Top 50 Pine Hills, Florida home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Pine Hills, Florida in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 66 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $225,000 in Pine Hills.

Top 50 home sales in Pine Hills for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Sram Pack I a LLC5203 Montague Place$2,724,500
Criston and Anna Dias6821 Rembrandt Drive$345,000
VM Pronto LLC5338 Fox Briar Trail$306,000
Baker Street Homes LLC903 Governors Ave.$300,000
VM Pronto LLC6317 Boylston Way$296,500
Glito Laurent and Juliana Anjulo4521 Drexel Ave.$295,000
VM Pronto LLC1342 Charles St.$292,000
Tbr Sfr Orlando Owner 1 L P4619 Wassee Court$289,700
Michelle Wilson and Shamar Campbell2500 Healy Drive$285,000
Fareesha Mohamed and Reza and Reima Ramsamooj5810 England Ave.$285,000
Josue Joel Salas Morataya and Maria Georgina Placeres Martinez5919 Stratton Lane$280,000
VM Pronto LLC1230 St. James Road$277,000
Dream America Homes LLC3601 Tam Drive$275,000
Luther and Shirley Adams2446 Healy Drive$275,000
VM Pronto LLC6533 Meritmoor Circle$273,000
VM Pronto LLC1336 Charles St.$272,000
Thenmy Simon6927 Nawadaha Blvd.$270,000
RS Rental III a LLC1912 Hinckley Road$270,000
Marcus Ward6137 Rocky Trail$269,000
Renell Edwards5206 Palisades Drive$265,000
Cail Similhomme and Mirlande Zephirin1535 Hinckley Road$263,000
RS Rental III a LLC1420 Roger Babson Road$260,000
Tbr Sfr Orlando Owner 1 L P1720 Newton St.$260,000
Kavolin Charlene McLean and Joan Joy Allen4114 Seybold Ave.$255,000
Tbr Sfr Orlando Owner 1 L P2104 Oneta Court$250,000
Ys Avon Sfr III Propco LLC5514 Riordan Way$250,000
Randall L. and Shannon L. T. Box1705 Hernandes Drive$250,000
Baker Street Homes LLC2208 Queensway Road$250,000
Sherwin Ferguson2011 Spruce Ridge Drive$242,000
Surprise Alcin5122 Liming Ave.$240,000
Andrew Mower and Joel Ramdass5416 Coyote Trail$230,000
Catamount Properties 2018 LLC4050 Luan Drive$226,500
Tbr Sfr Orlando Owner 1 L P5506 Perrine Drive$225,000
Louis Brisson and Marie R. Aurelus919 Inchon Court$225,000
Ys Avon Sfr III Propco LLC1225 St. James Road$215,000
Avendano Carlos Navarijo and Enma Cesilia Molina Bail5677 Altec Court$210,000
Ys Avon Sfr III Propco LLC5201 Indialantic Drive$210,000
Botero Holdings LLC3411 Silverwood Drive$210,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.4724 Balboa Drive$205,800
Rose and Wildy Joly, Saint Louis Herve and Rose Gachette4816 Deauville Drive$200,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.1101 Ferndell Road$198,900
Marlonde Pierre4502 Seybold Ave.$197,000
Ao Propco 1 LLC913 Alecon Drive$186,500
Naomi Ruth Clark1310 Ridge Pointe Drive$186,000
Desmon Jones and Maria Williams1445 Ridge Pointe Drive$186,000
Shuprina Thompson5620 Bogie Court$185,000
Equitech LLC6209 Hialeah St.$185,000
Knetha Washington5600 Bogie Court$184,000
Felix Rachel5608 Bogie Court$184,000
Holovale Investments LLC1612 Ferndell Road$175,000

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