Top 100 Downers Grove, Illinois home sales for September 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Downers Grove, Illinois in September 2021, according to

In September 2021, there were 106 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $365,000 in Downers Grove.

Top 100 home sales in Downers Grove for September 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Anthony Guth and Erika McKinney4437 Downers Drive$1,770,000
Mnr Properties Downers LLC1546 75th St.$1,735,000
Rory Neill II and Meghan Neill4610 Oakwood Ave.$1,325,000
Anthony and Karen Jedd6558 Davane Lane$945,000
Mark Joseph Sincavage and Natalie Khoshaba5737 Brookbank Road$865,000
Andrew Charles and Cheryl Kogut Hawker4927 Stonewall Ave.$837,000
Matthew J. and Kallie A. McMahon124 Chicago Ave.$825,000
Kenmjr (trust)4922 Stonewall Ave.$783,000
Jennifer Ortinau4938 Stanley Ave.$765,000
Demesne 101 LLC1035 Havens Court$756,000
Dustin and Julie Gerdes1460 Coral Berry Lane$735,000
Johnny Williamson3924 Washington St.$725,000
Kelly and Jessica Humphreys1427 Ridgewood Circle$710,500
Daniel and Alicia Richter910 Stratford Lane$683,000
Doug Pauly and Alexandra Vincent5324 Victor St.$675,000
David Alan Pikey and Lauren Elizabeth Golden6241 Janes Ave.$655,000
Megha and Nikhil Chanda4929 Middaugh Ave.$645,000
Kent and Stefani Nelson4540 Forest Ave.$629,500
Daniel David Mega and Patricia Lavon Barrett4825 Lee Ave.$610,000
Craig S. and Michelle Falduto1521 George St.$590,000
John K. Leary and Kristen N Thometz5426 Carpenter St.$580,000
Siv Wagenbach7633 Florence Ave.$580,000
Ryan Thomas Mullins3815 Downers Drive$570,000
Erik A. Hembre and Leah M Gjertson4916 Seeley Ave.$570,000
Nada Latif6730 Blackburn Place$570,000
Daniel and Kelly Wysocki4821 Oakwood Ave.$560,000
Monica Leigh Edwards and Victoria V. Soper924 61st St.$550,000
Chicago Title Land Trust Co. (trustee)660 61st St.$550,000
Steven L. and Kelley M. Francis7012 Clayton Court$530,000
Benjamin and Erin Stillwell4929 Woodward Ave.$525,000
Stacey Lynn5630 Harmarc Place$510,000
Brent T Cutro Sr. and Donna M Cutro4915 Wallbank Ave.$505,000
Thomas and Maria Smid7204 Lyman Ave.$493,000
Burnley (trust)836 Stratford Lane$489,000
Scott Morey6706 Meadowcrest Drive$480,000
Miller (trust)624 62nd St.$465,000
Seeman (trust)4442 Saratoga St.$460,000
Alinovich Brodlo (trust)5708 Washington St.$460,000
Maryanne Murdaugh7179 Dexter Road$450,000
Erick Boyce and Yolanda Dina Reed1120 Robey Ave.$445,000
Christopher Sleezer and Suzanne Diener1651 Bolson Drive$435,000
Lynda A. Buccellato1608 Plum Court$425,000
Brian and Janet Ehlert837 62nd St.$425,000
Sean Truesdale and Bridget Gohacki1024 Blanchard St.$400,500
Legends Inv Group LLC5241 Lyman Ave.$400,000
Mike Spingola and Shannon Willingham909 Lancaster Ave.$400,000
Jordon T May and Felicia H Kohn6210 Grand Ave.$392,500
Szabina and Craig Shaffer1320 Saylor St.$388,000
Linda Slepicka714 59th St.$385,000
Michelle Annette Veal and Troy E Sanders743 72nd St.$385,000
Victoria and Christian Dellinges2107 Oxnard Drive$380,000
Ashok Kumar and Shashi Kumar Bhai1928 Wellington Place$380,000
Tomas Gaidamavicius1720 Bolson Drive$365,000
Rodolfo Bugarin6404 Barrett St.$365,000
Leanne and Jeremy Gascoigne958 Oxford St.$365,000
Erik and Brittney Manninen1700 71st St.$362,500
Cassandra Nichole and Timothy Clark Malhosky1742 Carol St.$360,000
Eilzabeth A. Van Lenten935 Burlington Ave.$357,000
William Ziehn and Carmen Vitello2255 Tamarack Drive$346,500
James Joseph Lenihan III and Paula Julia Chuchro5409 Benton Ave.$336,000
Cheryl Jones1610 Jefferson Ave.$335,000
Jonathon Hollowood and Janna Murphy6235 Puffer Road$330,000
Arturas Manionis5980 Chase Ave.$325,000
Keith M Lambert and Charmagne Monique King3924 Elm St.$325,000
Carlie Paterson and Brandon Campillo5749 Main St.$325,000
Earl Cielenski4009 Washington St.$312,500
Jeffrey and Wendy Murphy1117 59th St.$300,000
Beth A. Kavanaugh and Matthew T. Oboyle6506 Stair St.$292,500
Nick and Christa Orf4528 Saratoga St.$290,000
Brittany Duncan and Anthony Reyna6098 Janes Ave.$284,500
Misty Harbor Builders Inc.4524 Sterling Road$280,000
Michael and Megan Bowman Pendergast1041 Pinewood Drive$276,500
Dien O Nguyen4030 Main St.$270,000
Walter Glabinski and Laurel L Briggs5906 Grand Ave.$270,000
Rebecca Michalak1720 63rd St.$265,000
Neil and Christine Moss2347 Old George Way$263,000
Rita and Barry Peckhart965 Rogers St.$262,000
Gregory Barbre4455 Woodward Ave.$260,000
Builders & Design Inc.5404 Victor St.$255,000
David A. and Lauren F. Flores1016 Lincoln St.$240,000
Steven and Jennifer Lockwood1860 Grant St.$240,000
Gerbs Re 17 LLC4528 Saratoga St.$237,500
Jessica Ann Evans4407 Pershing Ave.$232,000
Mario A. and Hannah R. Quintana4517 Cross St.$230,000
Richard A. Bizup (trustee) and Nancy J. Bizup (trustee)6585 Main St.$217,000
Katheryn Ann Santiago7302 Baybury Road$198,000
Ancient City Contraction LLC4517 Wilson Ave.$197,000
Kenneth C. Griesbaum3941 Saratoga Ave.$196,000
Colin and Rochelle N. McAuliffe7330 Winthrop Way$185,000
Eric Workman5241 Lyman Ave.$180,000
Christopher Hochstedt328 Fourth St.$173,000
Matthews (trust)4248 Saratoga Ave.$165,000
Sara K. Florentine4220 Saratoga Ave.$160,000
Steven and Jennifer Lockwood0 Grant St.$160,000
Nehal and Monali Shah7323 Blackburn Ave.$155,000
Roman Sotropa500 74th St.$155,000
Ironsworn Enterprises Inc.720 Maple Ave.$140,000
Sabrina and Daniel Glover128 Maple Ave.$137,500
Nora Dzik4039 Saratoga Ave.$136,000
Cristobal and Graciela Gutierrez5300 Walnut Ave.$130,000

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