Top 50 Oak Forest, Illinois home sales for September 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Oak Forest, Illinois in September 2021, according to

In September 2021, there were 67 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $260,000 in Oak Forest.

Top 50 home sales in Oak Forest for September 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
LPC Oak Forest LP16815 Kilpatrick Ave.$800,000
LPC Oak Forest LP16831 Kilpatrick Ave.$750,000
LPC Oak Forest LP16826 Kilpatrick Ave.$570,000
LPC Oak Forest LP16797 Kilpatrick Ave.$550,000
Rod & Foster Prop LLC5654 Independence Ave.$520,000
LPC Oak Forest LP16747 Kilpatrick Ave.$500,000
LPC Oak Forest LP16840 Kilpatrick Ave.$480,000
LPC Oak Forest LP17000 Kilpatrick Ave.$450,000
LPC Oak Forest LP16825 Kilpatrick Ave.$429,000
Renee E Walker6306 Sara Ann Lane$425,000
Debbie and Luis Cunguan17300 Lockwood Ave.$420,000
LPC Oak Forest LP16807 Cicero Ave.$400,000
Marjorie A. and Christopher E. Olson15702 Pine Road$387,500
Villegas Inv Prop LLC - Series 16025 Laramie16025 Laramie Ave.$385,000
LPC Oak Forest LP16801 Cicero Ave.$380,000
Bridgette Jackson17028 Judy Court$370,000
First Midwest Bank (trustee)15501 Brianne Ave.$366,000
Danielle M Braun15429 Maple Court$360,000
Hassan Aoun15739 Jon Road$345,000
Hugo and Christina Elizabeth Cardenas15637 Lorel Ave.$340,000
Daniel IV and Daniel Woodward III4901 Lorin Lane$335,000
Ashley Alexander6420 Cedar Road$318,000
Darnell and Marilyn R. Matchem6624 Linden Drive$315,000
Rawaa Almassti and Ahmad Alsharbini6036 La Paz Drive$315,000
Kinyell Gaston15242 Rob Roy Drive$295,000
John E. and Dominique L. Coleman16217 Oak Ave.$292,000
Eric G Montgomery15339 Las Flores St.$290,000
Tracy E Labash14820 Temple St.$278,000
Antonio Espinoza and Lizbeth Navarro6528 157th St.$275,000
Daniel P. and Kathleen Cheskis5127 154th St.$275,000
Jose Luis Nevarez Jr. and Nohemi Nevarez Olivares15324 Merlin Court$273,000
Melissa Chaca and Nicolas Ramos4919 156th St.$268,000
Sara R. Cramer15401 Ridgeland Ave.$265,000
Adrianna M Blade-Curran and Karl B Curran5841 Stuart Lane$260,000
Ddiana Delgado and Freddy Martinez5444 Margie Lane$259,000
Robert and Kristen Schalberg15200 Chaucer Drive$258,000
Jose E. Avalos5161 Coulter Road$255,000
Leila Yosmen Elshorbgy15216 Walnut Road$255,000
LPC Oak Forest LP16717 Kilpatrick Ave.$253,000
Marissa Melvan5528 Ellen Court$250,000
Phuong T Vo and Thong M. and Thanh V. Truong5241 155th St.$246,000
Jaana Lira M Po and Reyes Marvin De Los4328 Mann St.$245,000
Wilfredo Castillo Castaneda and Rachael C Castillo15208 Oxford Drive$243,000
Vincent Fanelli15636 Lamon Ave.$240,000
Donna Cordova16488 Barton Lane$238,000
Deborah and Jayson Buendgen16730 Le Claire Ave.$238,000
Suzanne Drake5761 150th St.$230,000
Guapa Investments Group LLC5528 Margie Lane$227,500
Marys Ln Ronhoner LLC5753 Vine St.$221,000
Florestela Gonzalez6639 Conway Court$220,000

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