Weekly recap of Dubuque home sales during October 17-23, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of October 17-23, 2021. The median sale price was $164,000.

955 Fifth St.
Buyer: Lydia I. Goodson and Nathan T. Goodson Gregg
Seller: John R. and Allisa J. Corfman

2054 Jackson St.
Buyer: Unique Touch LLC
Seller: McStac Properties LLC

255 Pear St.
Buyer: Lillian Jackson
Seller: 255 Pear LLC

3083 Brunskill Road
Buyer: Jayne A. Reuter
Seller: Timothy J. and Cathy L. Latimer

2627 Washington St.
Buyer: Malik H McCrary
Seller: Ashley E. Avenarius

997 Fifth St.
Buyer: Tellus A. and Sarah C. Truesdale
Seller: Ryan M. Mulcahey

475 Loras Blvd.
Buyer: Final Tech LLC
Seller: Bsk LLC and Schneller Properties LLC

1251 Walnut St.
Buyer: T & K Pork LLC
Seller: Bsk LLC

2458 Central Ave.
Buyer: Kolby L Holdren
Seller: Grtd Investments LLC

3263 Bittersweet Lane
Buyer: Martha Smith (trust), Marth Smith (trust) and Martha Smith (trustee)
Seller: Laura L. Barrett and Laura L. Woerner

250 Southgate Drive
Buyer: Gregory Burns Cox
Seller: D & J Cox Investments LLC

2045 Delaware St.
Buyer: Sarah K. Hammond
Seller: Dennis D. Vanlaningham (trustee), Dianne L. Vanlaningham (trustee), Dennis D. and Dianne L. Vanlaningham (trust) (trust), Dennis D. and Dianne L. Vanlaningham (living trust)

2649 University Ave.
Buyer: Jesus Gonzalez and Rosalva Cano
Seller: Oakwood Investments GP and Mary Partner Summers

2770 Van Buren St.
Buyer: Christina E Monk and Bryce Lee Parks
Seller: Susan M. Balsamo and Daniel C. Nichols

626 Glen Oak St.
Buyer: Kori C Zick
Seller: Susan L. MacMillan

829 Stone Ridge Place
Buyer: Darrell L. and Marianne L. Overturf
Seller: Harold A. and Darlene A. Conzett

849 Kaufmann Ave.
Buyer: Miners Hut LLC
Seller: Dennis A. Gottschalk and Greg Gottschalk (attorney-in-fact)

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