Top 100 Riverview, Florida home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Riverview, Florida in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 102 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $319,250 in Riverview.

Top 100 home sales in Riverview for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Ashley Christine and Jose Paolo Morales11808 Stonewood Gate Drive$650,000
Rivers Andrew and Rivers Tanisha Dove and Iasha Rivers11417 Bridge Pine Drive$605,000
Dianna and Jeffrey Helgesen12424 Riverglen Drive$580,000
Fabio and Yesica Campos12317 Riverglen Drive$560,000
Cody J Enlow and Bryan Nicole Johnson7229 Colonial Lake Drive$536,000
Helen Jean and Milan Joseph Vrenjak9611 Greenbank Drive$535,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.11014 Sailbrooke Drive$509,100
Beasanty Brayne and Karoline Hanna10920 Lakeside Vista Drive$500,000
Tewaner Johnson10831 Hoffner Edge Drive$500,000
Iliana M. and Jason R. Harrington11110 Rising Mist Blvd.$500,000
Matthew Hayden Schiff and Lena Segal11738 Summer Springs Drive$488,500
Jian Cheng and Xiaolei Zhou12402 Riverglen Drive$480,000
Lauren Marie and Robert Hutcheson10012 Cannon Drive$445,000
Riverview Asset Development LLC6703 Simmons Loop 1$440,000
Sfr Jv 2 Property LLC12603 Longcrest Drive$420,200
Robyn Anderson9803 Springway Drive$420,000
Trisha Hickey and Christopher Mangia8609 Stoner Woods Drive$415,000
Nicholas Baeza Jr.13410 Fladgate Mark Drive$410,000
Progress Tampa 1 LLC13423 Beechberry Drive$410,000
Sfr Investments V Borrower 1 LLC12832 Standbridge Drive$410,000
Nicholas Delaney, Thomas E. Delaney Jr. and Kaitlyn Ehle11602 Ashton Field Ave.$406,000
Sfr Jv-2 Property LLC1425 Trail Boss Lane$402,500
James C. and Michelle Bridges11122 Bridgecreek Drive$400,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.12230 Shady Forest Drive$397,700
Sfr Jv 2 Property LLC13309 Beechberry Drive$397,000
Sfr Jv 2 Property LLC10323 Avelar Ridge Drive$394,000
Charles Edmond and Marleen Weldon10707 Dixon Drive$390,000
Residential Home Buyer Tampa LLC13264 Early Run Lane$381,000
Hanh T. Le and Pham Chuong Ba12519 Midpointe Drive$375,000
Kerry Johnson11604 Tropical Isle Lane$375,000
Mbida Waldo11554 Bay Gardens Loop$369,000
Brett L. and Kimberly Masters12367 Silton Peace Drive$366,100
Fkh Sfr Propco J LP9801 Sunnyoak Drive$365,000
Anangeles and Noel Martinez8808 Van Fleet Road$365,000
Brian and Katie Bradford11328 Coconut Island Drive$365,000
Uscmf Sn Florida a LLC10030 Creek Bluff Drive$362,000
Amanda and Daniel Edward Ferguson11328 Laurel Brook Court$356,000
Kelly K. and Thomas Stockwell10415 Avelar Ridge Drive$352,700
Logan Stitzer and Diana Villafranca11521 Mountain Bay Drive$351,000
Marie and Phito Bozieux2714 Wallace Branch Road$350,000
Sfr Investments V Borrower 1 LLC6719 Summer Cove Drive$350,000
Dalya Jameel and Hani Shamoon11336 Cocoa Beach Drive$347,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.12221 Dawn Vista Drive$342,500
Olympus Borrower LLC11211 Fiddlewood Drive$340,000
Riverview Asset Development LLC6709 Simmons Loop 1$338,000
Peter Jacquelyn and Susan Penico Jacquelyn11612 Ivy Flower Loop$335,000
Deni Brave11415 Bright Star Lane$335,000
Lita L Starling and Angela Jo Vita11321 Misty Isle Lane$332,000
Kai Cao and Yuna Hu12919 Astorwood Place$332,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.12760 Standbridge Drive$326,700
Cedric E. and Michelle Rogers8601 Stoner Woods Drive$320,000
Progress Tampa 1 LLC12412 Tree Pointe Court$318,500
Jennifer Starner11315 Cocoa Beach Drive$316,000
Atlantis Homebuyers LLC10502 Symmes Road 1,2$315,500
Annabelle and Gregory Stephen Sikorski6136 Hadley Commons Drive$315,000
Garrett John Sheppard and Lisa Ann Simmons10407 Avelar Ridge Drive$312,000
Cheryl Marie Cassidy13106 Ambrose Place$311,500
Bianca and Kenneth Ramsaier13105 Ambrose Place 6$310,000
Jacob Aaron Deleon and Sofie Micklisch11208 Rice Creek Road$310,000
Jarlos Royero Landa11251 Cocoa Beach Drive$310,000
Jorden E. and William E. Smith9306 Stone River Place 1$310,000
Sfr Jv 2 Property LLC11749 Lynmoor Drive$305,000
Hao Homes LLC13212 Laraway Court$301,000
Bao Chau and Eric Tran11304 Crane Lake Court$300,000
Jeanette and John Perello11556 Captiva Kay Drive 1$296,500
Malikah and Shannon Armbrister10323 Lakeside Vista Drive$295,000
Resicap Florida Owner II LLC10616 Navigation Drive$290,000
Ruslan Sevciuc and Alevtina I. Shevchuk8011 Pleasant Lane$290,000
Marlene N Torres10916 Golden Silence Drive$282,000
Amanda Osiol and Thomas Osiol Jr.9607 Harbordale Lane$278,500
Carol Rodgers11559 Captiva Kay Drive$275,000
Jayson Feria and Thiana E Guerra11810 Lark Song Loop$273,000
Jurgens Charles Louis Devilliers and Breanna Daniella Ferreira11434 Bay Gardens Loop$267,500
Lpf Blvd Tampa LLC12924 Fieldmoor Court$264,000
CASH4YOURHOME LLC11117 Roberts Lane$260,000
Elijah Liam Watson6246 Osprey Lake Circle 1$255,000
Rhodine Holdings LLC12636 Hayes Clan Road 1$250,000
Y Boys Investments LLC9908 Albyar Ave.$247,300
Opendoor Property Trust I.0 Confidential 1$243,800
C & E Home Solutions LLC10415 Summerview Circle$240,000
Samantha Lynn Bowen and Sandra Melani Evans11007 Winter Crest Drive 1$237,500
Ionut Brighila and Stephanie Quevedo10820 Palmetto St.$235,000
Edwin and Rose Mary Rodriguez11102 Mahin Lane$235,000
Sarah Speechley and Joyce Symoniak12956 Trade Port Place 1$235,000
Ozgur Kucukalpelli9815 Carlsdale Drive 1$234,000
Dinesh Kumar and Harleen Nayyar6453 Osprey Lake Circle 1$230,100
Ashley and Jeremy Adkins10953 Brickside Court 1$226,000
Jordan N. Powers and William B. Putnam9402 Chart House Court$225,000
Ardyn Enterprises LLC11519 Paperwood Place$225,000
Lyndsey Renee and Maxwell Benjamin Carter and Rex Horton12329 Healey Summit Lane$220,000
Milton Gillespie9834 Carlsdale Drive 1$206,238
Jocelin and Marc Olivier13522 Fladgate Mark Drive$195,000
Daniel Armando and Jose Armando Pereira9516 Newdale Way 102$185,000
Oscarina Quinones6414 Hollydale Place 101$185,000
Paola Cadavid and Andres Ramirez9518 Newdale Way 101$182,000
Roy J. Kane9524 Newdale Way 101$182,000
Joshua Eric Standard4813 Trapnell Road$179,900
Riverview Asset Development LLC6705 Simmons Loop 1$175,000
Kathryn and Victor Bontorno12836 Tallowood Drive$155,000
Sishir and Weining Chang9540 Newdale Way 102$150,250

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