142 homes sold in Scott County with a median home sale price of $381,900 in April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Scott County in April 2022, according to BlockShopper.com.

In April 2022, there were 142 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $381,900 in Scott County.

Top 100 home sales in Scott County for April 2022
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Keith Koch and Kristina KilberPrior Lake3385 Griggs St.$860,000
Chad and Laurie DvoracekPrior Lake3339 Sunray Court$849,900
Bonnie M. Laabs and Jason V. BiwerSavage4562 McColl Drive$839,000
Robert and Jennifer DarchukPrior Lake3677 Turner Drive$760,000
Lenae and Donovan PohlPrior Lake3754 Turner Drive$750,000
Gary Dean and Patricia Joan CorneliusShakopee7407 Oak Ridge Trail$737,000
Troy L. and Jill M. ChristophersonPrior Lake3529 Island View Circle$725,000
Artisan Management LLCJordan20980 Parkfield Ave.$689,000
Brad and Beth AdamsPrior Lake13887 Kensington Ave.$675,000
Jeffrey L Wendt and Kelly A. CulverJordan2286 185th St.$631,000
Matthew Ryan Pretzel and Juana M. AlvardoPrior Lake20891 Panama Ave.$631,000
Zachary A. Amick and Bobbi L RohwerShakopee1955 River Bluff Court$625,000
Homes by Witt DBA C4D Crew LLCPrior Lake3521 Turner Drive$610,000
Scott C. and Debra D. SchumacherElko New Market9336 Cambridge Lane$605,000
Peter and Haochen SneveShakopee8496 Portage Lane$605,000
Jason WalgravePrior Lake3780 Green Heights Trail$600,000
Sadia Said and Mohamed GarreShakopee7764 Oak Ridge Trail$592,000
Ilana and Daniel BodnerPrior Lake17147 Wilderness Trail$585,000
Jason Leroy and Kelli NelsonShakopee2054 Chester St.$565,000
Louis Keith and Erica Alessandra Lopes LeonardShakopee1685 Stagecoach Road$555,000
Philip J. and Mary E. CameronPrior Lake3852 Majestic Lane$550,000
Wayne A. and Margo J. JeskePrior Lake14987 Summit Circle$550,000
Kristen and Adam HahnNew Prague1205 Heritage Court$550,000
Jose Banuelos Sr. and Julia BanuelosShakopee8825 Whispering Oaks Alcove$549,000
Arpan Jitendra MehtaShakopee1823 Switchgrass Lane$548,000
Robert James and Lynsay Jane HarriganPrior Lake4043 Coachman Lane$537,000
Noah Engels and Christina PollockPrior Lake15042 Appaloosa Trail$535,000
Jacob and Samantha PaulyJordan1041 Prospect Pointe Road$530,000
Sven-Erik and Marija JohanssonNew Prague707 Heritage Trail$510,000
Ngoc Linh Cao and Thi Thu Tram TranShakopee1844 Omega Drive$510,000
Timothy Hugh and Judith Koni BlumElko New Market26661 Oakridge Way$505,000
Josh and Rachel W. OlsonShakopee6345 Oxford Road$500,000
LT Rentals LLCBelle Plaine218 Linden St.$495,000
Luke and Rachel MolacekSavage5771 132nd St.$490,000
Jameson Robert Kyarsgaard and Egle RemezaiteShakopee1755 Gotland Lane$489,900
Jakson G. and Brileigh E. GriffithElko New Market26625 Oakridge Way$480,000
SFR Acquisitions 2 LLCSavage14430 Woodbridge Lane$475,000
Bradley and Catherine LevenickSavage5884 131st St. Circle$475,000
Adam FodeSavage14781 Meadowood Drive$470,000
Jennifer and Michael VoegeleShakopee1264 Ruby Lane$466,500
Susan M. and Michael J. DiepholzShakopee1662 Palomino St.$465,000
Xing Zhao, Yang Yun Lu and Yanqin ChenSavage4150 Hanrehan Trail$460,888
Thomas P. and Lisa CardellaNew Prague1301 Gym Court$460,000
Ronald L. and Ellen M. BowersShakopee1233 Tyler St.$440,000
SFR Acquisitions 2 LLCSavage13784 Yosemite Ave.$440,000
Onilda M. Turcios BonillaPrior Lake14460 Shore Lane$439,900
Tamara J. Kruse and Steven J. HattenPrior Lake16724 Dublin Road$434,500
Zachary Haas and Sydney LarsenSavage13949 Brunswick Ave.$430,000
Jake and Nicolette BeerJordan17756 Vergus Ave.$429,999
Jeffrey and Amy EppenBelle Plaine813 Horizon Court$425,000
Volodymyr Pustovyi and Olha PustovaShakopee1994 Ormond Drive$425,000
Ethan and Rachel M. PetersonPrior Lake17294 Toronto Ave.$425,000
Kelli Marie CorriganSavage6204 South Park Drive$425,000
Ngoc an Cao and Thi Thanh Tam DinhShakopee194 Ardennes Ave.$421,000
Patrick Wright and Raisa SetiawanPrior Lake16897 Blind Lake Trail$420,928
Samson J Davis and Britney M KockenSavage4012 134th Circle$420,000
OPENDOOR PROPERTY TRUST I, a Delaware statutory trustSavage5024 Aspen Drive$417,400
Nathan and Kamilla RistowShakopee2070 Foothill Trail$415,000
Corey Paris and Rachel ParrisSavage4773 South Park Drive$410,000
Vincent Guy BrownShakopee1026 Tyler St.$410,000
Kelly Le and David John LehmerElko New Market3309 Aaron Drive$410,000
OPENDOOR PROPERTY TRUST I, a Delaware statutory trustElko New Market1013 Theresa Marie Drive$407,900
Kayla M. BorkaPrior Lake14045 Candlewood Lane$405,000
Dane AlexanderPrior Lake5784 Cedarwood St.$400,000
Steven Gerald and Julie M. PylePrior Lake15218 Fairbanks Trail$400,000
Carter and Kristen DanielsSavage5975 136th St.$397,500
Foo Sang YauSavage14400 Princeton Ave.$391,000
Jeremy W. Binz and Holly McCollPrior Lake3650 Willow Beach Trail$390,000
Justin M. and Danielle R. CrosbyBelle Plaine719 Beaver St.$390,000
Jeff M. and Melissa L. WeisPrior Lake14307 Aspen Ave.$388,000
Jordan and Coral HinesShakopee4867 Bulrush Blvd.$383,300
Gregory Vogel and Mikayla GilesBelle Plaine1000 Chestnut St.$380,500
Allie J. and Kiel MoselyPrior Lake5744 Cedarwood St.$380,000
Kurt A. and Jennifer M. OwensBelle Plaine909 Elm St.$380,000
Noemi HedrickSavage6177 132nd St.$379,875
Devon BankShakopee268 Bluestem Ave.$372,100
Giang DaoSavage13782 Glenhurst Ave.$370,000
Dylan HalbkatPrior Lake17048 Maple Lane$361,900
Michelle M. and Dwight E. JorgensonBelle Plaine204 Century St.$360,000
Lewis Street Properties LLCShakopee124 Lewis St.$357,800
Darla Sandgren and James HylandShakopee1462 Foxglove Court$357,500
Ryan Landherr and Leah HeiligPrior Lake2596 Waterfall Way$356,000
Mary A. PieperNew Prague414 Flag Blvd.$346,500
Swetalina DasPrior Lake3725 Fox Tail Trail$345,000
Not AvailableShakopee1041 Sibley St.$343,000
Jennifer L Fletch and Dale KaufmanSavage12503 Lynn Ave.$335,000
Janessa L. Hammers and Carter J. FriesenShakopee234 Mound St.$335,000
Wyatt Henry BrinkBelle Plaine704 Maple Circle$330,000
Krista M Wermerskirchen and Olufolajimi T OnadipeShakopee1045 Van Buren St.$329,500
Cayla F. and Nathan L. SchluterPrior Lake5705 Cedarwood Trail$327,500
Chase E Emmers and Kaylin A. SmithBelle Plaine932 Ashford Road$325,000
David L. and Bobbi L. SmithSavage14301 Natchez Ave.$320,000
Timothy and Marilyn HavlikSavage13847 Edgewood Ave.$319,500
MS Relocation Services Inc.Prior Lake14390 Fisher Ave.$315,000
Eagle Creek Property Management LLCBelle Plaine201 Forest St.$312,500
Jason D Hanson and Thao LePrior Lake4850 Credit River Road$310,000
Paul A. LaskeyPrior Lake14312 Aspen Ave.$305,000
Denise Renee NelsonShakopee727 Shumway St.$300,000
Timothy VossenPrior Lake3451 Glynwater Trail$300,000
Kyle Justin and Katherine Rose Brumbaugh LechleitnerShakopee1006 Atwood St.$300,000

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