Union County had a median home sale price of $407,500 of 188 homes in April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Union County in April 2022, according to BlockShopper.com.

In April 2022, there were 188 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $407,500 in Union County.

Top 100 home sales in Union County for April 2022
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Brian D. and Sabrina E. SavoyWaxhaw8704 Chewton Glen Drive$2,700,000
Eeva Kristiina Deshon (trustee), Jeffrey Charles Deshon (trustee) and Deshon Family TrustWeddington9031 Pine Laurel Drive$1,825,000
Adina and Dean BrazierWaxhaw600 Beauhaven Lane$1,650,000
Saket Sapre and Prachi SontakkeWaxhaw8710 Calumet Drive$1,640,000
April and Mark CapernaMarvin308 Walkers Bluff Court$1,565,000
Cheryl A. and Shawn LevesqueWaxhaw233 Glenmoor Drive$1,475,000
NVR Inc.Waxhaw7812 Clovervale Drive$1,385,000
Target Investments LLCWaxhaw7812 Clovervale Drive$1,385,000
Jeffrey T. and Meredith Adrian DolanWaxhaw8229 Victoria Lake Drive$1,350,000
Ashley Victoria and Mitchell Brian OetkenMarvin9113 Valley Brook Court$1,290,000
Devang Maheshkumar and Hetal Devang PandyaWaxhaw404 Creeping Cedar Court$1,285,000
Alishia and Remangel CrawfordWaxhaw8703 Deakin Court$1,285,000
Andrew IP and May WongWeddington1033 Lake Forest Drive$1,100,000
Pauline Bresnik and Peter SnasdellMarvin605 White Tail Terrace$1,086,500
Dan He and Yuguang HuWaxhaw10207 Alouette Drive$1,001,000
Daniel P. and Meaghan L. NocellaIndian Trail2100 Lytton Lane$925,000
Deborah H. and Gary C. RolbandMarvin8916 Nellie Lane$905,000
Justin M. and Melissa G. NelsonWaxhaw1205 Lightwood Road$901,000
Anita C. and Michael Van AlstyneWaxhaw2908 Julien Glen Circle$900,000
Saurabh and Shruti BhaskarMarvin8000 Stonehaven Drive$900,000
Ragini and Sreekanth GollamudiWaxhaw2812 Bevis Lane$895,000
Christia Clarke Long (trustee), Michael Bernard Long (trustee) and The Long Family TrustMonroe1709 Watersmark Drive$885,000
James Jeffery Clegg and Siu Kwan Dora HoIndian Trail1010 Russet Glen Lane$858,500
Mark Hagerty and Deanna PetersWaxhaw1100 Kickshaw Court$850,000
Jessica Ross and Craig N SmithWeddington2056 Meadow Run Drive$850,000
Morgan T. Marchese and Danielle E. MeyerWesley Chapel5104 Rhett Court$820,000
Carly Hoorwitz and Eric NielsenWesley Chapel1313 Waynewood Drive$811,000
Brian R. and Michelle A. StevensWaxhaw4209 Chenco Court$800,000
Georgia Jetton and Jared RobertsonWaxhaw7105 Old Ridge Road$776,000
Amany and Amir George BekhitWaxhaw3201 Blackburn Drive$760,000
Rajalakshmi Annamalai and Thirumurthi RanganathanMarvin8013 Avanti Drive$735,000
Timothy William and Zafeiria Kontogianni MillerIndian Trail1602 Aringill Lane$735,000
Devin Lee and Whitney Marie NusserMarvin8100 Avanti Drive$718,000
Sharmilee SanthanaramanWesley Chapel508 Palmerston Lane$708,000
David CasillasMonroe2720 Ellie Rose Drive$691,000
Enrique and Lara AlmelaWaxhaw8505 Quellin Drive$688,000
Brian and Virginia E. KavanaghWesley Chapel6708 Renshaw Court$671,000
Kaitlyn and Vincent MilazzoWaxhaw3013 Arsdale Road$660,000
Brantley Kendall and Jessica D. LynessUnionville4916 Campobello Drive$660,000
Christine Alice and Jeffery Philip EckertWaxhaw3400 McPherson St.$641,000
M/I Homes of Charlotte LLCWaxhaw5610 Shenandoah Drive$640,500
Jurabek AhmedovWaxhaw5610 Shenandoah Drive$640,500
Danielle R. and Kenneth KuehlMonroe3519 Savannah Way$635,000
Kirk and Susan WiegersWesley Chapel6316 Pumpernickel Lane$630,500
Denise and Don CarlsonMineral Springs1400 Huntcliff Drive$620,000
Mani Ramasamy and Haripriya SrinivasanWaxhaw8216 Penman Springs Drive$619,000
Christopher J. and Nicole Renee ThirtleWaxhaw4704 Toms Creek Court$619,000
Kavitha Chellamuthu and Suresh DharmarajWesley Chapel416 Ranelagh Lane$615,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.Waxhaw1000 Ridgehaven Road$608,000
Casey and Maxwell JohnsonWaxhaw117 Abbotsbury Court$607,000
Marie A. and Patrick J. LockwoodWaxhaw8513 Fairgreen Ave.$595,000
Tatiana LychaginaWaxhaw1216 Brionne Court$577,000
Devinder and Sunita BaliWaxhaw3037 Scottcrest Way$568,000
Juan Carlos ZunigaIndian Trail205 Edenshire Court$565,000
John L. Cooper and Mary A. CrolandMonroe4525 Willoway Lane$561,000
Chandrakant C., Elianna R., Prerna C. and Rohan C. PatelMarvin10515 New Town Road$560,000
Changxi LI and Xuan XuIndian Trail1005 Matilda Lane$551,000
Scott SiftonWaxhaw3113 Bridgewick Road$550,000
Joshua D. Bohanon and Aja M. ThompsonMonroe703 Lakestone Drive$550,000
Riwet Gebregziabher and Simon GebremedhinIndian Trail10007 Blue Stream Lane$542,500
Hamidreza Bayat and Minh-Ly Hannah TruongStallings1505 Yellow Daisy Drive$532,500
Dorel IstratiWesley Chapel6601 Blackwood Lane$530,000
Cathy L. and Kenneth W. HagaIndian Trail219 Wood Lake Drive$521,000
Jared M. and Joanna C. PeggIndian Trail2005 Currier Place$520,000
Op Spe TPA1 LLCWaxhaw3040 Scottcrest Way$515,000
Stanislav and Yelena BgatovIndian Trail1006 Jeweled Crown Court$510,000
Anthony Gonzalez and Leina MoralesIndian Trail1008 Tatnall Lane$510,000
James D. Gay Jr. and Rita M. GayMonroe2921 Sweetgrass Lane$501,000
Andre and Ebony SharpleyMonroe4126 Oconnell St.$495,000
Jenny TrullIndian Trail2029 Hollyhedge Lane$485,000
Karen Suzanne and Steve HolstWaxhaw7705 Waxhaw Highway$485,000
Fen Zhu Chen and Xia LinIndian Trail1011 Shew Ogold Lane$475,000
Lopamudra Mohanty and Krishna Chandra SwainStallings4225 Lawrence Daniel Drive$470,000
Linh Thi Ngoc Hoang and Tu T. TranStallings1611 Yellow Daisy Drive$468,000
Jeromy C. TrayerIndian Trail3009 Rosewater Lane$464,000
Lynne and Peter MorrisIndian Trail1602 Saratoga Blvd.$460,000
Charles Aaron Casher and Jo Ellen RollerMonroe3708 Zebulon Williams Road$460,000
Nakia SpruillMonroe3214 Woodlands Creek Drive$457,000
Chiu and Jordan Joyner MaIndian Trail2024 Holly Villa Circle$455,000
Petru and Victoria SineviciMonroe5704 Eric Sustar Lane$446,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.Stallings2012 Blue Iris Drive$446,000
Raymond Benthal and Nikki ChadwickMonroe3108 Drake Lane$444,000
Ltd Ptns Fkh Sfr Propco J LPIndian Trail1001 Skillbeck Road$440,000
RH Evergreen Ownerco LLCMatthews5825 Parkstone Drive$438,500
Ltd Ptns Fkh Sfr Propco J LPIndian Trail3000 Semmes Lane$435,000
Ashley Marie Bryant and Tommy Gray TuckerMonroe4200 Secrest Sht Cut$430,000
Ltd Ptns Fkh Sfr Propco J LPWaxhaw2100 Coral Berry Lane$422,000
Ltd Ptns Fkh Sfr Propco J LPLake Park6119 Trevor Simpson Drive$420,000
Alan David and Dilcia Rodriguez GuardadoWaxhaw1600 Jekyll Lane$420,000
Ltd Ptns McH Sfr Nc Owner 3 LPHemby Bridge6613 Courtland St.$419,000
Erin H. and Kirby S. ColeMonroe1420 Wessex Court$415,500
Omar Contreras-Soriano, Judith Garcia Sanchez and Omar Contreras SorianoMonroe3127 Blueberry Drive$414,000
Baf 3 LLCIndian Trail7533 Sparkleberry Drive$412,500
Bprep Sfr Owner LLCMonroe4710 Kiddle Lane$410,000
Edward E. III and Joye RobinsonWaxhaw5016 Rehobeth Road$405,000
Rayna Properties LLCMonroe2703 Gusty Lane$404,000
Joshua Reeves and Danielle RobareMineral Springs6200 Pleasant Grove Road$400,000
Ltd Ptns Fkh Sfr Propco J LPMonroe5017 Manchineel Lane$397,000
Kevin Robert and Martha Rachel Caudle BurkeMonroe3022 McManus Circle$395,000
Katherine RobisonMonroe3022 McManus Circle$395,000

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