Top 50 Adams County home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Adams County in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 89 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $132,500 in Adams County.

Top 50 home sales in Adams County for April 2022
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Kent W. and Kyle R. Kropp-1300 1975th St.$1,020,000
Stephen P. and Lisa A. Rapp-5631 Ridgeline Drive$500,000
Joseph M. and Alexis L. Darnell-1033 Spring Lake Court$420,000
Karthyn L Awerkamp and Lisa M FarrellQuincy2627 Curved Creek Road$294,000
Eric P ConoverQuincy1935 Wilmar Drive$279,000
Nicholas L. Weiman and Gabrielle WileyQuincy2644 Manor Hill Drive$265,000
Tyler J. and Magan C. HallQuincy705 Meadow Lark Drive$265,000
Forrest N. and Patricia L. OlsonQuincy1021 Christopher Court$249,500
Theodore Phillip Johnson IIQuincy822 Cheshire Blvd.$237,000
Brian and Katherine CanfieldQuincy321 23rd St.$232,000
Jesse J. and Diana R. FowlerCamp Point205 Park St.$224,000
Michael H. Stephens-374 Highway 96$224,000
Clayton L. and Susan M. Woodward-299 2700th St.$214,000
Donald F. and Kathleen D. McCaugheyQuincy4939 Lake View Drive$210,000
Clayton L. and Susan M. Woodward-299 2700th St.$200,000
Lee T. and Anne B. FieldsQuincy2114 Payson Ave.$190,000
Katherine A. OconnoeQuincy330 23rd St.$188,000
John W. and Lori W. MetzQuincy418 22nd St.$185,000
Philip and Jacqueline DowneyQuincy913 Summit Drive$181,000
Kent W. and Kyle R. Kropp-1300 1975th St.$180,000
John Heinecke-2168 2700th St.$180,000
Eric and Alexandra Sue GauerQuincy1208 28th St.$180,000
James E. and Joyce M. SchmidtQuincy4014 Pine Ridge Drive$180,000
Christopher M. and Katherine J. DroegeQuincy2121 Jefferson St.$175,000
Haley J HermanQuincy1431 Ohio St.$171,000
Tanner P StrattonQuincy1500 Locust St.$162,000
Sandra L. Root (trust)Quincy2415 Sterling Ave.$160,000
James M. and Margaret J. AschemannQuincy2030 Elm St.$157,000
Jacob D. and Ashton P. TenhouseCamp Point300 First St.$156,000
Zachary T. HustonCamp Point107 Prairie St.$155,000
Phillip H. FischerQuincy635 13th St.$155,000
Jacob R. and Melissa M. Bliven-3610 St. Anthony Road$155,000
Michael E. and Ashley R. HallGolden304 Hanna St.$150,000
Olivia L. Day-3122 Gross Gables$147,500
Klayton A. Conrad and Shelby A. Connell-461 1300th St.$145,000
James A. Briscoe and Whitney J AllerheiligenQuincy1704 Adams St.$144,000
Philip A. Oneal-728 Loren Drive$143,000
Braden and Chelsea LungCamp Point204 School St.$142,500
Gary G. and Deborah K. ViarQuincy1023 22nd St.$140,000
Anthony Craig and Maria Ann SpilkerQuincy3208 College Ave.$139,500
Margie Lou RolandQuincy1936 Washington St.$136,000
David Del Castillo and Melanie Raye Del Castillo CoronadoQuincy3007 Riverside Terrace$135,000
Oh Good LLCQuincy1843 Spring St.$135,000
Paul Murfin, Paul and Tracie J Murfin RevocabQuincy623 25th St.$135,000
Jon and Cynthia Lynn DehartQuincy2041 Lind St.$132,500
Andrew L. Peter and Emily E. HasbrouckQuincy809 22nd St.$130,000
Quinton D. and Emily C. EwingQuincy816 14th St.$130,000
Chad and Paige R. WhiteMendon334 South St.$127,000
Gerard KlostermannQuincy505 23rd St.$125,000
Logan D. and Cheseney N. Moore-2151 2400th St.$125,000

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