Top 100 Milwaukee, Wisconsin home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Milwaukee, Wisconsin in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 1,310 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $135,000 in Milwaukee.

Top 100 home sales in Milwaukee for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Fountainhead Contracting LLC8113 Townsend St.$5,575,000
MK3 Holdings LLC5101 Lincoln Ave.$3,850,000
Carolyn Wood3213 Cramer St.$3,542,000
Izzat LLC2735 Murray Ave.$3,400,000
Youssef Berrada10295 Fond Du Lac Ave.$2,764,300
Berrada Properties 95 LLC5159 85th St.$2,764,300
Berrada Properties 95 LLC2727 13th St.$2,250,000
Bit Properties LLC1436 Kilbourn Ave.$1,733,000
Khalaf Real Estate LLC3909 20th St.$1,500,000
David C. Kuehl2433 Wahl Ave.$1,437,000
3959 N 19TH LLC3959 19th Place$1,380,000
Andrew J. Schneider Trust Dated January 19, 20093026 Marietta Ave.$1,250,000
Bwb Amherst Properties LLC3226 Wisconsin Ave.$1,190,000
The Lagrant Family Trust Dated July 21, 20141141 Old World Third St. 2801$1,100,000
Michael Vitucci3045 Oakland Ave.$1,092,000
Elm Holdings 6 LLC2920 Highland Blvd.$1,046,512
Kinzie Highland LLC2920 Highland Blvd.$1,046,512
Kinzie Highland LLC2920 Highland Blvd.$1,046,512
Mdk East Side LLC2456 Cramer St.$1,040,000
David L. Bourne541 Erie St. 416$1,007,500
Berrada Properties 93 LLC10295 Fond Du Lac Ave.$1,000,000
Humbled Hands LLC1714 15th St.$1,000,000
Berrada Properties 98 LLC10201 Congress St.$1,000,000
Elm Holdings 7 LLC1143 29th St.$981,105
Kinzie Highland LLC1143 29th St.$981,105
Kinzie Highland LLC1143 29th St.$981,105
Joshua Laterman2929 Edgewood Ave.$959,800
Robert L. and Susan F. Mikulay777 Prospect Ave. 402$950,000
Mibato LLC1425 Prospect Ave.$875,000
Stepow LLC1690 Marshall St.$857,500
Eugene Braaksma236 Water St. 3$829,900
Paul J. Alexander2042 Lafayette Place$800,000
1933 E Oklahoma Ave LLC1933 Oklahoma Ave.$775,000
Richard Gordon102 Water St. 701$750,000
Seeley Coventure LLC1302 Seeley St.$700,000
Zachary F. Rosen1313 Franklin Place 903$685,000
Kinzie Highland LLC3345 Highland Blvd.$666,805
Stuart Grazier4729 20th St.$665,850
Storehouse Capital LLC4873 40th St.$665,850
Abbigail M. Hampton2719 Farwell Ave.$645,000
Elm Holdings 5 LLC3345 Highland Blvd.$627,962
Kinzie Highland LLC3345 Highland Blvd.$627,962
Judith Schubert1017 Lyon St.$627,000
MacAire Hasler3086 Superior St.$619,064
Michael Fendrich3062 Newport Court$619,000
The Javey Group LLC7731 Hampton Ave.$595,900
Jeffrey D. Schwartz1522 Prospect Ave. 1106$595,372
Jeffrey Schwartz Living Trust, Dated January 27, 20221522 Prospect Ave. 1106$595,372
Mdes Royall LLC1517 Royall Place$575,000
Abdulrehman Siddiqui and Anoushka Syed301 Reservoir Ave. 3$550,000
Nephventures Capital LLC1857 Pulaski St.$550,000
Berrada Properties 98 LLC6401 Keefe Ave. Parkway$535,000
Chris Stauffer10112 Sharon Lane$530,000
Matthew Bruno210 Water St. 520$505,000
Vb One LLC4774 31st St.$499,500
Ann Pieper Eisenbrown3073 Shepard Ave.$496,300
Sandra Green and Geoffrey Lamb2201 Terrace Ave.$485,000
Bonnie McKendry1539 Cass St.$485,000
William Robison2024 Fratney St.$480,000
Lillian S. and William G. Mobley3040 Superior St.$475,000
Bronwen E. Shaw3061 Newport Court$470,150
Izhaarbir Singh Bains7305 Cassie Ave.$467,000
Bwb Greenwood LLC3042 Palmer St.$462,000
Peter Kessel1735 Warren Ave.$460,000
Susan La Budde2581 Terrace Ave.$459,900
Bernadette A. Demuri-Maletic730 Plankinton Ave. 4C$459,900
Cream City Lofts LLC1228 Madison St.$457,500
Nathan J. Oesch5018 Wisconsin Ave.$455,000
Jarrid J. Hoeppner2762 Oakland Ave.$445,000
Dani Jaye Merar1962 Commerce St.$445,000
Daria J. Aitken and Adam J. Siegel3279 New York Ave.$444,000
Robert W. and Jodie L. Bragg545 Wells St. 403$440,000
Lander Homes LLC3241 Bartlett Ave.$434,000
Christine D. Powell Revocable Trust Dated April 20, 2022, and Her Successor Trustees Named Therein1313 Franklin Place 1402$432,728
Luke Shewchuk3234 Oakland Ave.$430,000
TLJ Investments LLC1660 Prospect Ave. 1009$428,870
Sweet Home Milwaukee LLC5804 Teutonia Ave.$418,000
Alla, Fathiya and Malak Alhato8417 111th St.$415,000
Christina Yen Fen Ho Revocable Trust and Joseph Canciller Apostol Revocable Trust606 Wisconsin Ave. 1301$400,000
Berrada Properties 95 LLC4180 53rd St.$400,000
Lee E. Beckius2723 Frederick Ave.$400,000
Annie Grace Diaz3158 Pine Ave.$395,000
Kevin and Carrie Schiebenes3180 86th St.$394,000
Daniel R. and Kyle A. Mericle112 Vine St.$390,000
Charles V. Cox314 Lincoln Ave.$390,000
Brittany Henderson3794 Centennial Circle$389,000
Skyler Platte3468 Bartlett Ave.$382,000
Anne Hosinski132 Reservoir Ave.$380,000
Cheng Vang4664 76th St.$380,000
Aleiah Brown4163 91st St.$377,000
Andrew T. Oleniczak106 Seeboth St. 614$375,000
Beau M. Brantner324 Wilson St.$375,000
Happy Homestays LLC514 Sixth St.$374,000
Amanda Rohde4235 Pine Ave.$370,000
Lori A. Paradise9501 Morgan Ave.$365,000
Blake I. Anderson516 Sixth St.$362,000
Tegan Andrews3712 Austin St.$360,000
Carrie Ekey1902 Commerce St. 209$360,000
Ian D. Markolf2437 Howell Ave.$358,000
Peng Ling and Thuang Kip Thang3300 89th St.$356,000

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