Home sales in Lauderdale Lakes during October 17-23, 2021

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There were 14 reported residential sales in Lauderdale Lakes for the week of October 17-23, 2021. The median sale price was $78,500.

2800 Somerset Drive
Lauderdale Lakes East$63,494
Buyer: Michael Arthur Wells McKinnon
Seller: Michael Goettmann

2861 Somerset Drive
Lauderdale Lakes East$92,000
Buyer: Joseph Viggiano
Seller: Antoine Bastien and Francine Joannette

5011 W. Oakland Park Blvd.
Lauderdale Lakes West$63,000
Buyer: Fredes Smr LLC
Seller: Wilson Etienne and Magdali Etienne Pierre

4380 N.W. 46th Terrace
Lauderdale Lakes West$30,000
Buyer: Noel Anthony Hutchinson and Anette Marie Smith
Seller: Noel Anthony Hutchinson

4706 N.W. 36th St.
Lauderdale Lakes West$50,000
Buyer: Robbie K Dailey
Seller: Diane Bilodeau

3391 N.W. 41st St.
Lauderdale Lakes East$370,000
Buyer: Eddy P Myrthil and Makenson Omeus
Seller: Claire Michelle Aristile

2650 N.W. 49th Ave.
Lauderdale Lakes West$56,500
Buyer: Yves Martin
Seller: Francis Williams and Melvaughn Coutain

4706 N.W. 36th St.
Lauderdale Lakes West$65,000
Buyer: Denis and Lucie Levac Charlebois
Seller: Marcel Rancourt

3940 N.W. 42nd Ave.
Lauderdale Lakes West$70,000
Buyer: Stephen Marga Sr. and Stephen J. Marga Jr.
Seller: Barbara Johnson Vernio

4550 N.W. 33rd St.
Lauderdale Lakes West$270,000
Buyer: Property Shop of Broward LLC
Seller: Charles E. and Gloria T. Johnson

5071 W. Oakland Park Blvd.
Lauderdale Lakes West$87,000
Buyer: Collette Mitchell
Seller: Anna Maria Palladini and Michele Mezzacappa

3670 N.W. 39th St.
Lauderdale Lakes East$365,000
Buyer: Keyone Gayle and Anna-Alicia Prince
Seller: Kiraba D McLaren and Claudia K Chin

3121 N.W. 47th Terrace
Lauderdale Lakes West$135,000
Buyer: Bruce R. and Deborah L. Rogers
Seller: Vernetta Proud and Proud Property (trust)

3600 N.W. 21st St.
Lauderdale Lakes East$120,000
Buyer: Declared Poet LLC
Seller: Arg Realty LLC

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