Top 100 Wauwatosa, Wisconsin home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Wauwatosa, Wisconsin in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 125 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $320,000 in Wauwatosa.

Top 100 home sales in Wauwatosa for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Brian and Sarah Meuler7830 St. Anne Court$615,000
Joseph A. and Amanda M. Camilli1515 Mower Court$581,000
Maura B. Falk2608 91st St.$554,000
Alexandra Scoptur1573 122nd St.$547,000
Matthew Weyer2102 Menomonee River Parkway$532,370
Cynthia and David E. Dwight1743 83rd St.$526,000
Carol and Allen Schwab1723 60th St.$526,000
Jenna Stadler8837 Jackson Park Blvd.$525,000
Matthew Maloof2567 89th St.$525,000
Ryan R. and Courtney Ankenbrandt2369 114th St.$525,000
Justin R. Johnson2015 84th St.$515,000
Nathan L. Westphal661 72nd St.$494,800
The Nathan L. Westphal and Natalie A. Westphal Revocable Living Trust Dated April 20, 2022661 72nd St.$494,800
Christopher Rowland3134 Menomonee River Parkway$484,900
William Robert and Anne Lindell Herndon8301 Meinecke Ave.$480,000
Sandra Ann Valenta7918 Hillcrest Drive$462,500
John Maria and Maria Barnett2121 70th St.$461,000
Gene Alan Erl, Carol J. Erl, Trustees of the Gene Alan and Carol J. Erl Revocable Trust U/a 04/11/20226449 Upper Parkway$453,900
Kevin Barber8220 Brookside Place$451,000
Pamela K. Serleth2340 101st St.$450,000
Ron Kohl9227 Wilson Blvd.$450,000
Peter Wonyoung and Cleo J. Yi2109 85th St.$450,000
Colin and Adalyn Feilbach2117 90th St.$450,000
Daniel James Fisher7133 Wells St.$441,000
Lana Minshew171 89th St.$440,000
Tod J. Poremski654 76th St.$440,000
Adam P. Kessler3073 Fairwood Court$435,000
Halley Shae Backes2342 65th St.$434,000
Stephen M. and Renee M. Waclawski Joint (trust)950 75th St.$433,000
Sarah Rogers2202 63rd St.$426,000
Brett Schneider2447 62nd St.$425,000
Sherri R. Nightingale1290 Martha Washington Drive$417,600
Susan Bisswurm3134 105th St.$415,000
Steven L. Marmer2647 80th St.$411,500
Briana O'Neil2109 67th St.$402,500
Emma Pluim800 114th St.$402,000
Sarah Barber8314 Stickney Ave.$402,000
Joseph and Jennifer Paulus1736 72nd St.$401,200
Catherine Snow2236 Menomonee River Parkway$389,000
Matthew N. Rhodes1841 73rd St.$385,000
Peter Thomas2340 120th St.$376,000
Patrick A. and Selena M. McNeil7817 North Ave.$376,000
Carol Ferraro2104 116th St.$372,000
Heather L. Varady2723 74th St.$366,000
Caroline Shenandoah2656 Lefeber Ave.$365,000
John R. Heimsch8312 Portland Ave.$359,900
Christian W. Casper10445 Stewart Ave.$357,500
Justin Coolidge2815 117th St.$355,000
Jillian M. Versweyveld1938 Ludington Ave.$348,000
Julie A. Rolfs1025 122nd St.$345,000
James Bistolarides2213 65th St.$345,000
Evelyn Johnson Delaney (now known as)2203 106th St.$340,000
Jason Frederick R. and Megan M. Jimenez2203 106th St.$340,000
Scott M. Henderson2115 61st St.$340,000
Jean A. Zachariasen Revocable Trust Dated April 8, 20227340 Portland Ave.$338,600
Claudia Zapata-Gietl and Joseph Gietl4090 111th St.$337,000
Shauna L. Malchine2618 62nd St.$325,000
Skylar M. Fox11107 Hope Ave.$325,000
Demba Mbow9540 Palmetto Ave.$325,000
Ryan D. and Megan J. Miller10624 Grantosa Drive$320,100
Bradley Papineau2525 62nd St.$320,000
Edward Nelson10715 Keefe Ave.$320,000
2525 62ND St Holding LLC2525 62nd St.$320,000
Gary Roux II4565 100th St.$320,000
Marlo Testwuide2508 69th St.$315,000
Cynthia A. Wasrud2540 71st St.$312,000
Rose A. and Jeremy D. Summers2540 71st St.$312,000
Jozef Zwier7813 Eagle St.$309,000
Leon Taquet10237 Feerick Place$303,500
Lisa Bozic10243 Melvina St.$301,000
Kate McChrystal2344 72nd St.$300,000
Todd J. and Amanda J. Welter Revocable Trust Dated April 8, 2022136 87th St.$296,900
Sebastian Jacinto Diaz2530 Lefeber Ave.$296,000
Lamonte Briggs Sr.10612 Michigan St.$294,900
Alexandra Gullion2662 72nd St.$284,000
Rita L. Hyland Revocable Trust Dated April 12, 20222323 91st St.$283,500
Karl Foster2115 114th St.$275,000
Leonard N. Novati4570 101st St.$275,000
The Patricia Anne Caldwell 2017 Trust203 88th St.$273,000
Prairie Vista Properties LLC7137 Milwaukee Ave.$271,100
Katherine Wellman Derus2123 71st St.$270,000
Alexander L. Burford11224 Wisconsin Ave.$268,400
Lillian Zheng511 97th St.$266,000
Samuel C. Sellner2656 63rd St.$264,000
Hillary K. and Kathleen C. Wessels7831 Livingston Ave.$262,000
Connor Douglas Sreenan315 71st St.$260,250
Gerald Sagert2644 86th St.$257,800
Valentina Galeotti3304 107th St.$257,000
Three Brothers Holdings LLC, a Nebraska LLC2622 62nd St.$254,000
Bcsc Properties 2 LLC2405 60th St.$250,000
Michael J. and Alisa A. Stephens2323 88th St.$250,000
Laura Schinner2125 117th St.$250,000
N. Sinno LLC2045 86th St.$242,400
Peter Elliot Wolters7753 Mary Ellen Place$239,300
Michael P. Fitzgerald Revocable Trust Dated April 6, 20221155 Elm Lawn$238,300
Mary Sue Jensen6550 Hillcrest Drive$235,200
Gina C. Foley7324 Bluemound Road$230,800
William P. Gorman353 68th St.$227,800
Joseph F. Campbell (living trust)2228 115th St.$227,600
Richard R. Wagner2534 63rd St.$227,300

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