Top 50 Elyria, Ohio home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Elyria, Ohio in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 77 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $100,000 in Elyria.

Top 50 home sales in Elyria for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Marla Steen807 Washington Ave.$374,900
Amanda Carbone495 Whitman Blvd.$301,500
Jordan A. Kisel and Bridget A. Baker113 Highland Park Drive$290,000
Mischa Muniz and Alex Rodriguez107 Wildwood Place$265,000
Michael A. Holly and Katherine E. Stocker42639 Grandview Drive$250,000
Christina Ashley Bell146 Timberlane Drive$245,000
Angel L Brown424 Auburn St.$240,100
David and Leah Daniels155 Brookvalley Drive$220,000
Blake C. and Kelly Stephenson616 Georgetown Ave.$218,000
Nicholas C. Bommer444 Whitman Blvd.$215,000
Orion MacKin1015 Pasadena Ave.$213,000
Edward R. Rupanovic (trustee) and Edward R. Rupanovic (revocable trust)10611 Indian Hollow Road$210,000
Bradley Allen Lonsway8249 Oberlin Road$206,750
Jeffery L. and Dana C. Capers126 Antioch Drive$194,000
Joshua Osbun801 Salem Ave.$191,000
Destanie Nicole Camarillo and Ryan Michael Gordon213 Naples Drive$188,000
Ashley K. McMahon116 Bears Paw Drive$185,000
Betty Higgins976 Pasadena Ave.$180,000
Jacob A. Mullins117 Bethesda Circle$175,000
Tiffany Glass337 Penfield Ave.$170,000
Maria Mikolanda625 Song Bird St.$167,000
Jennie M. and James W. Upchurch237 Yale Ave.$165,000
Kimberly Mannin and Anthony Watson116 Cornell Ave.$163,000
Steven M Siwierka41833 Rambler Ave.$160,000
Brandon Mesker215 Bellfield Ave.$146,000
Ravin Anderson135 Brace Ave.$143,500
Randy and Kathleen Esser850 Walnut St.$140,000
Chad M Butts745 Stanford Ave.$140,000
US Bank National Association2113 Fowl Road$139,840
Shelly Davidson1837 Abbe Road$130,000
Carrington Mortgage Services LLC417 Carol Lane$129,781
Clifford O. J. and Christopher I. and Buddy J. Baker43167 North Ridge Road$128,000
Walter Maldondo43167 North Ridge Road$128,000
Tessa M Brady328 Boston Ave.$125,000
Weridiana Dacosta and Weridiana Catunda228 Gates Ave.$112,000
Mary Ann Allgood139 Courtland St.$111,500
Brett Jantzen980 Pasadena Ave.$106,000
Quwanda and Alyssa A. Williams829 Jamestown Ave.$105,000
Margaret Murphy219 Hayes Ave.$100,000
Kristina Perry120 Water St.$98,000
Larkin Street Homes LLC620 Foster Ave.$95,000
Joequenda Ivey124 Lafayette St.$95,000
Paraprin Cfc Oh LLC428 Metcalf Road$91,100
Right Path Properties LLC359 Brandtson Ave.$90,000
Jeremy A. Schaffer41868 Edison Court$90,000
Kirk Anthony Boyd and Rahnon Murray411 Ninth St.$90,000
Wayne William Gawlik1263 Bell Ave.$88,870
Daniel Falcon210 14th St.$86,900
Sylvia Bentley130 Denison Ave.$84,000
Shawn James Walker24 Valley Forge Lane$80,000

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