Home sales in Fort Lauderdale, August 29-September 4, 2021

Medium realestate1

The following residential sales were reported for the week of August 29-September 4, 2021. The median sale price was $442,500.

4010 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$345,000
Buyer: Willie and Danielle Cacho
Seller: Fiorella Diane Franchini and Diana Suarez

2741 N.E. 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$4,500,000
Buyer: John T. Gray
Seller: Robert Watchilla, Arden Trust Co. and Alexis Katsarelis and Omar Balkisson

5770 N.E. 18th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale North$549,000
Buyer: Ileana Pedrera
Seller: Arthur Paul Herold Jr. and Marie Dorothy Lucia

511 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$400,000
Buyer: Katherine and Robert M. Jaeger
Seller: Om Prosperity Co. LLC

425 N. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$590,000
Buyer: Christian and Shannon Schwier
Seller: 425 N Andrews 301 LLC

2312 N.W. 14th St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$270,000
Buyer: Dianne Sanchez and David Rosario
Seller: Heema Balram

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$480,953
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: Sjw Rental LLC

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$410,499.50
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: Dennis Gary Delcore and Ronald Ferg

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$445,953
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: Ronald Demaio and Michael Hayes

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$445,953
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: Lois Dupre Shuster and Anna Fleckenstein (trust)

735 N.E. 15th St.
Buyer: Fang Properties LLC
Seller: Pearl Fang and Pearl Fan (living trust)

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$372,100.50
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: Angela M MacKay and Angela M Lombardi

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$445,953
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: Alfred B. Wise (trust)

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$445,953
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: V Patricia Dunion and Joan F Aliotta

2011 N.W. 28th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$250,000
Buyer: Tiannauh Laidler
Seller: Cheryl Seymore Sanders

539 N.E. 15th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$905,000
Buyer: Emmanuel Sanchez Laboy and Corbin Mitchell
Seller: John C. Herbst

2131 N.E. 56th Court
Buyer: Jerry A. Rowland
Seller: Jlp Realty of Florida LLC

509 S.W. 20th St.
Buyer: Justin Ray and Ashleigh Anderson
Seller: Gary James Martin Jr.

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$445,953
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: Amber F Wolfe

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$445,953
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: Deborah J Gatto, Catherine A. Young and Clifford W. Fox Jr. (trust)

3130 S.W. 22nd St.
Fort Lauderdale South$473,000
Buyer: Carlos E Fernandez and Annery Lucia Del Carpio
Seller: Jason Arthur Childress

609 N.E. 14th Place
Fort Lauderdale Central$485,000
Buyer: Justin Dan Mathew
Seller: Donald E. Nason and John D. Clark

888 Intracoastal Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$275,000
Buyer: Gary Ungar
Seller: Christina M Wikberg

2119 S.E. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$246,425
Buyer: Dragan Mickovic and Kristina Tasevska
Seller: Claude and Sylvie Bazinet

3500 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$545,000
Buyer: Gina and Wendy Desimone and Salvatore Benfante
Seller: Bal-Town Holdings Ltd. and Bal-Town Holdings Inc.

1136 N.E. 18th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$585,000
Buyer: Erin and Joseph Patrick Keenan II
Seller: Michael Richardson and Clive Horrocks

601 N.E. 16th Ave.
Buyer: 603 Ne 16TH Avenue Holdings LLC
Seller: M & B Home Property Investments LLC

1319 N.W. 14th Court
Fort Lauderdale Central$355,000
Buyer: Stoa 3 LLC
Seller: Tranquil Homes LLC

920 S.E. Fifth Court
Fort Lauderdale East$1,025,000
Buyer: Ira and Janet Marcus
Seller: Ronald Allen Ligon Jr. and Ashley Suzanne Lefevre

2813 S.W. Fifth Court
Fort Lauderdale South$326,000
Buyer: Brooks Gordon

407 N.E. 23rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$2,380,000
Buyer: Drew Schnitt and Viviane Caya Vandenbroek
Seller: Mario Gonzalez and Lisa Quinn

1625 S.E. 12th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$940,000
Buyer: David Allen Gardner
Seller: Mary A. Adams and George F. Gardner Resident (trust)

77 S. Birch Road
Barrier Island$960,000
Buyer: Susan A. Quinn
Seller: Joe R. and Maryanne Pace Jones

2426 S.E. 17 St. Causeway
Barrier Island$170,000
Buyer: Steven and Bettina Debrander
Seller: Melissa M Suarez and Melissa Marie and Nicholas Levi Nalepa

1020 Park Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$365,000
Buyer: Rosaland Collins and Labron Brown
Seller: Issac and Charlotte Clair

2219 N.E. 16th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$1,800,000
Buyer: Michael Riedlinger
Seller: Steven M Carb

2167 N.E. 58th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$800,000
Buyer: 2167 Florida Holdings LLC
Seller: Joao Bandeira De Morais Jr. and Gilmar Salatiel Gomes

3220 S.W. 23rd Court
Fort Lauderdale South$398,500
Buyer: Danielle Marie Vecchia and Peter Torres
Seller: William L. Jesteadt

5568 N.E. 29th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale North$1,150,000
Buyer: Ronald J Spadaro Jr.
Seller: Michael and Charles Murray and Claire Murray (revocable trust)

1109 S.E. 11th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$1,999,000
Buyer: Gabriel and Ankita Shvets
Seller: House at 1109 Se 11TH St. LLC

3043 Harbor Drive
Barrier Island$395,729
Buyer: Pier at Harbor Beach Inc.
Seller: Donna M Blunt

4300 N. Ocean Blvd.
Barrier Island$610,000
Buyer: Georges Ajami (life estate), Anne Marie Cikes (life estate) and Katia Isabelle Ajami
Seller: Elaine Bell Krieger and Krieger Family (revocable living trust)

3390 S.W. 23rd St.
Fort Lauderdale South$175,530
Buyer: Stl Herrera Silva Marketing Group LLC
Seller: Ziad Ibrahim

1160 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale East$245,000
Buyer: Melissa Marie Garcia
Seller: David M. Kane

1800 N. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$221,500
Buyer: Jorge Miranda and Donald Fitzpatrick
Seller: Jeffery Albanesi

932 S.W. 19th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$632,500
Buyer: Alex Paul and Edna Bernhard and Edna Malagic
Seller: Kyle James and Mariselle Enid Phipps

2424 S.E. 17 St. Causeway
Barrier Island$230,000
Buyer: Elisa A. Sinclair
Seller: Ernesto Coronel and Ernesto Cornel-Zegarra and Marta Pena

1854 Lauderdale Manor Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$265,000
Buyer: William and Magalli Fernandez
Seller: Easy Buy Investments LLC

3071 N.E. 43rd St.
Fort Lauderdale East$2,600,000
Buyer: Miller Management Asset Group LLC
Seller: USA Properties Solution LLC

1200 S.W. 12th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$215,000
Buyer: Russell Ward Coningsby II
Seller: Francisco J Garcia

1317 N.W. Seventh Court
Fort Lauderdale Central$305,000
Buyer: Makendy Francois and Joane Tertulien
Seller: Honore Empire Inc.

2119 S.E. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$312,000
Buyer: Terry Meistering and Victor Van Dyke
Seller: Florida Investment Group 100 LLC

2555 N.E. 11th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$249,500
Buyer: Kyle Roque, Maarten Oosterbaan and Suada Baliqi
Seller: Haim and Ada Elkabetz

340 Sunset Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$288,000
Buyer: Corrine Rasquinha (revocable trust)
Seller: Monica Greenhalgh

2128 N.E. 64th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$670,000
Buyer: Jeffrey Daniel Creary
Seller: Kevin Steven and Kevin Stephen Rubin and Polina Prilutsky

1624 N.E. Fifth St.
Buyer: Adam and Erica Schultz Fauer
Seller: Robert and Colleen Reese

4800 Bayview Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$295,000
Buyer: Joseph C Gregory and Charles A. Rapp
Seller: Rnr Properties LLC

2121 S.W. 37th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$440,000
Buyer: James Russell Herritt
Seller: David and Lisa Roberts

6391 Bay Club Drive
Fort Lauderdale North$171,250
Buyer: Anthony Licata and Jennifer Vincelli
Seller: Yardena Nameri (living trust)

2451 N.E. 49th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$147,500
Buyer: Faruk Erkan Suade and Ayse Didem Akcollu Suade and Fatma Yesim Akcollu Oguz
Seller: Scott and Donna Gregg

2231 Imperial Point Drive
Fort Lauderdale North$600,000
Buyer: Jie Mu and Jerry S. Cravens
Seller: Roberto Consentino and Michael T. McGee

831 N.E. 14th Court
Buyer: Loui Jabr
Seller: Marina Mile Villas LLC

823 S.W. 28th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$299,000
Buyer: Adrian Poe
Seller: Marcelo Sartori and Lucia Helena Kaefer

2175 N.E. 56th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$160,000
Buyer: Dorca L Mejia
Seller: Tatyana Stognlyenko

2106 N.E. 60th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$720,000
Buyer: Jordan Berman and Reed Nicol
Seller: David D. and Ashley Z. Christiana

3100 N.E. 48th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$370,000
Buyer: Fatemeh Ellini
Seller: Kenneth B. Herz and Kenneth B. Hertz (revocable trust)

813 S.W. 18th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$445,000
Buyer: Jean S. Stein
Seller: Harold and Mary Anne Rosbach

2800 E. Sunrise Blvd.
Barrier Island$1,300,000
Buyer: Amy L. Trahey
Seller: Laura Guary

411 N. New River Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$1,095,000
Buyer: Gary A. Pederson and Cynthia A. Pederson (revocable living trust)
Seller: Leslie Dettman (revocable trust)

2400 S.W. Fifth St.
Fort Lauderdale South$353,400
Buyer: Opendoor Property Trust I.
Seller: Raymond Diaz and Diana Rosa Demers Rodriguez

336 N. Birch Road
Barrier Island$450,000
Buyer: Charls and Alexa Nano
Seller: Frank L. Capurro, Roseann E Vuotto and Lee R. Capurro (irrevocable trust)

3000 E. Sunrise Blvd.
Barrier Island$377,000
Buyer: David and Deirdre Finnegan
Seller: Miri Levine, Fifi Naggar Goodfellow and Albert Naggar (revocable trust)

768 N.E. 13th Court
Fort Lauderdale Central$134,500
Buyer: Regina P Labori and Cameron Dean and Ian Griffin Constante
Seller: Infiniti Enterprises LLC

3031 N.E. 39th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$2,110,000
Buyer: Michael Schmitt and Shelby Ballaron
Seller: Christopher Hunter

411 Poinciana Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$5,050,100
Buyer: Ebhc LLC and 414 Riviera Isle Land Trust
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Steven M Mariano

1700 Brickell Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$5,200,000
Buyer: 1700 Brickell Dr LLC
Seller: Neal R Kalis and 1700 Brickell Land Trust

2624 N.E. 30th Place
Fort Lauderdale East$83,500
Buyer: Nova Mar Ventures LLC
Seller: Robert H. Clarke Jr.

725 S.E. 16th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$602,000
Buyer: Grigoriy and Viktoriia Vernikov and Vernikov 2021 (trust)
Seller: Itaven LLC

2270 N.E. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$140,000
Buyer: Armando Hazel and Jesse Flores Hazel
Seller: Kristine Cieslok

1625 S.E. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$220,000
Buyer: David A. O'Connor
Seller: Hi-Land Properties LLC

4800 Bayview Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$362,000
Buyer: Jean Di Pentima and Lynn J Coffey-Lepoutre
Seller: Lori A. and Jay N. Russ and Julie M Conklin

3230 N.W. 65th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$420,000
Buyer: Yenisleydis Almeida
Seller: Randall D Gardner and Michelle White

3500 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$500,000
Buyer: Kamran and Gavin Ajami
Seller: Maria Edelmira Horta (revocable trust)

2220 N.E. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$170,000
Buyer: Jacqueline Rimes Seiler
Seller: Gillian and Nicole Reis

6257 Bay Club Drive
Fort Lauderdale North$158,000
Buyer: Donald and Jennifer Maita
Seller: Gerhard J. and Patricia A. Baumer and Baumer Revocable Tenancy-By-The Entirety (trust)

1000 S.E. Fourth St.
Fort Lauderdale East$340,000
Buyer: John G. Simitses
Seller: Nena E Simitses

1107 N.W. 11th St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$286,000
Buyer: Barbara Basile
Seller: Gregory T. and Rachel C. Parks

812 N.E. 17th St.
Buyer: Alexander D Gilberti and Kaitlyn Antle
Seller: Diana R Taylor

115 S.W. 30th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$350,000
Buyer: Marista Jean-Baptiste
Seller: Christopher Lekas

515 Lido Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$3,240,000
Buyer: Aleksandrs Niciporciks and Valeriya Mallayeva
Seller: Richard A. Pendleton (declaration of trust) and Anise C Pendleton

1139 N.W. Sixth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$325,000
Buyer: Horldring Velcy
Seller: Magana LLC

615 N.E. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$180,000
Buyer: Joanne Rehfeld
Seller: Philip A. Salin

1586 S. Ocean Lane
Barrier Island$690,000
Buyer: Mark and Rhanda Weber
Seller: Rose Gaetano and Rosa Lollino Gaetano

327 S.W. Ninth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$473,500
Buyer: Thabo Abbate and Luke Lee Lum
Seller: Valerian Soltes Jr.

1753 N.E. Fourth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$20,000
Buyer: Miguel Bode and John Zentgraf
Seller: David Pines

1819 S.E. 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$450,000
Buyer: Parag D. and Rupal P. Amin and Venu Gopal and Prarthana Krishnamoorthy
Seller: Paul A. McNeill and Nelson Fignal

808 N.E. 17th Terrace
Buyer: Cia Airways LLC
Seller: Tal Burshtein

1801 S.W. Fourth Ave.
Buyer: Levi Turkoff
Seller: Express Pro Restoration LLC

921 S.W. 18th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$362,500
Buyer: Bryan A. Braley (living trust)
Seller: Frances J. Hutchinson

3000 Rio Mar St.
Barrier Island$195,000
Buyer: Oren Fital
Seller: Scott Clarke and Clarke Family (revocable trust)

1170 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale East$315,000
Buyer: Bradley R Rickel
Seller: Paul Gibson

3020 N.E. 32nd Ave.
Barrier Island$460,750
Buyer: John Bruce and Amy Elizabeth Butler
Seller: Sean E. Kocher (revocable living trust)

2271 N.E. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$219,950
Buyer: Diana Donnelly
Seller: Kathy and Lawrence Michael Critch

511 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$433,000
Buyer: Bruce S. and Michele J. Silverman
Seller: Kevin and Arielle Nicole Ramos

131 Royal Palm Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$4,125,000
Buyer: 131 Rpd LLC
Seller: Equita International Inc.

20 Bay Colony Lane
Fort Lauderdale North$2,850,000
Buyer: Mammen P Zachariah Jr. and Kelli E Zachariah
Seller: Deborah R Emmer

1105 N.E. 16th Ave.
Buyer: Standard Development Group LLC
Seller: 1105 Ne 16TH Ave LLC

333 Las Olas Way
Fort Lauderdale South$624,000
Buyer: Filip Mardjokic
Seller: Brian Turnbull

5820 N.E. 22nd Way
Fort Lauderdale North$145,000
Buyer: John Saiz and Balbina Ortiz Parra
Seller: Christopher C. Ajero

3300 N.E. 36th St.
Barrier Island$260,000
Buyer: Sami Bishara, Vera Khoury and Bishara-Khoury 1416 (trust)
Seller: Shore Drive Apartments Inc.

921 S.W. 22nd St.
Fort Lauderdale South$335,000
Buyer: Robert Howe
Seller: Jose and Wendy M. Vilhena

4770 Bayview Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$330,000
Buyer: Christina Turner
Seller: Cook Land Development LLC

5911 N.E. 22nd Way
Fort Lauderdale North$380,000
Buyer: Nor-Pier Inc.
Seller: Anibal Eduardo Urteaga Fiol and Jessica Ann Cummings-Urteaga

626 S.W. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$450,000
Buyer: Anthony J. and Joseph Laurendi
Seller: Gab Land LLC

3200 N. Ocean Blvd.
Barrier Island$1,260,000
Buyer: Robert M. and Donna Byrnes
Seller: Carol Harrison-Kalagher

1419 Bayview Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$710,000
Buyer: Roberto Cosentino and Michael McGee
Seller: Luther A. and Jane B. Short

3500 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$687,500
Buyer: Playa Del Sol Association Inc.
Seller: Robert J. Cannella and Tricia Rampersad

2190 N.E. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$137,500
Buyer: Howard Cantor
Seller: Tringa Gojcaj

2000 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$570,000
Buyer: Kelly A. Browne (revocable trust)
Seller: Jill A. Egizii and Everglades 207 (trust)

2845 N.E. Ninth St.
Barrier Island$1,535,000
Buyer: James R. and Wendy J. Shapiro
Seller: William E. Trotter

1643 N.W. 15th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale Central$200,000
Buyer: Milos Grbovic
Seller: Pamphile and Pamphil Bertin, Anne Marie Pamphile, Anne Marie Pamphil and Anne Marie Malette

2895 N.E. 26th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$1,901,000
Buyer: Olc LLC
Seller: Frank E. Paton Jr.

2100 S. Ocean Lane
Barrier Island$638,000
Buyer: Bassem B. and Faten Wahba Ibrahim
Seller: Jonathan M. Dickstein

1000 S.W. 32nd St.
Fort Lauderdale South$430,000
Buyer: Ankita and Anuneet Kumar
Seller: Bryan David and Juan Ho

1200 S.W. 37th Ave.
Buyer: Redajust Ventures LLC
Seller: Dario and Natasha R. Godoy

1900 N.E. Eighth Court
Fort Lauderdale East$148,000
Buyer: Kalvin Deschatelets Cline
Seller: Terry C Keller

1409 S.W. 19th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$625,000
Buyer: Julius Thomas
Seller: Augusto David Vargas, Maria Antonieta Canales and Alfredo Ponce

3200 N.E. 36th St.
Barrier Island$140,000
Buyer: Fred J. and Maria R. Miceli
Seller: Galt Plaza Apartments Inc. and Coral Ridge Towers North

3200 N.E. 36th St.
Barrier Island$130,000
Buyer: Richard Lang
Seller: Shirley Walters

2137 N.E. 58th Court
Fort Lauderdale North$520,000
Buyer: Julian and Jamie Cotera
Seller: William S. Borawski

4300 N. Ocean Blvd.
Barrier Island$790,000
Buyer: Sharmalee Johnson
Seller: Mauro Ignacio Rodriguez

420 N.E. 17th Way
Fort Lauderdale East$275,000
Buyer: Eugenio A. Cefali (life estate), Joan A. Cefali (life estate), Eugenio A. Cefali Revocable Inter-Vivos (trust) and Joan A. Cefali Revocable Inter-Vivos (trust)
Seller: Sherwin Properties LLC

2200 S. Ocean Lane
Barrier Island$1,325,000
Buyer: Ashok Gorwara
Seller: David Scherff

434 N.W. First Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$800,000
Buyer: Gavin R. Wolf
Seller: Michael S. and Kimberly K. Hirsch

2424 S.E. 17 St. Causeway
Barrier Island$150,000
Buyer: Chetham Corp.
Seller: Viking Red LLC

2426 S.E. 17 St. Causeway
Barrier Island$155,000
Buyer: Above & Beyond USA Corp.
Seller: Jon Scheller

1601 S.W. Fifth Place
Fort Lauderdale South$1,050,000
Buyer: 107 Sand LLC
Seller: Vincent A. and Emely C. Baumert

533 N.E. Third Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$265,000
Buyer: Nicholas Matthew Cinti
Seller: Todd R Yates

25 Hendricks Isle
Fort Lauderdale East$1,280,000
Buyer: William M. and Julienne Vaglienti
Seller: John Cryer III

3205 N.E. 59th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$2,350,000
Buyer: Steven Michael and Michele Jean Belmonte and Belmonte Family Trust
Seller: Raymond A. and Liliana M. Liotta

2708 N.E. 25th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$775,000
Buyer: Zachary Rose
Seller: Brian and Belinda A. Chung

200 S. Birch Road
Barrier Island$180,000
Buyer: Frank Canale
Seller: Leslie C. Seward III

214 Hendricks Isle
Buyer: Paul Lynch
Seller: Chesterfield Quintyne and Chester Quintyne (trust)

533 N.E. Third Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$262,900
Buyer: Elias Gergi Jabbour Nakhoul and Maria Del Carmen Reyes De Jabbour
Seller: Ravdeep Khanuja

1900 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$238,000
Buyer: Angelo Magliarisi
Seller: Johnny Cook Wortham Jr.

2000 S.E. 26th Ave.
Barrier Island$750,000
Buyer: Kyle and Jacqueline Sorel
Seller: Suzanne Chmura

2555 N.E. 11th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$200,000
Buyer: Vanessa Berrueta and Linda Terry Zambrano and Veronica Berrueta Timar
Seller: Panagiotis Vasilakis and Constantine J Garmatis

705 S.W. 13th Ave.
Buyer: Kz 705 LLC
Seller: Tah 2017-2 Borrower LLC

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