Top 50 Greenfield, Wisconsin home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Greenfield, Wisconsin in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 72 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $199,550 in Greenfield.

Top 50 home sales in Greenfield for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
William Prom, Cynthia Prom as Trustees of the William and Cynthia Prom Joint Trust Dated April 8, 202211955 Barnard Ave.$534,000
Ryan J. Maruszewski and Sandy N. Nguyen12273 Sunset Lane$474,000
Joseph A. Digiorgio III4380 116th St.$472,500
Tara Alfonso11734 Van Beck Ave.$410,000
Joseph Wilkinson4664 110th St.$400,000
Vitomir Trivunovic4071 Mangold Ave.$375,000
Zoriana Telwak5061 69th St.$365,000
Cheryl E. Sydor4472 116th St.$358,900
Sophie O. Jacobs3282 Kimberly Ave.$325,000
Judith A. Psenko4507 117th St.$320,000
James F. Rehagen and Barbara L. Rehagen Revocable Trust, Dtd 04/09/20224006 120th St.$319,400
The Estate of Kathleen A. Nimmer, Deceased11455 Layton Ave.$315,000
Blake Stencel11455 Layton Ave.$315,000
Eric A. Durant8743 Whitaker Ave.$302,000
The Lee F. Reynolds and Jackalyn H. Reynolds Revocable Trust9411 Cold Spring Road$297,700
Linda L. Fraser11935 Beloit Road$286,100
Robert Ross Sr.6260 41st St.$281,000
Mitchell A. Garcia4551 50th St.$272,000
Damiano Quintero Barrett4800 Layton Ave.$265,000
Jessica Fixel6700 Leroy Ave.$262,000
Jose Javier Santiago Morales6319 Armour Ave.$261,000
Cristian E. Garcia Torres11528 Cold Road$260,000
Mohamed H. Elmaki5547 43rd St.$258,000
Randolph R. Mifko and Cynthia L.Mifko Revocable Trust5010 67th St.$254,600
Gary Huven and Breanna Huven3637 51st St.$250,000
Estate of Carl a Soczka4231 104th St.$249,100
Alfredo Fernandez Jr.7116 Allerton Ave.$241,000
Nicolas Costa4421 63rd St.$240,877
Thao T. Vo6505 Allerton Ave.$240,000
Donna M. Wycklendt3720 Alvina Court$225,000
Juan M. Hernandez Martinez Juan Ma Hernandez (also known as)5980 Phillips St.$223,000
Ronald T. Derdowski5175 43rd St.$214,900
WJ Services LLC4246 Barnard Ave.$201,000
Joan B. Bettin5371 Butterfield Way$200,000
Betty M. Wycklendt3720 Alvina Court$200,000
The Daniel R. Flynn and Linda M. Flynn Joint Revocable Living Trust, Under Agreement Dated April 26, 20224762 81st St.$200,000
Carlo W. and Monica L. Micale5423 Leroy Ave.$199,100
Steven L. Berg and Julie L. Berg Family Trust Dated August 3, 20215317 Bottsford Ave.$191,200
Reina Mata3708 35th St.$185,000
Diane Beauchamp4400 47th St.$180,000
Joshua D. Podewils4834 Maple Leaf Circle$180,000
Leah Schmeling5222 Woodbridge Lane$180,000
Paul S. Sobczak4219 66th St.$180,000
Janet S. Cox5280 Somerset Lane$179,000
Gregg H. Lester and Laura P. Lester Revocable Trust, Dated April 13, 20225326 51st St.$175,600
Puffer J. Rein3921 55th St.$171,000
John M. Procarione and Mary B. Procarione Revocable Trust Dated April 18, 20227100 Squire Ave.$170,100
Hugo Avila Lopez3721 34th St.$170,000
Smart Home Solutions LLC4464 61st St.$157,700
Great Lakes Investments of Wisconsin LLC4355 49th St.$155,000

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