Dakota County had a median home sale price of $350,000 of 421 homes in April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Dakota County in April 2022, according to BlockShopper.com.

In April 2022, there were 421 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $350,000 in Dakota County.

Top 100 home sales in Dakota County for April 2022
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Mark R. and Katherine SullivanSunfish Lake205 Salem Church Road$3,150,000
Shaun and Holley YoungInver Grove Heights8718 Alvarado Trail$1,800,000
Michael and Kate FarrellEagan674 Red Pine Lane$835,000
Patrick St. and Erin St. OresRosemount12171 Biscayne Ave.$810,000
Prashanth Shekar and Preethi VenkatesanApple Valley15396 Eagle Creek Way$810,000
Jon W CambronHastings20950 Otero Ave.$750,000
Samantha and Thomas HallLakeville17331 Joy Ave.$750,000
Wendy Lisman and Casey RundquistEagan3735 Brown Bear Trail$725,000
James W. Dament IIILakeville18304 Lansford Path$720,100
Richard L. Jacoby Jr.Vermillion18605 Fischer Ave.$720,000
Jason and Allison MishicaLakeville9628 211th St.$705,550
Krista Ann and Gregory Lee KajewskiRosemount13385 Danube Lane$703,000
Timothy J. Buck and Karin GundersonInver Grove Heights10804 Alberton Way$702,000
Tyrone and Dorene BrookinsRosemount13835 Clare Downs Way$700,000
Anthony and Amy AlschlagerBurnsville205 Stevens Court$700,000
Isiah L. Thomas and Whitney OlsonLakeville6357 178th St.$675,000
David Thomas Ross and Emily Jo CarlsonLakeville18176 Lansford Path$675,000
Mitchell Paul and Taylor A. JohnsonMendota Heights1021 Overlook Road$665,000
Donald Long and Nanci KirkRosemount13645 Danube Lane$652,000
Matthew and Tanya LiukonenLakeville16946 Enfield Way$650,000
James P. and Maryjo HewittLakeville16499 Judicial Road$650,000
Colleen M. and Eric J. KopecHastings22598 Inga Ave.$650,000
Megan and Travis GundersonEagan4714 White Oak Court$615,500
Katherine A. and Brendan M. ConnellyApple Valley7544 128th St.$615,000
Jason E. and Jennifer L. HarstadInver Grove Heights10607 Amery Court$615,000
Shannon and Casey WegnerLakeville17710 Kingsway Path$610,000
Ellis James Mannon and Laura Katherine WerkingLakeville18615 Kanabec Trail$610,000
Ryan and Kara BouchardEagan540 Eastwood Court$609,900
Julie Ann PontoApple Valley15725 Cobblestone Lake Parkway$605,000
Laura Taylor and Mark AlexanderLakeville17696 Layton Path$605,000
Sara HildebrandtFarmington19801 Deerbrooke Path$600,000
Farrukh Haider and Shafaq DaudLakeville9837 172nd St.$600,000
Michelle and John MaddenLakeville20775 Independence Court$595,000
Thomas and Amy HutsellLakeville16851 Diamonte Way$589,900
Puneet and Samantha MathurLakeville17543 Heidelberg Way$586,000
Beth M JudehMendota Heights1595 Wachtler Ave.$575,000
Matthew CarchediApple Valley13966 Firelight Court$575,000
Wayne and Amy GannApple Valley6470 129th St.$570,000
Adam and Lindsay HeinenApple Valley13976 Dublin Road$570,000
Lesley and Donald NelsonApple Valley12087 Gantry Lane$569,500
Jerad and Anne MaplethorpeInver Grove Heights4696 Weston Hills Drive$567,000
Caleb J. and Nicole A. MosesEagan1535 McCarthy Road$565,000
Sulayman Omar Habib and Thureya MayeLakeville17348 Galle Court$564,000
Leslie Suzanne Newman and Aaron Thomas SmithWest St. Paul487 Mendota Road$550,000
Lucille ZamastilEagan2284 Travelers Trail$550,000
Lynette RolandHastings1745 Meadow View Court$549,900
Mark and Katherine AgreBurnsville3121 Chandler Court$540,000
David and Kathryn KadlecMendota360 St.$535,000
Richard William and Amanda Cecilia ByrneLakeville16486 Endeavor Court$531,000
David Thomas and Tracy Lyn Funt CaponigriHastings1361 Eagle Bluff Circle$530,000
Karl and Jean HajnyEagan4529 Oak Pond Circle$530,000
Adam C. SchumacherHastings1305 Eagle Bluff Drive$530,000
Courtney Renee Brainard Dean Michael and Thomas Niemiec Dean MichaelEagan660 Crimson Leaf Trail$530,000
Matthew and Kari Lynn OlsonApple Valley12138 Gantry Lane$527,500
Todd and Stephanie FredricksonBurnsville10808 Clifton Ave.$525,000
Joyce ChellbergLakeville20737 Hartford Way$525,000
Nicholas and Kristen SchinlerRosemount13532 Birchwood Ave.$520,000
Stephanie Rouse and Dorn EgleyBurnsville15001 Keller Lake Drive$515,000
Ryan R. McNaughton and Alissa A. SchroederInver Grove Heights8643 Cole Court$510,000
Lori Jean Knosalla and Benjamin Beshoar GosackMendota Heights610 Maple Park Drive$510,000
Tonyewonya Guidiglo and Essowe TonouApple Valley15772 Finch Ave.$510,000
Jonathan PullinFarmington19853 Deerbrooke Path$506,000
Michael John and Allison Rose BeckerEureka Center26480 Galaxie Ave.$503,900
Jonathan and Megan HuebnerInver Grove Heights7239 Baldwin Ave.$502,000
Sfr Acquisitions 2 LLCRosemount13818 Autumnwood Ave.$500,000
Omar Mohammad AzamyLakeville10178 173rd St.$500,000
Sfr Acquisitions 2 LLCBurnsville1608 Viewcrest Circle$500,000
Dmc ManagementEagan576 Michigan Court$492,000
Christopher CaseyLakeville17586 Hibiscus Ave.$490,000
Natalie and Nikita KlochanFarmington3054 224th St.$486,500
Debra Ann and Seth Andrew KoslowskiLakeville16478 Fairgreen Ave.$486,440
Elizabeth Ann Nulty and Michael John Biskupski Jr.Burnsville2309 Connelly Circle$480,000
Matthew D. and Krystal M. OrttHastings702 Greten Lane$471,000
Sara E. Gibbs and Marvin A. Gibbs IILakeville16247 Fallbrook Drive$470,000
Wendel and Bridget DsouzaBurnsville12650 Country View Lane$470,000
Merne C McCarronApple Valley14474 Holiday Court$470,000
Yared Berta and Selam BekeleRosemount3900 144th St.$470,000
Justin Seifert and Kyle LohmanInver Grove Heights7295 Bester Ave.$467,000
Anthony and Kristen LenoirInver Grove Heights8450 Ann Marie Trail$465,000
Patrick B. Mathwig and Shaoyuan TanLakeville16350 Hudson Ave.$465,000
Melissa Renae Harland and Michael Cain IIIWest St. Paul1301 Cherokee Ave.$465,000
Miramac Properties Inc.Burnsville10676 McCool Drive$462,000
David J. and Linda BoysApple Valley13252 Huntington Terrace$461,000
Gregory Paul and Pamela Joan NordhougenEagan4247 Beaver Dam Road$460,000
James and Melissa Salmon EtieBurnsville15609 Fremont Ave.$460,000
Bryn Harrison and Sarah Marie ChyzykApple Valley8312 140th St. Court$460,000
Erica E. and Benjamin R. MonaghanLakeville17027 Galleon Circle$460,000
Bradley JohnsonEagan1674 Oakbrooke Way$457,000
Irene Kemumto MarenyaLakeville9414 212th St.$455,000
Ryan ClaussenApple Valley12880 Foliage Ave.$450,000
Catima Valentina and Stephanie WilsonEagan2065 Kings Road$450,000
Sfr Acquisitions 2 LLCApple Valley13004 Eveleth Ave.$450,000
Erin and Daniel HokansonRosemount14038 Dartmouth Path$450,000
Hiwot AbrhaEagan4114 Pennsylvania Ave.$450,000
Scott Ryan Olson and Alison Mangine PyeLakeville10270 Oak Shore Drive$450,000
Peter Tracy and Kasey MeyerFarmington18074 Exeter Place$447,500
Joshua and Samantha MathiowetzBurnsville1305 Rushmore Crescent$446,000
Pedro A. Menendez Perdomo and Silvia M. Santamaria SalgueroInver Grove Heights7109 Bovey Ave.$445,000
Timothy Paulus and Scott SeskerRosemount15410 Darjeeling Path$445,000
Matthew W. and Lindsay K. BurrMendota Heights549 Hiawatha Ave.$444,000

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