Top 50 Quincy, Illinois home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Quincy, Illinois in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 63 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $124,000 in Quincy.

Top 50 home sales in Quincy for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Karthyn L Awerkamp and Lisa M Farrell2627 Curved Creek Road$294,000
Eric P Conover1935 Wilmar Drive$279,000
Nicholas L. Weiman and Gabrielle Wiley2644 Manor Hill Drive$265,000
Tyler J. and Magan C. Hall705 Meadow Lark Drive$265,000
Forrest N. and Patricia L. Olson1021 Christopher Court$249,500
Theodore Phillip Johnson II822 Cheshire Blvd.$237,000
Brian and Katherine Canfield321 23rd St.$232,000
Donald F. and Kathleen D. McCaughey4939 Lake View Drive$210,000
Lee T. and Anne B. Fields2114 Payson Ave.$190,000
Katherine A. Oconnoe330 23rd St.$188,000
John W. and Lori W. Metz418 22nd St.$185,000
Philip and Jacqueline Downey913 Summit Drive$181,000
Eric and Alexandra Sue Gauer1208 28th St.$180,000
James E. and Joyce M. Schmidt4014 Pine Ridge Drive$180,000
Christopher M. and Katherine J. Droege2121 Jefferson St.$175,000
Haley J Herman1431 Ohio St.$171,000
Tanner P Stratton1500 Locust St.$162,000
Sandra L. Root (trust)2415 Sterling Ave.$160,000
James M. and Margaret J. Aschemann2030 Elm St.$157,000
Phillip H. Fischer635 13th St.$155,000
James A. Briscoe and Whitney J Allerheiligen1704 Adams St.$144,000
Gary G. and Deborah K. Viar1023 22nd St.$140,000
Anthony Craig and Maria Ann Spilker3208 College Ave.$139,500
Margie Lou Roland1936 Washington St.$136,000
David Del Castillo and Melanie Raye Del Castillo Coronado3007 Riverside Terrace$135,000
Oh Good LLC1843 Spring St.$135,000
Paul Murfin, Paul and Tracie J Murfin Revocab623 25th St.$135,000
Jon and Cynthia Lynn Dehart2041 Lind St.$132,500
Andrew L. Peter and Emily E. Hasbrouck809 22nd St.$130,000
Quinton D. and Emily C. Ewing816 14th St.$130,000
Gerard Klostermann505 23rd St.$125,000
Jayme N Peacock1867 Kentucky St.$124,000
Swick Property Management LLP608 22nd St.$120,000
Amanda R. Rush607 21st St.$116,000
Kacey N Sonethongkham1225 Elm St.$115,000
Frances Matthes1237 12th St.$115,000
Nikkole Conway1601 Center Granview Drive$113,000
Aaron A. Smith1718 Jefferson St.$113,000
Brandi Griswold3514 Melodie Lane$108,000
Grant P Carper2024 Monroe St.$108,000
Isaacks Wells LLC718 Kentucky St.$105,000
Jamie Holloway927 Sycamore St.$100,000
Julie A. Plattner2036 Van Buren St.$94,500
Daniel and Stephanie Neiswender620 16th St.$93,500
Lisa D Cowman715 13th St.$90,500
Russell E. Cooper1101 20th St.$89,000
Alec and Kaitlin Prindle3506 Melodie Lane$86,500
Jswinter LLC218 10th St.$85,000
Cynthia D Eddy2500 Cedar St.$85,000
Chicory Properties LLC1301 College Ave.$85,000

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