Scenic Oaks, Texas had a median home valuation of $233,130 of six homes in April 2022

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These are the top six home valuations for Scenic Oaks, Texas in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were six homes sold, with a median home valuation of $233,130 in Scenic Oaks.

Top six home valuations in Scenic Oaks for April 2022
Casey B Canon8107 Midway Depot$289,120
Christian Teachout24311 Haeli Park$263,590
Andrey Vladirmavich and Kristina A. Berezanskiy8227 Midway Depot$233,130
American Financial Network Inc.8227 Midway Depot$233,130
Milenka Bilicich and Jaime E Rueda7912 Midway Depot$207,560
Giovanna Rueda7912 Midway Depot$207,560

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