Top 100 Decatur, Illinois home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Decatur, Illinois in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 123 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $101,000 in Decatur.

Top 100 home sales in Decatur for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Rock It Properties I LLC941 Cantrell St.$975,000
Jason and Wendy Stevens1 Powers Lane$360,000
Donald D. II and Therese Janice Mulch4201 Center St.$350,000
Alicia Singer1170 Woodridge Court$335,000
Cns Properties LLC1553 Walnut Grove Ave.$300,000
George Edward Day IV (trustee), George Edward IV and Linda Snell Day (trust) (trust) and Linda Snell Day (trustee)2930 Augusta Ave.$260,000
Cartus Financial Corp.4744 Redbud Court$231,000
Manuel J. Melendez and Tanya N Nachreiner4744 Redbud Court$231,000
Carol S Reed2265 Franzy Drive$230,000
Jordan R. and Rikki J. Parker6 Millikin Place$225,000
Cns Properties LLC654 Grand Ave.$219,900
Mark A. and Jeannette M. Jackson982 Karen Drive$205,900
David A. Kinney79 Allen Bend Drive$204,500
Leslie William and Bridget Lynne Good3209 Fields Court$200,000
Marino. John Jay and Laura Lynn Marino434 Shadow Lane$195,000
Tyra Powell and Deon Jackson2594 Nantucket Drive$195,000
Richard Lester607 Arbor Drive$188,000
Matthew J. Tangney1737 Burning Tree Drive$180,000
Stephen Kiel3220 Fields Court$177,500
Horantae E Turner550 Excelsior Road$177,000
James L. and Janice D. Ryan1123 Buckeye Lane$174,000
Kelli A. Iversen1433 Lake Shore Drive$172,500
Melissa and Joshua Hendricks1540 William St.$170,000
Efrain Lobano4626 Wisteria Court$166,700
Paula R Rice and Chenna Madison3990 Northbrook Drive$163,000
Garrett Kartsen2150 Melrose Drive$161,500
Jami Bennett1068 Cornell Drive$155,000
Qiu Ju Yang and Ezequiel Camacho2457 Marquette Court$155,000
Sean and Grace Berisford20 Eighth Drive$152,000
Tye and Laura J. Pemberton104 Cobb Ave.$150,000
Crystal Hall Caruso1902 Hawthorne Drive$143,000
Shane N Burleson and Jessica Kercheval753 Allphin Ave.$139,900
Ashley J. Pike and Jackson Lee Parrish2240 Hoyt Knoll$138,000
Traci Lindsten220 Woodale Ave.$137,500
Marta M Gibbs257 Holiday Drive$136,000
Nancy A. Falk3444 Christine Drive$133,500
Amanda R. Bodine and David Wayne Emrick2136 Dennis Ave.$133,000
Charity Bishop and Patrick Weston McKinney1607 North Port Road$133,000
Amie R Lofton1607 Gregory Ave.$130,000
Sydnee J Harmeier and Tatiana A. Garcia208 Devonshire Road$130,000
Lee A. Sharp and Kayla A. Alderman120 Benton Drive$129,000
Andrew Ian Watt64 Dellwood Drive$126,900
Sara L. Karasch25 Allen Bend Drive$125,000
Malcolm Miller910 Hancock Drive$124,900
Shiquilla Dunbar Williams13 Edgewood Court$122,000
Robin George1337 Taft Ave.$121,000
Timmothy A. and Alison Cummings1399 Provost Ave.$120,000
Bradley L Sweeny171 Karen Drive$120,000
Luz Nereida Rosado2045 Main St.$120,000
Teddi Barnes22 Barclay Court$117,000
Lance T. and Amy B. Patient8 Oakridge Drive$114,900
Samantha Rose Marie Watkins640 Stella Drive$114,000
Alejandro Estevez3347 Leafdale Ave.$110,500
David G. and Marilyn J. Strain4936 Beacon Drive$110,000
David Golden1429 Wood St.$110,000
Zachary T. and Elizabeth J. Stevens3333 Chat Drive$110,000
Nathan S. Allyn and Isabella K. Newingham1797 Barrington Ave.$109,900
Robert L. McCullough Sr. and Jean A. McCullough15 La Salle Drive$105,000
James L. and Rhiannon M. Fox851 Jefferson Drive$104,000
Joshua Chamblin721 Millstream Place$102,900
Jennifer Ryan Dial208 Southampton Drive$102,500
Michael S. Brandt78 Country Club Road$101,000
Juliette Sneed28 Eastmoreland Lane$100,000
Tammera Marie Roberts1748 Ravina Park Road$95,500
Alexander Oakleaf3548 Moundford Ave.$92,500
Joseph and Alyssa Schollmeier117 Ridgeway Drive$91,000
Max Raymond Vincent Trimby108 Grays Lane$90,000
Bailey J Tate and Kamryn G Landreth2680 34th St.$87,000
Jared Ballinger1120 Warren St.$87,000
Julie Dawn Harbarger56 Sundale Drive$85,000
Kautz Properties A LLC2851 Grove Court$85,000
Brittany Phillips2005 Waggoner St.$83,500
Marcos Tonalmitl Bonilla Arenas41 Medial Drive$82,000
Laney J Martin and Talia Mallernee28 Higdon Drive$78,500
Creaths Remodeling LLC273 Prairie St.$76,000
Azmath Wazeer3604 Woodford St.$76,000
Veronica Dixon2817 Cardinal Drive$75,000
Steve Wolter43 Carroll Drive$65,000
Bach Investment Group 535S Westlawn Ave 62522 LLC535 Westlawn Ave.$62,900
Daniel and Sandy L. Stukins3820 Taylor Ave.$60,000
John A. and Twila M. Stukins1425 Fairview Ave.$60,000
Anthony J Kuizinas2335 Wilder Ave.$58,900
Cody M Alderson4318 Greenhill Road$50,000
Robert Thieret421 Woodside Trail$50,000
Nikolaus Gard2248 Water St.$49,500
Chitac Properties LLC703 William St.$46,000
Michael S. Couch4688 Willow Brook Lane$45,000
Solid Rock Holdings LLC3312 Orchard Drive$42,500
David Lee Leggions1778 Garfield Ave.$40,000
Ricky and Rosalynn Bates2041 North St.$38,500
Timothy W Zimmer3970 William St. Road$36,000
Andrew R. Hendrian2041 Main St.$35,000
Bobbi L Askins203 Sylvan Drive$34,000
Kip A. and Clarissa D. Brooks2320 Division St.$30,000
Laundrell D Muex2436 Wood St.$30,000
Misty Lynne Freeman1231 Riverside Ave.$29,000
Robert and Sheila Sangster756 Harrison Ave.$25,300
Cns Properties LLC2035 William St.$25,000
Timothy Wright1091 Oakdale Ave.$25,000
Alvin and Melissa R. Cohen1126 Illinois St.$24,728

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