Top 100 Aurora, Colorado home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Aurora, Colorado in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 159 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $495,000 in Aurora.

Top 100 home sales in Aurora for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Brooke E. and Eddie G. Brooks7350 Jackson Gap Way$1,275,000
Frank Cole and Heidi Yahn14077 Bellewood Drive$1,150,000
Lisa and Richard Monahan7660 S. Blackstone Parkway$1,060,000
Conor J. and Jessica A. Neary15397 Saratoga Place$930,000
Purchasing Fund 2020-1 LLC6882 Haleyville Court$926,750
Amanda V. and Derek Gordon Ashmore26942 Ottawa Place$916,000
Steven and Susan Wilson6439 Langdale Way$907,500
David E. and Olga D. Kolva15606 Grand Ave.$895,000
Joe Willis Fields Jr. and Terri Lee Saenz7399 Muscadine Court$833,000
Andrew Taylor and Holly Elizabeth Young6758 Riverwood Way$815,000
Jessica Megan Orwig2405 Lansing Way$775,000
Hazel Bethea Long (living trust)7710 Queensburg Way$760,000
Doss Akuesson and Abravi Sedzro6674 Kellerman Way$730,000
Mike and Neolie Weiler25205 Pinewood Place$728,000
Alexander P. and Nichole B. Smith15252 Hialeah Place$710,000
Mary E. Moore and Richard L. Moore Jr.14310 Bellewood Drive$672,500
Tigist Tewolderhane and Fitwi Woldemariam465 Kewaunee Way$670,000
Alison Benedict, Jeffrey Raymond Brown and Robert Ruhl15708 Grand Ave.$665,000
James and Patricia Farnsworth3816 Ventura St.$665,000
Sfr Acquisitions 2 LLC2456 Oakland Circle$650,000
Hugues Geoffrey Banima and Kaejah Cyan Simmons2352 Sedalia Circle$640,000
Opendoor Property (trust)14938 Wagontrail Place$623,800
Fenny Iskandar and Albert Soesanto2490 Zeno St.$615,388
Suadad Abdulhussein and Gburi Yamamah and Zaidi Ahmed Al17608 Girard Place$615,000
Jason Alan and Katie Lynn Dolinger14667 Wagontrail Place$611,000
Ahmed Ali Zaidan12196 LaSalle Place$608,100
Rstk Denver Owner 1 LP19195 Stanford Drive$600,000
Derrick Johnson17522 Wesley Place$595,000
Riley Webb25574 Fifth Ave.$591,000
Walton Way LLC3906 Kalispell St.$586,600
Land Michael Patrick and Land Stephanie Gonzalez18854 Cornell Ave.$584,250
Marcus Gallegos and Jian Peng9906 Hawaii Place$583,000
James and Karis Meskimen14322 Bellewood Place$580,797
Sfr Acquisitions 2 LLC3166 Ensenada Way$580,000
Basil Suleiman15058 Carolina Place$577,000
Diane and Felipe P. Monreal450 N. Ider Way$575,000
James Edward Barry and Daniel Clark Yates Jr.397 Quentin St.$575,000
Darwin and Will Davis4887 Argonne St.$566,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.19032 Whitaker Place$565,000
Vincent Richard Meyer and Jennifer Danielle Reilly15087 Greenwood Place$565,000
Dwf VI Atlas Sfr-Co LLC18968 Loyola Circle$564,000
Jenay Catanach and Joshua Plank2639 Jebel Way$560,000
Tesfaye Gebreselasie and Netsanet Workeneh13209 Exposition Drive$560,000
Rhiann Dameron and Reuben Watkins556 Racine St.$556,556
Erik J. and Katharine Nicole Landgren17963 Florida Place$555,500
Ashley and Zachary Rozanski17467 Brown Circle$555,000
Robel Mesele Kabtimer1154 Rifle St.$551,000
Christopher Graham11293 Arkansas Ave.$550,000
Accept Holdings and Relocation16774 Villanova Circle$550,000
Mirna V Juarez Bautista1564 Carson St.$550,000
Anawda LI and Jai Nar11817 Atlantic Ave.$546,000
Ang and Theley Sherpa692 Paris St.$545,000
Olivia Avacette Ketron1527 Jamaica St.$545,000
Alexander Lyubomirov4657 Ivory Court$545,000
Zuleika Duhaney996 Ventura Way$540,000
Harold Alberto Ayala and Victor Alberto Ayala Lara325 Wheeling Way$535,000
Stephen A. and Stephen G. Costabile19053 Bates Ave.$535,000
Op Gold LLC1410 Oakland St.$532,000
Amber Arias and Parker Johnson367 Vaughn St.$530,000
Amy Hiett and James Vogel12250 Arkansas Ave.$530,000
Mohammad Abed2819 Helena Way$528,500
Michael Sanchez Contreras II1596 Sedalia St.$527,525
Bhagawati and Laxmi Adhikari358 Ivory Circle$525,000
United Colorado LLC12196 LaSalle Place$525,000
Linh My Tang and Thanh Trinh4586 Fraser Way$525,000
Paul Francis Sauchelli15707 Floyd Ave.$525,000
Karla J McGowan1019 Waco Way$525,000
Ronald and Tammy Oguinn842 Ouray St.$520,000
Dwf VI Atlas Sfr-Co LLC2617 Lewiston St.$520,000
Joshua Keith Hammonds and Kristine Anna Lacek1612 Salida Way$520,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.327 Ivory Circle$514,400
Dwf VI Atlas Sfr Co. LLC1293 Quentin St.$514,000
Dwf VI Atlas Sfr Co. LLC16205 Utah Place$511,000
Ruben Ortiz Mendoza964 Quentin St.$510,000
Preston Ingersoll and Sarai Polk19732 Dartmouth Place$507,000
Joanna Miranda and Marlene Ochoa4815 Pitkin Way$501,000
Sfr Acquisitions 2 LLC2868 Richfield St.$500,000
Rstk Denver Owner 1 LP19805 Greenwood Drive$500,000
Angelo Decarvalho and Cyntia Vieira11543 Kentucky Place$495,000
Dillon J Gamel and Jane L. Stobbs19727 Oxford Drive$495,000
Allan Ian Palmisano1245 Biscay St.$495,000
Christina Diane Gordon and Harrison H Wells2999 Winston St.$490,000
Nikola Markovic and Kristin Wikoff484 Salem St.$490,000
An Nguyen518 Quentin St.$489,900
Opendoor Property Trust I.1110 Salida Way$488,700
United Colorado LLC518 Quentin St.$488,500
Norma Acosta10901 Sixth Place$485,000
Breckenridge Property Fund 2016 LLC3687 Jasper St.$480,000
Melody Ludwig and Randy Snyder4856 Quintero Circle$480,000
Hpa US1 LLC17204 Mansfield Ave.$480,000
Rstk Denver Owner 1 LP18190 Bellewood Drive$479,900
Breanna Kolbe3069 Winston St.$475,000
Irving Ignacio Mendoza Frias427 Vaughn Way$475,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.12958 Louisiana Ave.$472,400
Madeline and Samuel Struck4845 Pitkin Way$471,000
Andrew Brown1536 Norfolk St.$470,000
Hannah Graham and Justin Rodarte19809 Girard Ave.$470,000
Amber Crews and Brian Schmid3094 Fraser St.$470,000
Tasleem Roy15550 Oxford Ave.$469,900
Arthur Charles Curtis and Kaitlin Leigh Florence McIntyre4010 Rifle Way$469,500

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