Top 50 Blaine, Minnesota home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Blaine, Minnesota in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 82 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $337,600 in Blaine.

Top 50 home sales in Blaine for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Heath and Kristine Kaye Jensen Johnson3485 Rodeo Drive$1,075,000
Ryan J. Thomes11697 Arnold Palmer Drive$900,000
Curtis L. and Sara J. Sell3967 114th Lane$768,777
Leland S. Kleinwachter and Barbara J. Kleinwachter as Trustees of the Trust Agreement of Leland and Barbara Kleinwachter12581 Lexington Ave.$750,000
Jason Chong and Laura Crawley11549 Palisade Court$703,000
Ali Alfureedy2650 Alamo Circle$651,000
Mark and Brock Hargrove12226 Rendova St.$615,000
Alissa J Knutson and Lance G Singrey12248 Fourth Court$600,000
Stephanie L. Brace2113 118th Lane$576,200
Nicole E. and Jigon Kang11838 Alamo St.$550,000
Jennifer J. Thompson3710 131st Ave.$540,000
Awil Yusuf Abdi and Saynab A. Harun12325 Fourth Court$538,000
Oscar Osorio Martinez11755 Arnold Palmer Trail$530,000
Rebecca Lynn and Jacob Richard Rasche2818 Rice Creek Parkway$495,000
Megan Linn Fahy and Nolan Murray West1721 119th Ave.$491,000
Run Ali Muhumed13220 Jenkins St.$476,000
Thy U. Ha and Dang Khoa to2777 88th Lane$435,000
Hiwot M Alston600 129th Lane$429,000
Joseph and Elisabeth Erickson10196 W. Pleasure Creek Parkway$426,000
Janet Wiggins246 101st Court$416,000
Michael Diggins and Haley Nielsen1679 124th Lane$415,000
Robert and Jeanette Martimo12443 Buchanan St.$410,000
Tiffaney Beede and Jared Weinfurtner12655 Goodhue St.$404,000
Codey Bolte10638 Lincoln St.$403,500
Emily Sweet and William Maxfield3861 Edgewood Road$400,000
Laura J. and Brian M. Peterson2951 124th Circle$400,000
Brian and Mary T. King10850 Tyler Court$385,000
Shannon and Andrew Kimmes869 114th Lane$380,000
Andrew and Marissa Hummel2567 91st Ave.$376,000
Tyler and Jaclyn Fischer12756 Taylor St.$375,000
Jonathan and Mallory Stewart1115 98th Ave.$375,000
Manuel Jesus Loja Coyago and Martha Cecilia Paucar680 114th Lane$365,000
Adam and Jane Pack313 107th Ave.$365,000
Xoua H. Xiong and Yemimas Thao8811 Goodhue St.$360,000
Patricia Leese and Daniel Muzzy10163 E. Pleasure Creek Parkway$358,432
Dcd Properties LLC2775 90th Lane$358,000
A. Delaware Statutory Opendoor Property Trust I. (trust)1162 106th Lane$357,900
Benjamin and Kelsey Youngquist2572 91st Lane$352,500
Mai Qer Yang1201 108th Ave.$350,000
Carlos Efrain Cruz Sanchez and Telma Carolina Cruz Portillo9726 Able St.$350,000
Angela Zebell3437 125th Drive, Unit 21$340,200
Phillip D. Swenson and Amber R Klein8722 Jackson St.$335,000
Richard Lee Longnecker and Sheila Kae Longnecker Family Trust10807 Quito St.$335,000
Arlene Santiago759 Paul Parkway$329,000
Cheryl Skarie and Dennis Thayer11425 Baltimore St., Unit D$325,000
Nicholas and Evelyne Hansen12848 Fillmore St.$315,000
Janine Aich and Robert Olson10153 Third St.$315,000
Daniel Allen Zebell2911 Edison St., Unit C$310,000
Diane Wampach11217 Isanti Court$310,000
Eric and Charlotte Countryman9263 Terrace Road$310,000

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