Top 100 Santa Rosa, California home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Santa Rosa, California in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 220 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $700,500 in Santa Rosa.

Top 100 home sales in Santa Rosa for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
D Street Apartments LP and Woodcreek Apartments LP2312 Donahue Ave.$2,950,000
Ashley Elisabeth Wagner3515 Hanover Place$2,270,000
Jeti Ventures LLC1575 Yulupa Ave.$2,208,000
Brandon Robert Blevans6011 Melita Place$1,995,000
Tahia M. and Ron S. Rubin3752 Fox Place$1,950,000
Ock Hong Kyoo and James M. Kim Hong Kyoo2005 Bluesage Court$1,875,000
Louisa S. Henry (trustee), Arthur Henry Jr. (trustee) and Henry Family Trust5759 Trailwood Drive$1,800,000
Gregory Michael and Jennifer Mary Medici411 Countryside Circle$1,775,000
Charles J. Kassis (trustee), Elizabeth C. Kassis (trustee) and Kassis Charles J. and Elizabeth C. 2014 (trust)3766 Paxton Place$1,650,000
Noriega Brandy A. Box and Miguel Noriega Jr.903 Spring St.$1,650,000
Scott P. Holder (trustee), Patricia Barnes Holder (trustee) and Holder 2003 (revocable living trust)983 Slate Drive$1,600,000
Annette Mary O'Neill903 Sonoma Ave.$1,575,000
Ryan and Ann Brown1581 Mystic Place$1,550,000
Tiffany Brown910 Spring St.$1,510,000
Lyndsay Jane Devore1270 Slater St.$1,500,000
Darin E. and Kelly M. Brandt2457 San Miguel Ave.$1,475,000
Richard D. Navarro (trustee), Navarro Richard D. and Renee M. 2005 (revocable living trust) and Renee M. Navarro (trustee)1350 White Oak Drive$1,475,000
Richard Ary1972 Gardenview Circle$1,425,000
Sabrina Kidd and Mark Mapili159 Yulupa Circle$1,381,000
Jon E. Okholm (trustee), Lorri G. Okholm (trustee) and Okholm Family (revocable trust)400 Oak Place$1,362,000
Thomas L. and Victoria C. Gaeta1335 Los Olivos Road$1,340,000
Ronald P. Arrington (trustee), Deidre J. Arrington (trustee) and Arrington Family Trust5085 Newanga Ave.$1,305,000
Jeffrey and Clemence Spita4068 Angeline Court$1,300,000
A. Paula U. Updegraff (trustee), Updegraff Family Trust and Michael L. Updegraff (trustee)1893 Fumay Drive$1,270,000
Robert Glenn Swaigen4712 Hillsboro Circle$1,270,000
Eugene G. Field (trustee), Victoria Field (trustee) and Eugene and Victoria Field (living trust)444 Crestridge Place$1,200,000
David Guhin and Victoria Fleming1702 Austin Way$1,125,000
Paul W. Nuss (trustee), Sonia Phelps Nuss (trustee) and Paul W. and Sonia Phelps Nuss (revocable trust)4613 Morris Court$1,100,000
Bill Allen Hedgpeth (trustee), Sandra Sue Hedgpeth (trustee) and Hedgpeth Family Trust6395 Pine Drive$1,090,000
Christopher Adams and Sierra Friedman5051 Boulder Lane$1,085,000
Daniel and Nicole Canellos2294 Bodie St.$1,060,000
Leonard K. and Andrea L. Beatie2326 Parkwood Court$1,050,000
Daniel S. Weiss3864 Crestview Drive$1,040,000
Robert G. Karcher (trustee), Catherine P. Karcher (trustee) and Karcher Family (revocable trust)3520 Heimbucher Way$1,040,000
Myers Morgen Christina Munoz6347 Pine Drive$1,025,000
Suan Kubanis (trustee) and Susan Kubanis (living trust)8887 Oakmont Drive$1,005,000
Christopherson Properties Northern California LLC2929 Hartley Drive$1,001,000
Kevin and Alicia Perry4502 Byrne Court$1,000,000
Stephen N. Stolley (trustee) and Stephen N. Stolley (trust)8 Oak Shadow Place$1,000,000
Thomas Keating2053 Rolling Drive$981,822
Jordan W. and Julie A. Rudy5259 Beaumont Way$980,000
Craig and Neicha Whalen2042 Terrace Way$959,000
Sarah Kerlow, Robert Rucker and Bonnie Patricia Peplow2513 Tamarisk Drive$950,000
Henry and Gail Marie Johnson Hom2151 Nyla Place$950,000
Steven Jerrold and Kacy Ane Fowler1836 Lornadell Lane$950,000
Harry Hayward and Kimberly Jacobs173 Mountain Place$925,000
Patrick Pedersen5511 Monte Verde Drive$925,000
Jeffrey Bastoni and Samuel Stavros4770 Stonehedge Drive$920,000
Zachary H. Smith (trustee), Benton Smith Family Trust and Ashile Page Benton (trustee)1114 Silva Ave.$920,000
Jacqueline McEvoy (trustee) and Jacqueline McEvoy (revocable living trust)7801 Oakmont Drive$915,000
Mohammed Islam1611 Peppergrass St.$900,000
Gregory A. Gossage (trustee), Leslie A. Gossage (trustee) and Gregory Alan and Leslie Ann Gossage (revocable living trust)313 Miramonte Place$885,000
David J. and Theresa A. Rodriguez2433 Melbrook Way$875,000
Patricia A. and Willis James Coleman8882 Oak Drive$875,000
James W. and Yuma D. Argo5972 Yerba Buena Road$872,000
Aaron Robert and Leah Elrod1932 Sansone Drive$860,000
Kian John and Marilyn Sargent3585 Sleepy Drive$850,000
Maria Guadalupe Arteaga and Cristobal Valencia965 Stony Road$850,000
Carolyn Jean Bauman and Michael Wilson Doane5445 Bader Road$849,000
Rafael Martinez Estrada677 Connie St.$847,000
Clifford Potts (trustee), Jeffrey Ulm (trustee) and Ulm Potts (revocable trust)7140 Fairfield Drive$835,000
Gerald F. Herold (trustee) and Herold Gerald F. and Nadine L. 2011 (trust)4352 Brookshire Circle$830,000
Justin and Alisa Williams2317 Dancing Penny Way$830,000
Mack David Kekoanui261 Gambrel Circle$828,822
Nicholas Stefano Rescina3536 Leete Ave.$825,000
Neha Shrestha Hada and Omkar and Shahil Shrestha1925 Velvetleaf Lane$825,000
Cynthia H Desomery3134 Spring Drive$820,000
Joseph K. and Trisha D. Allen2969 Tuxedo Place$815,000
Jason Edward Storey and Sean LI Storey2097 Stonefield Lane$810,000
Isaak Willett and Mallory Grieve2061 Woodside Drive$810,000
Tessa L Mila5830 Yerba Buena Road$810,000
Paul A. and Jacqueline E. Anderson255 Gambrel Circle$806,822
Omar and Danielle Tannehill2345 Hood Court$800,000
Paul and Ruth Elaine West7564 Oak Leaf Drive$800,000
Raghavender and Spandana Cherukumilli Sridhara2433 Appletree Drive$800,000
Alicia Marie and Mark Mathisen Miller2421 Teak Court$800,000
Tola Magee2207 Ironbark Drive$790,000
Adam and Sarah Domenick1228 Comalli St.$790,000
Philippe H. Beaubois (trustee), Katheryne L. Beaubois (trustee) and Beaubois Family Trust7206 Fairfield Drive$785,000
Nicole Liane Matcha and Jeffrey Mark Van Slyke334 Richmond Drive$780,000
Nickolus and Natalie Bautista2318 Parkwood Court$780,000
Martin Patrick and James K. and Sharon Granados Cronin257 Gambrel Circle$776,822
Sebastian and Riley Constance Hill Martinez1958 Robinson Lane$775,822
Nora Clare and Robert Alan Albright1845 Woodsage Way$775,000
Bana Solomon1759 Windrose Lane$775,000
Matthew Arnold1855 Tisserand Drive$766,000
Julianne McFarlin3044 Sonoma Ave.$766,000
Jonah M. and Ann D. Leason712 Louisa Drive$765,000
Ferenc Christian Schulz and Kaitlyn Rose Fritts2870 Bighorn Sheep St.$765,000
Jast Ventures LLC4104 Rainier Ave.$754,000
Robyn D. Bramhall (trustee), Ellen M. Silver (trustee) and Bramhall and Silver 2012 Family Trust653 Church St.$751,000
Wright Katherine Esther Family Trust and Katherine E. Wright (trustee)158 Valley Drive$750,000
Elizabeth H. Vega (trustee) and Vega Elizabeth Family Trust2808 Sonoma Ave.$750,000
Lorcan and Carol L. Mathews433 Oak Ave.$750,000
Lorcan and Carol L. Mathews2545 Julie Court$750,000
Karen H Bergman1607 Peppergrass St.$750,000
Daniel and Rachel Shelton213 Lacrosse Ave.$750,000
Margot Kathryn Brown and Forrest Scott Martin1121 Slater St.$750,000
Romy Pilar and Erik Karl Jacobson2426 Teak Court$750,000
Pramod Karki and Bishu Rai1941 Citrine Way$735,000

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