Top 50 Lombard, Illinois home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Lombard, Illinois in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 57 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $266,000 in Lombard.

Top 50 home sales in Lombard for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Luxica 1 LLC0 St. Charles Road$625,000
Frank La Gambina635 S. Broadway$612,000
Omair and Fathima Farooq547 Joyce Ave.$500,000
Justin and Kristi Sattler44 West Road$452,000
Mark and Jaime Evangelista533 La Londe Ave.$435,000
Nicholas and Monica Ciaccia43 Potomac Ave.$434,000
Calvin Thomas and Lindsey Hanna635 Edson Ave.$431,000
Garrey (trust)135 Edgewood Ave.$412,500
Jonathan M. and Samantha A. Ismond366 Elizabeth St.$410,000
Daniel H. Possley and Taylor N. Ross501 Edgewood Ave.$380,000
Brad Stumphy1455 Fairfield Ave.$352,000
Shawn M Adams and Emma Leigh Woods718 Lodge Lane$341,000
Jose Reyes Nieto0 Washington Ave.$337,000
Daniel Hatch Jr. and Sofia Hatch925 Cherry Lane$335,000
Mark V. Smith and Lindsey L Hauser87 Edgewood Ave.$330,000
Robert and Marta Szacik733 Sunset Ave.$325,000
James G. Gower31 Westmore Ave.$325,000
Jonathon D. and Alyssa N. Lindstrom332 Prairie Ave.$323,000
Michael E. and Christina M. Alsip1416 Fairfield Ave.$320,000
Scott Honig414 Martha St.$315,000
Travis B Clarke and Brittany L Aceto209 Stewart Ave.$305,000
Daniel Lopez Qrtiz and Guadalupe Lopez1120 Fairfield Ave.$300,000
Syed Hussain and Hamida Patel80 Westmore Ave.$300,000
Altaf Ansari820 Wilson Ave.$300,000
David Michael Lavigne and Kathleen Theresa MacDonald140 Park Ave.$300,000
Francis C. Kanyunyi207 20th St.$285,000
Burns (trust)468 Collen Drive$285,000
Megan B. Hubbard476 Main St.$280,000
Mateen Ansari580 School St.$266,000
Katrina Marie and Caleb Patrick Donaldson412 Westmore Ave.$262,000
Ruben Garcia50 Garfield St.$261,500
Robert A. Peickert212 St. Charles Road 102$259,000
Scott Beyer25 Graham Ave.$252,000
Robo Realty LLC728 Main St.$245,000
Stacey A. Block212 St. Charles Road 210$241,000
Shannon Stittsworth212 St. Charles Road 403$239,000
Jandra Burtelson and Kenneth Glenn Burtelson Jr.706 Chase Lane$230,000
Nick Penesis1 Lincoln Ave. 305$230,000
Zachary Sarles8 Arboretum Drive$227,500
George Pyrz855 22nd St. 105$224,000
Sunny Lady LLC310 Main St.$218,000
Brittany L Bakkum43 Orchard Terrace$201,000
Ace7co LLC825 Grace St.$197,000
Desiree D Evans2201 Grace St.$195,000
David and Christine Simek229 Ahrens Ave.$190,000
Joseph and Laura Zomaya2211 Highland Ave.$175,000
Emma Larson2305 A So Main St.$172,500
Ethan T. Beissel and Alondra J Maldonado33 Main St.$168,500
Pawel Grunt2015 Finley Road$165,000
Rslgsl LLC2340 Highland Ave.$160,000

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