Top 100 West Allis, Wisconsin home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for West Allis, Wisconsin in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 142 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $175,400 in West Allis.

Top 100 home sales in West Allis for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Fountainhead Contracting LLC1944 70th St.$905,000
Eduardo M. Munoz12011 Arthur Ave.$420,000
Blake D. Foster2518 95th St.$375,000
Randy Soudah and Shireen Soudah2509 69th St.$320,000
Elizabeth, James Totzke and Hunter Van Asten2456 83rd St.$315,000
Marcus M. Wechselberger724 123rd St.$315,000
Keaton Heeter1031 121st St.$310,000
Raul Rosales II936 92nd St.$295,000
Orhan and Hulya Senel3248 123rd St.$290,000
Joseph Stokes2401 57th St.$286,000
Timothy R. O'Shea2817 103rd St.$275,000
Brent Miller2358 60th St.$272,000
Christopher Adsit1401 59th St.$269,900
Ryan J. and Zoe R. Zamora1930 96th St.$263,000
Brenna Rose and Taylor Richard Schleusner2059 69th St.$262,000
Olivia O'Brien-Mininni (irrevocable trust)900 75th St.$260,000
Alicia K. Bullock8750 Lapham St.$255,000
Christian A. and Kelly A. Chiriboga7324 Bennett Ave.$255,000
David M. Albrecht3314 113th St.$242,700
Zachary Angles2882 103rd St.$240,000
Kimberlee Yencheske2331 66th St.$240,000
Holger Sommerfeld, Deanna L. Sommerfeld, Trustees of the Holger and Deanna Sommerfeld Living Trust, Dated April 7, 202212271 Verona Court$233,100
Amanda and Michael Kosinski2369 81st St.$231,000
Nick Kriesel10610 Rogers St.$231,000
Robert, Knippel Jr.8530 Beloit Road$230,300
Forlando Powell1110 124th St.$230,000
Devan Leistikow1215 74th St.$230,000
Justin Povlick2209 83rd St.$230,000
Renee C. Steinike2828 75th St.$229,000
Moises I. Valazquez2828 75th St.$229,000
Carrie Thomas1522 57th St.$227,700
Benjamin Guagliardo1036 124th St.$226,000
Hunter L. Lein10612 Lincoln Ave.$225,000
Tonia R. Stavedahl2141 83rd St.$225,000
Stephanie A. Maxwell1365 57th St.$225,000
Hunter L. Lien10612 Lincoln Ave.$225,000
Mary Jo Laeuger Mary Jo Szydel-Laeuger (also known as)2724 98th St.$220,000
Angela V. and Erika M. Vienonen2724 98th St.$220,000
Kathleen A. Galioto2629 82nd St.$220,000
David Shackton2000 72nd St.$220,000
Michael Vidmar2175 89th St.$216,000
Amy M. Calhoun1458 85th St.$215,000
R and B Apartments LLC2425 75th St.$215,000
Alexandra Wolf9525 Mitchell St.$214,000
Matthew Cibulka8516 Stuth Ave.$210,000
Kersten Tofte and Cristian Rosales1339 103rd St.$210,000
Amanda and David Kenas1203 57th St.$209,400
Taylor Winter8820 Lapham St.$209,000
Byron Scott2153 58th St.$206,000
Adam McLimans1012 73rd St.$205,000
Steven, Kristen and Colton Brown2886 94th St.$201,000
Nicole Tuuri2565 82nd St.$200,000
Janice M. Eckes2506 78th St.$199,900
Tyler Cummings2255 72nd St.$195,000
Mattson (living trust)11933 Lakefield Drive$194,200
Jeffrey S. Mikula, . Jr. and Kelsey L. Mikula2828 Conger Place$190,000
James J. Kelley6715 Lincoln Ave.$189,000
Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB42327 62nd St.$188,000
Nicholas Hadaway2335 63rd St.$187,500
Karen A. Lipek, Formerly Known as Schermerhorn10522 Oklahoma Ave.$186,800
Katherine M. and David W. Servais5236 Rita Drive$186,000
Chelsea Tegels1306 75th St.$185,000
Thomas J. Westley3131 105th St.$180,000
Guillermo Tapia Olvera1425 88th St.$180,000
Grant Clementi732 103rd St.$180,000
Leo J. Gilpin2859 95th St.$180,000
Joshua J. Pfaffl2132 62nd St.$180,000
Rebecca Hill2947 106th St.$178,000
Timothy A. and Katie M. Frahm1307 88th St.$177,400
Timothy Dudenhoefer1651 79th St.$177,000
Clm One LLC, a Wisconsin LLC2168 59th St.$175,800
Edward G. Roum9705 Rosedale Ave.$175,000
Maureen H. Kalamarz833 98th St.$175,000
Jessica T. and Robert T. Alonso833 98th St.$175,000
Lorraine M. Froemming2156 75th St.$175,000
Ross Bagurdes, Under the Ross Bagurdes (living trust) (trustee)9609 Cleveland Ave.$173,200
Margaret J. Trissel2747 75th St.$172,800
Jordan H. Newman2432 79th St.$170,000
Travis Beuth2187 98th St.$170,000
Jeffrey Wayne Milinkovich6316 Mitchell St.$170,000
Ioannis Skoufis7219 National Ave.$170,000
Federal National Mortgage Association2333 74th St.$169,200
Snowy Pass LLC7219 Walker St.$168,625
Caliber Home Loans Inc.1654 57th St.$167,700
The Secretary of Veterans Affairs1654 57th St.$167,700
John C. Horwath and Natalie J. Horwath Revocable Trust Dated April 18, 20222931 102nd St.$166,700
Emily Olszewski5830 Mineral St.$165,000
Jeanne R. Sires1912 91st St.$164,800
Marilyn A. Kenngott, A. Single Person2466 79th St.$163,600
Marilyn A. Kenngott, Trustee of the Russell M. Kenngott and Marilyn A. Kenngott Revocable Trust, Dated August 25, 20202466 79th St.$163,600
Kayla A. Heiman8526 Montana Ave.$163,100
Daniel Crawford1633 68th St.$162,000
W. Devogel Ventures LLC, a Wisconsin LLC921 57th St.$160,000
Mark S. Debattista9422 Harding Place$159,000
Eric Bajorek1514 57th St.$157,000
Dennis S. Jablonski and Jill C. Jablonski (revocable living trust)2336 73rd St.$154,500
Emily M. Duvall and Marshall K. Caluya6425 Arthur Ave.$151,000
Harry Klesper2203 107th St.$150,200
Scott Klesper2203 107th St.$150,200
Barbara Schmalz1548 79th St.$149,000

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