Buyer: Fedeline Blanc and Renold Petit Homme
Seller: Edmond James and Monifa Ramsay-James

2301 Lucaya Lane
Coconut Creek South$80,018
Buyer: Fred J. Endelman
Seller: Rhonda Warren and Mitchell Lemus

3100 N.W. 42nd Ave.
Coconut Creek South$162,000
Buyer: Dale Edward and Courtney Nicolle Deuyour
Seller: Julie Victoria Wolfe

5861 Eagle Cay Circle
Coconut Creek North$430,000
Buyer: Theresa Forsythe
Seller: Andras and Imre Kabelik

5446 N.W. 44th Way
Coconut Creek Central$410,000
Buyer: Wesly Stenor and Viola Pierre
Seller: Grace Chimino

3457 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$217,500
Buyer: Brandon Andrew Sanza-Romero
Seller: Angela Ilisie

5800 N.W. 37th Ave.
Coconut Creek Central$415,000
Buyer: Michael Lewis Port Jr. and Samara Port
Seller: Frank J. and Martha C. Palamara

2903 Victoria Circle
Coconut Creek South$163,000
Buyer: Wayne A. Schreier
Seller: Michael and Nancy Novick

2301 Lucaya Lane
Coconut Creek South$199,900
Buyer: Michael Charles and Mona Diana Bishop
Seller: James Harry and Judy Ann Lamontagne

3451 N.W. 71st St.
Coconut Creek North$598,500
Buyer: Nina Zuckerman Chepp and Diane Kelley-Mazoff (revocable trust)
Seller: Jorge Gustavo and Johanna Andrea Skala

5151 Meadow Oaks Drive
Coconut Creek Central$385,000
Buyer: Sean McMellion
Seller: Patrick A. and Erica Dotterer and Erica L Robertson

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