Home sales in Wilton Manors, October 3-9, 2021

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There were 12 reported residential sales in Wilton Manors for the week of October 3-9, 2021. The median sale price was $415,500.

2609 N.E. 14th Ave.
East of Wilton Drive$381,000
Buyer: William Francis Collins Jr. and Steven Pavone
Seller: Reade Palmer

125 N.E. 21st Court
West of Wilton Drive$692,500
Buyer: Dev Ghose
Seller: Paul and Theresa Gedmin

2301 Wilton Drive
West of Wilton Drive$460,000
Buyer: Brian N Scheerhoorn and Manuel Sanchez Mejorada
Seller: John Chadwick Efantis and Damon Hou

1950 N. Andrews Ave.
West of Wilton Drive$220,000
Buyer: Robert Wenz
Seller: Chantilly West LLC

2709 N.W. Third Ave.
West of Wilton Drive$612,000
Buyer: Christopher Braman
Seller: Scott Guffey

801 N.W. 24th St.
West of Wilton Drive$800,000
Buyer: 801 Nw 24TH Street LLC
Seller: Gregg Checani

2900 N.W. Ninth Ave.
West of Wilton Drive$450,000
Buyer: Dragan Martin and Aleksandra Malesevic
Seller: Iron Service LLC

503 N.E. 19th St.
East of Wilton Drive$380,000
Buyer: James R. Koslosky II
Seller: Michael E. Carter

2624 N.E. 16th Ave.
East of Wilton Drive$200,048
Buyer: Urgan Retreat Massage Inc.
Seller: Francisco Velaz

2624 N.E. 16th Ave.
East of Wilton Drive$650,000
Buyer: Brian A. Asalone and Martell R Swain
Seller: Urban Retreat Massage Inc.

12 N.E. 19th Court
West of Wilton Drive$120,000
Buyer: Manor Grove Village #1 220A LLC
Seller: Camilo H Vergel

200 N.E. 19th Court
West of Wilton Drive$300,000
Buyer: Blake McKinney
Seller: Kay E. and Larry King

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