Top 100 Cleveland, Ohio home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cleveland, Ohio in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 285 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $70,000 in Cleveland.

Top 100 home sales in Cleveland for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
David Marzich701, Unit PH5A$1,250,000
Tika Khatiwada14122 Terminal Ave.$1,082,747
Angela D Krupar and Joseph W Hurst6010 Bridge Ave.$543,000
Carley K Stewart1928 48th St.$472,177
John H. Groth (declaration of trust)2149 Seventh St.$469,000
Anemos LLC5702 Herman Ave.$383,000
John E. and Lauren Petty2358 11th St.$340,000
Emili S Fagian and Sammy Ibrahim1941 65th St.$300,000
Chadwick R Parks1018 Starkweather Ave.$289,000
Rutledge Group Inc.4323 143rd St.$280,000
Ohio Project LLC4115 Whitman Ave.$265,000
Joshua P. Miller5502 Tillman Ave.$265,000
Cathryn Siegal Bergman1251 70th St.$258,500
Pucella Home Improvement LLC2073 18th St.$246,500
Ama R Carney14806 Orchard Park Ave.$241,200
Michael Gross and Miranda Leppla1833 50th St.$240,650
Matthew W. Davis and Zachary Scott4311 Apple Ave.$230,000
Sydney F. Vargo16508 Ernest Ave.$223,000
Andrew Rodaitis4025 160th St.$220,000
Dustin C Miller and Genevieve L. Santos958 Sheryl Drive$210,000
John Hudson4682$210,000
Deborah and Stephen Hoekstra4755 11th St.$205,000
Hmbl Ventures LLC4516 Clinton Ave.$200,000
Daniel J. Osysko14701 Harley Ave.$195,000
Gehad Quraan1301 87th St.$188,500
Hannah E. Lee3227 153rd St.$187,000
Amanda Chaya and Keith Binekey16914 Elsienna Ave.$184,000
Christopher Leon and Rayza Melendez4236 63rd St.$179,000
Manny and Yahaira C. Castillo15307 Willman Ave.$178,005
Lissette Mercado and Samuel Aponte10518 Fidelity Ave.$177,000
Margot and Michael Humby2222 Detroit Road, Unit 802$177,000
Adrienne M Peace and Tamecka A. Ward4491 154th St.$176,000
Susan Effron19418 Ridgeland Ave.$175,000
Alayna L Monachino1107 Spring Road$175,000
Miguel A. Grullon Natera4406 Burger Ave.$173,000
Jose Soto3410 88th St.$170,000
Stacie L Somers2672 128th St.$167,000
Amy Nolan and Quinlan Turner16208 Chatfield Ave.$165,000
Allison K. Saki16409 Munn Road$165,000
Dean A. D. and Thomas D. D. Volpe3614 126th St.$165,000
Megan M. Barilla17409 Oxford Ave.$160,000
Iris Rosario11005 Fidelity Ave.$160,000
Shaun Oneill and Stephen Anderson4819 Ardmore Ave.$157,000
Mountview Investments LLC3860 44th St.$155,100
Mouron Holdings LLC13609 Eaglesmere Ave.$155,085
Charles Fox3463 123rd St.$151,000
Craig Bettendorf and Johnathon Morgan15034 Grapeland Ave.$150,000
Alicia M Kondrich14508 Orchard Park Ave.$150,000
Arthur G Cook6710 Memphis Ave.$149,800
Craig M Ickler and Elizabeth R. Sords2777 126th St.$147,000
Baker Street Homes LLC2091 100th St.$145,900
Cody M Thompson and Makayla Moering3303 130th St.$145,000
Melissa V Gerena3773 129th St.$145,000
Aurora Medina and Jorge Valentin3464 132nd St.$143,000
Zittere Management LLC3815 Revere Court$140,000
Jrja Anton LLC4715 Ardmore Ave.$140,000
Per Deville Nunes4901 Behrwald Ave.$134,250
Ariel M. and Eugene A. Smith5900 Biddulph Road$130,000
Lynn C Gaudio15930 Westdale Ave.$130,000
Jeffrey Powalie, Kyle Skinner and Stephen Tokish1797 54th St.$130,000
Quality Investments of Northeast Ohio LLC4509$130,000
Brandon R. Metz1809 Creston Ave.$129,900
Agustin Diego and Patty Tsai18605 Kewanee Ave.$128,600
Alexander R Vasys2007 Broadview Road$127,777
Dejonna and Michael B. Osmolski2908 Searsdale Ave.$126,000
Weyland LLC737 165th St.$125,900
Davani Capital LLC3521 Walton Ave.$125,600
Lindsay M Lewis13826 Lyric Ave.$125,000
Lyna Nguyen10513 Bernard Ave.$125,000
Anthony Lampkin1712 Granby Ave.$120,000
Justin Kravchuck17315 Neff Road$120,000
Mariely T Rodriguez13512 Terminal Ave.$120,000
Jacob A. Krukowski4560 149th St.$120,000
Mitchell Zarling3259 50th St.$118,000
Ohio Sell Now LLC3927 158th St.$116,500
Florentino Ardon3241 84th St.$115,000
Evan Eisenberg10323$112,240
Jorge G Rosa3208 Archmere Ave.$110,000
Joseph Said4689 149th St.$110,000
Stephanie M Crego13516 Sprecher Ave.$109,703
Moconoli LLC983 128th St.$109,000
Lofty Holding 7411 Elton Ave LLC7411 Elton Ave.$108,500
Wainni LLC3823 54th St.$105,730
4010 Ardmore LLC4010 Ardmore Ave.$105,000
Alecandria A. Zarlinga and John A. Grogan4410 139th St.$104,500
Ryan M. Lee18916 Rockland Ave.$103,600
Latitud LLC (survivor)3382 102nd St.$102,900
Stanwich Mortgage Loans Trust 1 and Wilmington Savings Fund Society4109$101,122
Sahu LLC8113 Grand Division Ave.$100,000
Ohio Rebuild LLC3613 Stickney Ave.$100,000
Hassan Siddiki10719 Lee Ave.$98,000
Brenda and Warner Thompson4461 145th St.$98,000
Kunle Olutomilayo9208 Adams Ave.$96,000
Katrina C. and Michael Ward18703 Kewanee Ave.$95,500
Brandon Hancock3527 151st St.$95,000
Shibo Wang15105 Lotus Drive$95,000
Joseph A. Goodworth14113$95,000
Abhimanyu Narwal and Mishika Siag6709 Fleet Ave.$95,000
Passive Brothers LLC16809 Grovewood Ave.$94,000
Bmmm Properties LLC2981 Ripley Road$93,900

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