Ramsey County had a median home sale price of $305,000 in April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Ramsey County in April 2022, according to BlockShopper.com.

In April 2022, there were 489 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $305,000 in Ramsey County.

Top 100 home sales in Ramsey County for April 2022
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
Ninth Avenue Industrial LLCNew Brighton100 Ninth Ave.$7,125,000
781 Vandalia LLCSt. Paul1415 Lorient St.$5,650,000
Marshall Ave 12 LLCSt. Paul708 Marshall Ave.$2,050,000
1000 James Apartments LLCSt. Paul1074 James Ave.$1,910,000
Aileen GuineySt. Paul1 Edgcumbe Place$1,650,000
Natalia CossackWhite Bear Lake2375 South Shore Blvd.$1,600,000
Rosen and Larissa DimitrovNorth Oaks2 Lawton Lane$1,424,500
Iron Range Holdings LLCSt. Paul1029 Raymond Ave.$1,320,000
Braves Investment Group LLCSt. Paul1699 Selby Ave.$1,300,000
Kristopher and Kasey BirchWhite Bear Lake4324 Cottage Park Road$1,300,000
Dan and Andrea PitzlArden Hills3262 Katie Lane$1,257,898
Benjamin Kloesel and Clare McCormickNorth Oaks12 Scotch Pine Road$1,125,000
Luis Anthony Ottley and Carrie Frances EaglesSt. Paul1746 Pinehurst Ave.$1,055,000
Misha Dashevsky and Cristina Sophia AlbottSt. Paul839 Fairmount Ave.$1,050,000
Matthew Brian Arndt and Krista Marie NewmanNew Brighton2641 Wexford Court$867,531
Red Trees Properties LLCSt. Paul1841 Laurel Ave.$850,000
Bryan Kennedy and Elizabeth GilbertsonSt. Paul590 Laurel Ave.$805,003
Sean P. and Camille P. McVenesShoreview4462 Snail Lake Blvd.$790,000
Paul Sewald and Daniel SchneiderSt. Paul747 Laurel Ave.$784,238
Things to Come LLCSt. Paul2100 Marshall Ave.$780,000
William Andrew and Mary Halverson WaldoSt. Paul2244 Sargent Ave.$750,000
Donna Roles and Terence D NeavinSt. Paul80 Western Ave. 310$730,000
Lars AndersonArden Hills1268 Amble Road$718,500
1911 Rice Street Partners LLCRoseville1911 Rice St.$705,000
Tyler Dallas and Cambria Paige BoldSt. Paul825 Fairmount Ave.$680,000
Two Elks LLCSt. Paul1858 Selby Ave.$660,000
Andrew Philip Tasi and Salena Maria KravikSt. Paul625 Dayton Ave. 10$651,000
Matthew R. and Jack Anthony MichelSt. Paul1885 Portland Ave.$650,000
Kayla McGrady and Robert BensonSt. Paul501 Holly Ave.$650,000
Jennifer L. JohnsonSt. Paul2155 Selby Ave.$645,000
Daniel Cahill and Gwen SchwebelSt. Paul546 Holly Ave.$645,000
Lyle Astry and Emily RicksonSt. Paul451 Selby Ave.$640,000
Susan ToewsRoseville3015 Owasso Blvd.$630,000
4 G Realty LLCSt. Paul935 Case Ave.$620,000
Mark A. and Kathleen F. HiattSt. Paul1829 Goodrich Ave.$610,000
John Jerome and Jessica Elise DemayMaplewood1211 Century Ave.$610,000
Jillian Lynn Trieff and John WallerSt. Paul1956 Berkeley Ave.$608,000
Patiagory Properties LLCSt. Paul1195 Seventh St.$600,000
William HeimSt. Paul1025 Fairview Ave.$600,000
Mary R. and David G. PletscherArden Hills1653 Lakeview Court$595,000
Jacob and Jennifer FlaaVadnais Heights3815 Tessier Trail$590,000
Gregg and Rita AndersonNew Brighton1130 Chelsea Court$579,000
Things to Come LLCSt. Paul353 Wilder St.$575,000
Tyler John and Mechelle BonfeMaplewood914 Bartelmy Lane$565,000
Brad KnutsonSt. Paul111 Lexington Parkway$560,000
Jeremy and Alyssa WrightSt. Paul1004 Ashland Ave.$560,000
Joe PrescottSt. Paul277 Aurora Ave.$560,000
Rebecca and Michael FrontieraSt. Paul1681 Portland Ave.$553,000
Daniel D. and Suzette PioskeSt. Paul1753 Bayard Ave.$550,500
Donald Moschkau and James MayoSt. Paul186 Washington St.$550,000
Benjamin John NaganShoreview4785 Laura Lane$550,000
Ryan F. TremlSt. Paul1277 Highland Parkway$550,000
Tyler and Catheryn BoumaSt. Paul1505 Sargent Ave.$550,000
Lauren Anderson and Benjamin FalkSt. Paul566 Griggs St.$550,000
Nolan Fine and Heather LarsenSt. Paul2185 Eleanor Ave.$541,000
Jonathan Daniel Waldrop and Lauren Bailey SextonSt. Paul1555 Scheffer Ave.$525,000
Greta KnaebleRoseville966 Millwood Ave.$525,000
Robin Denyse BuellFalcon Heights1416 California Ave.$517,000
Sean and Tiffany PhillipsWhite Bear Township4123 Parkridge Drive$515,000
Martha Faust and John RostenSt. Paul2131 Pinehurst Ave.$510,000
Alexandra StraightSt. Paul793 Ashland Ave.$510,000
Spencer Johnson and Brandon MillerRoseville410 S. McCarrons Blvd.$505,000
Charles Carson and Kendra DornfeldBellaire4135 Lakewood Ave.$500,000
Luke Martinkosky and Annalise K FinklerSt. Paul1798 Ford Parkway$496,000
Amita Rahman and Pritesh DebMaplewood506 Marnie St.$495,000
Victoria E. and Ross A. Safford and Marissa and Hope SavariaSt. Paul615 Smith Ave.$491,900
Theresa and Charles StanderSt. Paul657 Fairview Ave.$490,000
Nathan Lee Henry and Mahlet BerhanuWhite Bear Township5840 Meadowview Drive$486,500
Zachariah Fredrick Kirris and Ya-Wen ChanShoreview535 Lake Summit Court$485,000
Lindsey and Tyler AndersonSt. Paul371 Warwick St.$480,000
Katherine Boggess and Nicholas SgarbossaSt. Paul277 Cecelia Place$480,000
Manu Upreti and Divya HomagaiWhite Bear Lake1717 Fair Oaks Drive$470,000
Elizabeth GausmanWhite Bear Lake5261 Pathways Ave.$465,000
Samuel Robert and Mary HjelmSt. Anthony4024 Fordham Drive$461,612
Jessica Hauge and Robert HigginsFalcon Heights1852 Simpson St.$460,000
Brian and Lindsay FalkowskiSt. Paul1362 Wellesley Ave.$460,000
Lisa Mataczynski and Joseph MurraySt. Paul1195 Juno Ave.$460,000
Carlton Folster and Ruth Armstrong-BurrowsSt. Paul1514 Sargent Ave.$458,000
Denise M King and Darrell E BeaufordFalcon Heights1655 Garden Ave.$457,000
Alain and Kara SwansonNew Brighton2200 Greenview Drive$455,000
Laura and Adolfo MacKinnonSt. Paul1378 Wellesley Ave.$455,000
Taylor and Jessica TuomieLittle Canada2947 Valento Lane$455,000
Shagitu RaferaMaplewood2269 Arlington Ave.$451,000
Jonathan RyssSt. Paul74 Wilder St.$450,000
Francisco Barberan Jr. and May BarberanNorth St. Paul2207 Seventh St.$450,000
Lois QuamSt. Paul1644 Hague Ave.$450,000
Cabel ShresthaSt. Paul683 Ferry St.$450,000
Rachel and Sean RobinsonSt. Paul1477 Ashland Ave.$450,000
Jennifer Bernsteen and Markus LangleSt. Paul1058 Linwood Ave.$445,675
Devon BankNew Brighton1365 16th Ave.$440,000
Emily Kathleen SlagleSt. Paul1240 Selby Ave.$435,000
Casey HautalaSt. Paul1338 Birmingham St.$435,000
Brice and Kristin A. BloxhamShoreview569 Kent Court$431,000
Chelsea TrckaSt. Paul1249 Goodrich Ave.$426,000
Lesley Mairin and Robert A. FalkSt. Paul530 Saratoga St.$425,000
Joshua Oluwamuyiwa and Katie Lynn DaramolaNew Brighton1695 Valerie Lane$425,000
Anna E. BosakSt. Paul1715 Bayard Ave.$422,500
Evan W. EsslingerSt. Paul617 Ottawa Ave.$422,000
Yussuf ShafieSt. Paul1714 Sheridan Ave.$422,000
Samuel Hnastchenko and Lindsey SandisonVadnais Heights4445 Greenhaven Drive$420,000

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