Top 50 Bloomington, Minnesota home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Bloomington, Minnesota in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 65 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $380,000 in Bloomington.

Top 50 home sales in Bloomington for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Ashok and Daria Banerjee1515 98th St.$975,000
Laurence R Gaalaas and Christine A. Schwichtenberg8201 Kingslee Road$875,000
Philip H. and Alexandra J.N. Bowles5333 River Bluff Curve$830,000
Benjamin and Dayna Bassett6806 113th St.$700,000
Michael Victor Olson and Lesley Wilson9355 Hyland Creek Circle$576,000
Christina B Saville7000 Oak Pointe Curve$560,000
Curtis Dubbeldee9214 Fawnridge Circle$555,000
David M. Ellis Jr. and Alyssa Jusczak4809 98th St.$535,000
Devon Bank10629 Brunswick Circle$500,000
David Griffin and Grace Aaze7410 Autumn Chace Drive$495,000
Hugo Leon2309 96th St.$490,000
Marion Virginia Erickson9649 Vincent Ave.$487,000
Ashley Lone and Ryan Hohenstein10258 Cavell Circle$456,000
Erin Henderson8631 Poplar Bridge Curve$455,000
Matthew Vasos and Carly Serie10800 Harrison Ave.$450,000
Thomas and Rebecca Elsberry10321 Decatur Ave.$450,000
Joseph and Molly Rumpza10024 Johnson Circle$440,000
Jacob and Katherine Gonzalez8351 Bush Lake Road$435,000
Saeed Mohamed Fouad Masroujeh8117 Ensign Road$435,000
Barbara Graham8010 Pennsylvania Road$430,000
Randolph R Johnson and Rebecca Elrod7700 84th St. Circle$427,500
Brian Joseph McFadden and Kellen King Abraham5908 104th St.$425,000
Otha Burk and Jennifer Bunday8925 Xerxes Ave.$420,000
Jared Anderson and Morgan Hubers4949 86th St.$420,000
Kayla and Alexander Hull4624 111th St.$420,000
Ian Manion and Ben Fredericks10631 Brunswick Circle$419,900
Gregory and Jessica Palozola8600 Xerxes Ave.$416,500
Garrett and Hannah K. Steiner9917 Brookside Circle$411,000
Edgar Anaya and Gretchen M. Anaya Quiroga11100 Washburn Ave.$401,000
Michael L. and Carol R. Lehr5110 Overlook Drive$400,000
Matthew Hejna and Elizabeth Kistler10736 Washburn Ave.$392,000
Anthony and Tran Swanholm8127 Clinton Ave.$390,500
Pablo A. Pomaquiza9115 Stevens Ave.$380,000
Alasdair and Stephanie McKernan9909 Xerxes Curve$375,000
Vessey Road LLC10500 Vessey Road$375,000
Eric and Constance Fantin11032 Ewing Ave.$375,000
Suzanne and Clint Rasschaert10524 Johnson Road$375,000
Justin Yanisch8333 Stevens Ave.$370,000
Michelle L Pflughoeft and Jared A. Floodman9424 Elliot Ave.$370,000
Julianne Duggan and Patrick Shortridge10822 Xerxes Ave.$365,000
Victor Orlando Perla Escobar and Marisol Aide Ventura8318 16th Ave.$365,000
Enrique Munoz Paramo9212 Bloomington Ave.$360,000
Tyler and Sara Ihmels9000 14th Ave.$350,000
Asim Zenelaj8218 Upton Ave.$335,000
Steven and Julie Lundeen9101 13th Ave.$332,500
Lauren Telander and Donovan Sullivan8138 Aldrich Ave.$326,600
Dylar Breyer and Megan Bur8831 15th Ave.$320,000
Jaime Mejia-Camacho8001 Clinton Ave.$315,000
Katherine M. Harich and Anthony M Wagner8619 Vincent Ave.$300,000
Michelle and Nathaniel Litchy9110 Colfax Ave.$290,000

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