October 17-23, 2021: Coral Springs home sales

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There were 50 reported residential sales in Coral Springs for the week of October 17-23, 2021. The median sale price was $442,473.

3535 Broken Woods Drive
Coral Springs Northeast$145,000
Buyer: Pabitrie Singh
Seller: Joann and Gary Richard Brown and Mary Ellen Greco

9818 Royal Palm Blvd.
Coral Springs Southwest$368,000
Buyer: Ted and Tiffany Blaise
Seller: Kenneth P. Queen

1857 N.W. 83rd Drive
Coral Springs Southeast$483,000
Buyer: Alfredo Rivero Guzman
Seller: Valerie Ryan, Irene Burns and Diane Feerick

260 N.W. 121st Terrace
Coral Springs Southwest$565,000
Buyer: Maximiliano and Alessandra Rojas
Seller: Richard G. Olson

2646 Riverside Drive
Coral Springs Southeast$155,700
Buyer: Joan & Stekel Investments LLC
Seller: Hugo Dario Carreno

711 Riverside Drive
Coral Springs Southeast$195,000
Buyer: Ali Rehman
Seller: Adam A. Goodstein

500 N.W. 118th Way
Coral Springs Southwest$1,069,000
Buyer: Shannon and Sarah Stowers
Seller: Craig A. and Lisa M. Tanner

10812 N.W. 46th Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$421,000
Buyer: Rajendra Prasad Sishodia and Chandra Dangal
Seller: Dillon M. and Brianna N. Green

4145 N.W. 90th Ave.
Coral Springs Northeast$110,000
Buyer: Olga M. Orozco
Seller: William Fyfe Jr.

10074 Twin Lakes Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$179,000
Buyer: Myra Valentine and Regina Bobo Jackson
Seller: Jorge Quintero-Vargas

4613 N.W. 100th Terrace
Coral Springs Northwest$663,000
Buyer: Jose Mendo and Tanya Vanessa Barahona Molina
Seller: Brian Edward and Randi Joyce Battle

8641 N.W. 56th St.
Coral Springs Northeast$625,000
Buyer: Ingrid Natalia and Jose Antonio Torres
Seller: Thomas and Helene R. Rubin

875 Riverside Drive
Coral Springs Southeast$182,000
Buyer: James K. Washington
Seller: Shannon Harris

11181 N.W. 26th Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$589,000
Buyer: Vinod & Nancy Malhotra (revocable trust)
Seller: Allen P. Caine, Allen Patrick Caine (trust), Dorothy Marie Caine (trust), Allen and Dorothy Caine (living trust)

9057 Thunderbird Drive
Coral Springs Northeast$269,000
Buyer: Alvaro Javier Jarquin Valdivia
Seller: Deborah V Palma

4909 N.W. 112th Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$825,000
Buyer: Brian Batinsey
Seller: Joseph Diaco

4107 N.W. 78th Terrace
Buyer: Sarah Masoudi
Seller: Go East Investments LLC

9001 Wiles Road
Coral Springs Northeast$150,000
Buyer: Sheel Malaviya
Seller: Kamala and Gopinath Rajupet

4459 N.W. 113th Lane
Coral Springs Northwest$375,000
Buyer: Ehtashamul H Siddiqi and Naz Khan
Seller: U.S. Bank National Association

12223 N.W. 31st Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$500,000
Buyer: Tina Lekjarun
Seller: Thomas H. and Gloria A. Cragg

9810 N.W. 49th Place
Coral Springs Northwest$715,000
Buyer: Dmitri and Svetlana Tereschenko
Seller: James William and Melissa Ann Clark

1877 N.W. 107th Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$552,000
Buyer: Nordia and Noel Ogunbunmi
Seller: Ashley C. and Dennis T. Cassidy

8303 N.W. 14th Court
Coral Springs Southeast$610,000
Buyer: V & J Housing Group LLC
Seller: Todd Darren Danto and Ilma Ester Avila

11157 N.W. 34th Court
Coral Springs Northwest$435,000
Buyer: Elizabeth Avila and Robert Avila Jr.
Seller: Thomas Michael Kavanaugh and Allison Petersavage

8528 N.W. 47th Drive
Coral Springs Northeast$650,000
Buyer: Paul L. Nace
Seller: Timothy M. and Donna Kearins

12260 Royal Palm Blvd.
Coral Springs Southwest$178,000
Buyer: Melissa Rose Kuhns
Seller: Selena Golebiewski and Selena Goldiewski Campana

6020 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs Northeast$235,000
Buyer: Bronte Hamilton and Joyce Kopec
Seller: Sedath and Savitrie Gopal and Gopal Family (living trust)

8986 N.W. 20th Manor
Coral Springs Southeast$550,000
Buyer: Lawrence Jackson
Seller: Chad B. and Brittany J. Mark

10957 N.W. 55th St.
Coral Springs Northwest$642,888
Buyer: Frank and Fazeena Agriogianis
Seller: Thomas A. and Madeleine Bolz and Madeleine Donate

9001 Wiles Road
Coral Springs Northeast$232,000
Buyer: Pg Brickell 3109 Investment LLC
Seller: Albato Inc.

6808 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs Northeast$175,000
Buyer: San Jose Custodio LLC
Seller: Karen & Charles Tunick Joint (revocable trust) and Cyrus & Kerry Hollander Joint (revocable trust)

3690 N.W. 80th Ave.
Buyer: Frantz C Dorsainvil
Seller: Uhel Polly II (revocable trust), Linda Dimarco Bianchini and Linda Dimarco Polly (revocable trust)

5143 N.W. 66th Lane
Coral Springs Northeast$594,650
Buyer: Daniel A. and Naomi Alev Perez
Seller: Serafin and Guillermina Garcia

11221 N.W. 46th Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$440,000
Buyer: Heather Renee Law
Seller: Francis J. Kurz Jr. and Patricia A. Porretti

11295 W. Atlantic Blvd.
Coral Springs Southwest$220,000
Buyer: Balsan LLC
Seller: Venus Galore LLC

11272 N.W. 34th Court
Coral Springs Northwest$470,000
Buyer: Kurt Cuffy and Jenny Jean-Baptiste
Seller: Randy G Kleinert

6100 N.W. 40th St.
Coral Springs Northeast$492,500
Buyer: Faiz Gul Khan
Seller: Markelda Ellis

3780 N.W. 110th Ave.
Buyer: Dume LLC
Seller: Jeffrey C Puma

4112 N.W. 79th Ave.
Buyer: Nadege Jackson
Seller: Ana Chica

3623 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$285,000
Buyer: Karina Bejarano Gregory
Seller: Cho Kau and Funf Ngai Cheung

3836 Jasmine Lane
Coral Springs Northeast$460,000
Buyer: Yulissa Yakaira Correa Garcia and James Otis Alford IV
Seller: Ricky-Lee W. and Cynthia C. McConahie

4111 N.W. 88th Ave.
Coral Springs Northeast$120,000
Buyer: Dulna Delva
Seller: Jose V. Arango

2140 N.W. 107th Way
Coral Springs Southwest$183,000
Buyer: Shai Pniel PA Inc.
Seller: Luis O. and Elena C. Vera

12333 N.W. 26th St.
Coral Springs Southwest$638,000
Buyer: Gilda Barby Moltimer
Seller: Jose and Violeta Santiago

3277 N.W. 114th Terrace
Coral Springs Southwest$21,500
Buyer: Alicia Wade
Seller: Dylan O'Connor

9617 Riverside Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$239,000
Buyer: Carl F. Collins Jr. and Leann C Collins
Seller: Bettina Smoot

8786 N.W. Sixth St.
Coral Springs Southeast$444,946
Buyer: Zillow Homes Property (trust)
Seller: Michael L. and Keisha K. Daley

11941 N.W. 57th St.
Coral Springs Northwest$402,000
Buyer: Mercedes Cositore
Seller: Vincent Matthew Piekart, Vincent Mathew Pikeart and Nadine Gallina Farace

5846 N.W. 119th Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$495,000
Buyer: Sue-Anne Sprague Bacan
Seller: Ira and Jody Orlowsky

915 Riverside Drive
Coral Springs Southeast$174,000
Buyer: Jugas LLC
Seller: Fatima Pereira

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