Top 100 Milwaukee County home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Milwaukee County in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 2,072 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $175,525 in Milwaukee County.

Top 100 home sales in Milwaukee County for April 2022
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Fountainhead Contracting LLCMilwaukee8113 Townsend St.$5,575,000
MK3 Holdings LLCMilwaukee5101 Lincoln Ave.$3,850,000
Carolyn WoodMilwaukee3213 Cramer St.$3,542,000
Izzat LLCMilwaukee2735 Murray Ave.$3,400,000
Youssef BerradaMilwaukee10295 Fond Du Lac Ave.$2,764,300
Berrada Properties 95 LLCMilwaukee5159 85th St.$2,764,300
Berrada Properties 95 LLCMilwaukee2727 13th St.$2,250,000
Cape Crossing LLCFranklin12200 Ryan Road$1,900,000
Bryan Bartlett House and Rebecca Wickhem HouseWhitefish Bay4720 Cramer St.$1,875,000
Michael Jones and Hilary WilliamsRiver Hills7950 Pheasant Lane$1,750,000
Bit Properties LLCMilwaukee1436 Kilbourn Ave.$1,733,000
Khalaf Real Estate LLCMilwaukee3909 20th St.$1,500,000
David C. KuehlMilwaukee2433 Wahl Ave.$1,437,000
3959 N 19TH LLCMilwaukee3959 19th Place$1,380,000
Benjamin WeilandWhitefish Bay5955 Berkeley Blvd.$1,250,000
Andrew J. Schneider Trust Dated January 19, 2009Milwaukee3026 Marietta Ave.$1,250,000
April J. Zhang and Alexander M. MaleyFox Point7481 Beach Drive$1,200,000
Bwb Amherst Properties LLCMilwaukee3226 Wisconsin Ave.$1,190,000
Joshua Knute ElsonFox Point7950 Lake Drive$1,180,000
Shane M. and Michelle Lahey ReedFranklin9059 Hawthorne Lane$1,100,000
Mark HazeltineWhitefish Bay1570 Blackthorne Place$1,100,000
The Lagrant Family Trust Dated July 21, 2014Milwaukee1141 Old World Third St. 2801$1,100,000
Michael VitucciMilwaukee3045 Oakland Ave.$1,092,000
Stephen L. Nord, Marilee M. Nord, Trustees of the Stephen L. and Marilee M. Nord Revocable Trust U/a 04/12/2022Whitefish Bay5674 Shore Drive$1,047,900
Elm Holdings 6 LLCMilwaukee2920 Highland Blvd.$1,046,512
Kinzie Highland LLCMilwaukee2920 Highland Blvd.$1,046,512
Kinzie Highland LLCMilwaukee2920 Highland Blvd.$1,046,512
Mdk East Side LLCMilwaukee2456 Cramer St.$1,040,000
Anne H. Fitzgerald Living Trust Dated 04/01/1988, as Amended and RestatedRiver Hills3205 County Line Road$1,025,000
David L. BourneMilwaukee541 Erie St. 416$1,007,500
Berrada Properties 93 LLCMilwaukee10295 Fond Du Lac Ave.$1,000,000
Humbled Hands LLCMilwaukee1714 15th St.$1,000,000
Berrada Properties 98 LLCMilwaukee10201 Congress St.$1,000,000
Elm Holdings 7 LLCMilwaukee1143 29th St.$981,105
Kinzie Highland LLCMilwaukee1143 29th St.$981,105
Kinzie Highland LLCMilwaukee1143 29th St.$981,105
Joshua LatermanMilwaukee2929 Edgewood Ave.$959,800
Robert A. GentileWhitefish Bay4869 Woodburn St.$955,000
Robert L. and Susan F. MikulayMilwaukee777 Prospect Ave. 402$950,000
Fountainhead Contracting LLCWest Allis1944 70th St.$905,000
Schafer Rehab LLCWhitefish Bay912 Circle Drive$892,700
Mibato LLCMilwaukee1425 Prospect Ave.$875,000
Stepow LLCMilwaukee1690 Marshall St.$857,500
Eugene BraaksmaMilwaukee236 Water St. 3$829,900
Paul J. AlexanderMilwaukee2042 Lafayette Place$800,000
1933 E Oklahoma Ave LLCMilwaukee1933 Oklahoma Ave.$775,000
Johannah Karstedt and Preston James St. JohnGlendale2110 Brantwood Ave.$775,000
Katherine FeuchtShorewood4206 Maryland Ave.$767,200
Theresa and Erik RundquistWhitefish Bay5029 Lake Drive$750,000
Richard GordonMilwaukee102 Water St. 701$750,000
Joseph BertoliniWhitefish Bay5049 Lake Drive$737,500
Ryan E. Polich, Kristen L. Polich, Trustees of the Ryan and Kristen Polich Living Trust, Dated April 6, 2022Whitefish Bay5067 Woodburn St.$714,300
Seeley Coventure LLCMilwaukee1302 Seeley St.$700,000
Danie Elohim Fernandez GuerraWhitefish Bay805 Birch Ave.$700,000
Itzhak RotemWhitefish Bay501 Lexington Blvd.$700,000
Aaron L. Griedl and Margaret LewisWhitefish Bay4648 Woodburn St.$690,000
Zachary F. RosenMilwaukee1313 Franklin Place 903$685,000
James C. PetersonWhitefish Bay6021 Kent Ave.$667,500
Kinzie Highland LLCMilwaukee3345 Highland Blvd.$666,805
Stuart GrazierMilwaukee4729 20th St.$665,850
Storehouse Capital LLCMilwaukee4873 40th St.$665,850
Victor and Katarzyna C. HardingRiver Hills7730 River Road$660,000
Steven KerwinWhitefish Bay4731 Oakland Ave.$650,000
Abbigail M. HamptonMilwaukee2719 Farwell Ave.$645,000
John J. Pozorski (living trust)Fox Point8335 Regent Road$636,300
Elm Holdings 5 LLCMilwaukee3345 Highland Blvd.$627,962
Kinzie Highland LLCMilwaukee3345 Highland Blvd.$627,962
Judith SchubertMilwaukee1017 Lyon St.$627,000
MacAire HaslerMilwaukee3086 Superior St.$619,064
Michael FendrichMilwaukee3062 Newport Court$619,000
Brian and Sarah MeulerWauwatosa7830 St. Anne Court$615,000
The Javey Group LLCMilwaukee7731 Hampton Ave.$595,900
Jeffrey D. SchwartzMilwaukee1522 Prospect Ave. 1106$595,372
Jeffrey Schwartz Living Trust, Dated January 27, 2022Milwaukee1522 Prospect Ave. 1106$595,372
Saleh F. SaedOak Creek1216 Riverside Drive$585,000
Joseph A. and Amanda M. CamilliWauwatosa1515 Mower Court$581,000
Jonathan and Diana RomanFranklin5439 Preserve Court$580,000
Mdes Royall LLCMilwaukee1517 Royall Place$575,000
Aaron and Alissa PraterFox Point231 Fox Dale Road$568,000
Katelyn Wilson and Matthew WilsonBayside9360 Sleepy Hollow Lane$560,000
Eliza O. WebbWhitefish Bay5221 Hollywood Ave.$555,100
Maura B. FalkWauwatosa2608 91st St.$554,000
Gretchen M. RothFox Point202 Willow Road$552,500
Abdulrehman Siddiqui and Anoushka SyedMilwaukee301 Reservoir Ave. 3$550,000
Nephventures Capital LLCMilwaukee1857 Pulaski St.$550,000
Jeffrey J. ChristiansBayside9025 Lake Drive$550,000
Alexandra ScopturWauwatosa1573 122nd St.$547,000
Mnr Holding Inc.Franklin4611 Alanna Court$539,900
Berrada Properties 98 LLCMilwaukee6401 Keefe Ave. Parkway$535,000
William Prom, Cynthia Prom as Trustees of the William and Cynthia Prom Joint Trust Dated April 8, 2022Greenfield11955 Barnard Ave.$534,000
Matthew WeyerWauwatosa2102 Menomonee River Parkway$532,370
Chris StaufferMilwaukee10112 Sharon Lane$530,000
Matthew CarrollHales Corners10121 Grange Ave.$530,000
Robert BeachShorewood4508 Bartlett Ave.$530,000
Cynthia and David E. DwightWauwatosa1743 83rd St.$526,000
Carol and Allen SchwabWauwatosa1723 60th St.$526,000
Jenna StadlerWauwatosa8837 Jackson Park Blvd.$525,000
Matthew MaloofWauwatosa2567 89th St.$525,000
Ryan R. and Courtney AnkenbrandtWauwatosa2369 114th St.$525,000
Amanda B. MillerWhitefish Bay4831 Bartlett Ave.$521,400

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