Top 100 Des Moines, Iowa home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Des Moines, Iowa in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 414 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $168,250 in Des Moines.

Top 100 home sales in Des Moines for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
McKinley Duplexes LLC4800 Third St.$1,065,000
Adam M. Lackey and Victoria E. Brenton5428 Woodland Ave.$776,000
Nicole Nayima2840 Ridge Road$655,000
Julie A. Hart2841 30th St.$649,900
Jack and Brandy Goldenberg703 51st St.$575,000
Jason A. Peters and Eric S Duncan849 16th St.$458,000
Nelson N. Nwanganga1004 Kingman Circle$454,000
Shawn J. and Julie T. Kiene3750 Watrous Ave.$409,500
Scott and Michelle Vanwyngarden3536 Brook View Drive$386,500
John and Rebecca McClellan1401 44th St.$375,000
Min Beng and Savoeun Sam3108 Brook View Drive$370,000
Daniel and Minda Kuckuck2625 High St.$369,000
Kesho Scott5711 24th Court$350,000
Marnix Verhofste and Hilde Debruyne1109 26th St.$338,000
Jacob D. Veatch2980 Merced Drive$335,000
Nevin W Radechel1412 41st St.$332,500
Fernando Ahumada Vargas and Nazareth Ruth Zavala4133 25th St.$330,000
Ernst Brun Jr. and Addria Olson923 38th St.$328,000
Valerie Joy Meyer2831 Rutland Ave.$325,000
Harold Robert Delaria4119 Muskogee Ave.$324,500
Tyler M. Hovick3211 48th St.$322,000
Brady Dawley2434 River Meadows Drive$321,850
Alexa A. and Aaron T. Willard3429 Village Run Drive$320,000
Thomas and Sondra Newkirk3707 28th St.$320,000
Megan and Benjamin Sigmund5728 30th St.$312,000
Quinlan Riser1801 38th St.$310,000
Dhk Enterprises LLC4410 54th St.$305,000
Perla Zaragoza5305 31st St.$300,000
Catherine Johnson and Amy Cohen6008 Ronwood Drive$300,000
Logan Derby1120 45th St.$299,900
Michelle Leblanc and Steve Wiseman1500 Crown Colony Court 510$299,000
Eric J. and Alicia R. Knapp619 49th St.$295,000
Marnix Verhofste and Hilde Debruyne1420 Beaver Ave.$292,500
Matthew Haley and Courtney Grove3225 Village Run Drive$289,000
John Goodall4343 34th St.$289,000
Bret and Kindel Larkins1445 41st Place$285,000
Kristin Ackerman3200 Lindlavista Way$285,000
John D. and Sarah E. Lange1636 48th St.$283,000
Mattingly and Meghan Stone4316 41st St.$280,000
Heather Reading1315 44th St.$280,000
Kevin and Breannah Suntken3631 Brook Ridge Court$280,000
Ruben Nieves408 Burnham Ave.$277,900
Dylan T. Bridges5137 Walnut Ridge Drive$275,000
John Lebaube5001 Stream Side Circle$275,000
Dennice Orozco Caserez3024 Deerpath Court$272,500
Khawl Ding Liana and Mal Sawm Sangi4933 Twana Drive$270,000
Daniel Clark3924 Forest Ave.$269,500
Anh Ngoc Huynh3122 Lindlavista Way$267,000
Elisa Marentes and Alejandro Marentes Gonzalez330 51st Place$266,400
Travis Leroy and Allyson Marie Terry2236 Virginia Ave.$265,600
Christina Elaine Brandon and Christopher Donald Walsh2751 Westover Blvd.$265,000
Dessie C Skidmore5612 24th St.$265,000
Paul B. and Michelle and Paul R. George915 Thornton Ave.$264,900
Michael Jay Jones119 Fourth St. 104$264,900
Mary A. Smith Johnson3724 24th Court$264,220
Annie Vongillern and Cole J Mayer1219 42nd St.$263,000
Jorge Basulto and Rosaura Arreola1518 Court Ave.$262,500
Robert J. and Lacy R. Gilliland3916 25th St.$261,000
Francis C. Thurman689 64th St.$261,000
Ben Schultz and Allison R. Martz1002 38th St.$260,000
Jose L. Lopez Martinez334 Broad St.$260,000
Daryl K. and Melissa A. Miller3301 Maish Ave.$258,500
Brian and Rebecca Rundle1912 53rd St.$258,500
Breanne D. and Gregory Barnum4325 Sheridan Ave.$257,500
Michael Skallerud and Bailey Greiner2514 High St.$257,000
Ellen Jayne Bennett400 Walnut St. 1101$255,000
Alexis Parker4114 Ardmore Road$255,000
Alejandro Mora Ruiz and Guadalupe Clemente Huerta5441 26th Court$255,000
Anibal Salguero and Nora N. Catalan Orellana3747 12th St.$254,500
Dustin Welu2420 47th St.$252,500
Wayne A. and Brandi C. Christian Judkins119 Fourth St. 109$250,000
Robert and Caitlin Santoni4924 15th St.$250,000
Scott D Holt2114 Thornton Drive$250,000
John Link and Makenzie Evans3732 34th St.$245,000
Jennifer Lynn and Tyler Dean Roberts4034 39th Place$245,000
Inger Lamb3331 Franklin Ave.$244,000
Blake Ryan McClain and Madison Elizabeth Kathleen Otto2409 33rd St.$241,000
Anna E. and Justin M. Christian2515 Kenway Drive$240,000
Juan Lorenzo Salvadore2638 Walnut St.$239,000
Tri State Ventures Inc.5312 25th St.$237,500
Ashley Stevens2932 48th Place$235,000
Megan R. and David Barajas2812 Cottage Grove Ave.$235,000
Jeffrey Duskin2114 62nd St.$233,900
David R. Cochran and Sadona Mondabough2716 Sheridan Ave.$232,900
Keith and Rebekah Paulsen2324 Beaver Ave.$232,500
Evan Schluetter1308 Broad St.$230,000
James P. and Julie J. Spratt1202 Burnham Ave.$230,000
Kristin Bell and Nancy J. McClimen2527 Glennor Road$230,000
Colin R. and Kelli Findlay4001 Indianapolis Ave.$230,000
Alexandra J Fowler and Jordan J. Bohr3207 Williams St.$230,000
Lee and MacKenzie Hansen1224 Payton Ave.$230,000
Daniel L. and Michelle Lumadue5410 20th St.$229,900
Bryan Johnson4100 Leyden Ave.$228,000
Zachary Andrew Ditsworth and Brianna Poolman3930 50th St.$227,000
Kristen Darlene Wegmann and MacCoy Orlicek Benen3224 12th St.$226,800
Joshua Christopher and Hannah Jane Humphrey4021 North Union St.$225,000
Wk Investments LLC2626 62nd St.$225,000
Elizabeth Lumyar and Ti Mo2807 Francis Drive$225,000
Brandi and Tyler R. Crawford2733 Thompson Ave.$225,000
Rigoberto Gonzalez Reynoso4430 Park Lawn Drive$225,000

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