Top 100 Belleville, Illinois home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Belleville, Illinois in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 109 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $133,500 in Belleville.

Top 100 home sales in Belleville for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
James C. and Jennifer M. W. Boyd106 Paddock Road$464,000
Howard L. and Jacquelynne E. Jackson119 Red Fox Road$380,000
Galen and Kristina M. Ritter2231 Arnold Palmer Drive$365,000
James P. and Susan M. McDonough338 Summers Trace Trace$360,000
Sally Mekia33 Pebble Hill Drive$315,000
Annie J. and Andrew M. Schmitz130 Covered Bridge Lane$310,000
Katherine E. and Dawn D. Kellow70 Country Club Place$305,000
Jordan and McKenzie Romick212 Sandwedge Drive$305,000
Lawrence C. Garlit223 Charles St.$293,000
Brandon Gibbons2908 Wye Oak Drive$265,000
Natalie Graham2738 Brookrun Drive$260,000
McKenna L Lalis2940 Harvest Meadow Drive$256,500
Robert Cole2 Lashley Estates Drive$252,001
Michael R. and Christine Williams2874 Brookmeadow Drive$249,000
Stephen D. and Rebecca J. Sullivan10 Hollyhock Lane$235,000
Julia Dang9 Highland Drive$235,000
Christopher Valadez2759 Brookrun Drive$235,000
Lakeesha Graham341 Flagstone Drive$230,001
Logan A. and Rebecca M. Lord1801 Spruce Hill Drive$227,000
Brian A. Collins517 Windrift Drive$227,000
Brandon and Kira Stewart253 River Laurel Drive$223,500
Luke and Hanna H. Swinford133 Berkshire Drive$220,000
Cleo and Tara Davis2613 Commons Parkway$219,000
Daniel C. and Kiley A. Frazier3281 Springbrook Drive$217,250
Berta L Meyer907 Carriage Court$210,000
Melissa and Larry Sparks2547 Wintercreek Drive$210,000
Ethan Suttles34 Hemlock Drive$209,400
Ryan Painter231 Brookmont Drive$205,000
Rachid Ayadi518 Abend St.$200,000
Aaron Courtland and Izah Hughes112 Rivermeade Lane$200,000
Lawrence Midderhoff and Latoya Thomas1525 Progress Lane$196,000
Aaron Hilliard40 Lakewood Drive$194,000
Newt Investments LLC100 70th St.$185,000
Kristen A. and Robert G. Adach15 Commodore Drive$185,000
Teneshia Cozart17 Fenwood Drive$175,000
Jennifer Cahill1500 Potomac Drive$172,000
Triston C. and Shianna R. Johnson117 Williamsburg Drive$170,000
Tabasha A. Holloman4100 Park Drive$168,000
Brydon G Scott and Brydon Groves-Scott121 Dorchester Drive$165,000
James Allmendinger16 Indiana Ave.$161,000
Alyssa Webb and Austin Brown109 Glenview Drive$160,000
Brian J Baker11 Narcissus Drive$155,000
Erica R Frison39 Villa Drive$152,500
Vyacheslav Bordak804 Washington St.$152,500
Myrna S Matthews619 C St.$152,000
Christopher Arterburn1659 Charles St.$150,000
Mariah Tolson4004 Shirley Drive$150,000
Matthew E. Paul6 Chaucer Drive$149,000
Kelly D Beaston1604 Menard Drive$145,000
Mariah K Willett1116 La Salle St.$143,000
Nathan W. and Tangela R. W. Spann and Tangela R Williams-Spann1020 Sixth St.$143,000
Daniel Cortes7644 Westchester Drive$142,000
Jessica N. Liddell305 Lincolnshire Blvd.$140,000
Ashley Hampton1521 Charles St.$137,500
Gladson Brothers LLC126 Indiana Ave.$133,500
Andre Jackson1629 Whitlow Drive$132,000
Rebecca M. Drummond2008 LaSalle St.$132,000
Scott Cooper1255 State St. Road$125,000
LA Habra Compact Disc Inc.627 Monica Drive$124,000
Darrel Sterling Sr. and Monica Sterling660 38th St.$122,000
Ernie L Weber927 Peony Drive$119,900
Brenden Pasterski7506 Melba Lane$118,000
Christopher J. Nier5 Vogue Drive$117,000
Leveling LLC15 Eastwood Drive$115,000
Jared L Kleinik306 75th St.$110,000
Hyp LLC627 Monica Drive$107,000
Op Gold LLC610 D St.$105,000
Jacqueline Barnes2100 Main St.$104,500
Op Gold LLC713 Devonshire Drive$104,000
Brck Properties LLC721 St. Clair Ave.$102,000
William Astle5 Stratford Way Way$100,000
Gilbert Z. Birkner1916 Main St.$99,000
Jennifer Summers226 Eleventh St.$99,000
Brandy Yates1814 Charles St.$96,000
Aaron Wendland and Steven Luckett130 17th St.$95,000
Marilyn K Vise3416 Berwin Green Drive$95,000
Ryan Hengel133 Rosette Drive$90,900
SFR3-050 LLC409 36th St.$89,500
Christy L Harting106 Concord Drive$88,500
Delora A. Climaco703 Centreville Ave.$87,500
Richard Yee145 Freedom Drive$83,208
Madalyn J. and Kent Wegley4204 Erna Drive$81,000
Sarah Smiley1100 Church St.$80,000
Anderson & James Investments Inc.803 Wabash Ave.$80,000
Brian K. and Nancy Johnson24 Eleventh St.$79,000
Ellis Ann Properties LLC905 Moreland Drive$75,000
Erik G Talley309 Kansas Ave.$72,500
Daniel Meredith and Rachel Hunter322 Cleveland Ave.$70,000
James L. Morris410 40th St.$70,000
Float Ahead LLC2402 Frank Scott Parkway West Parkway$68,000
Anderson & James Investments LLC28 14th St.$65,000
Growth Dev LLC409 36th St.$60,000
Lease Up Rentals LLC1412 Belle Ave.$57,900
Andrew Summers118 35th St.$57,000
St. Louis Investments LLC7 Wedgewood Drive$55,000
James M. and Kristina M. Joest818 Mascoutah Ave.$55,000
Robert L. Horvath II1119 Church St.$51,903
Rick and Laura Sims1441 Wabash Ave.$51,000
Growth Dev LLC28 14th St.$45,000
Sasha Villavicencio9918 Olympia Drive$40,500

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