Top 100 Washington, D.C. home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Washington, District of Columbia in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 729 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $767,000 in Washington.

Top 100 home sales in Washington for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Steven J Pelley and Steven Pelley the (revocable trust)3026 P St.$5,350,000
The 2829 Woodland Drive (trust)2829 Woodland Drive$5,225,000
Jennie Ngo and Michael P. Radu and The Bruin Family Trust4661 Hawthorne Lane$5,150,000
Triangle Development Land Loan LLC1375 Kenyon St.$4,910,611
LTO Investment LLC1544 Ninth St.$4,400,000
Christopher C. Wynes (revocable trust)3137 St.$3,495,000
Star the VIII (trust)1628 32nd St.$3,420,000
Promenade the (trust)2335 King Place$3,325,000
The 4231 Lenore Lane (revocable trust)4231 Lenore Lane$3,310,000
George and Gina Foote5066 Sherier Place$3,250,000
Brendan R. and Mary A. Furlong1525 33rd St.$3,200,000
Eleanor E. Brownell4714 30th St.$3,000,000
Wisco Wally LLC3433 Wisconsin Ave.$2,850,000
David A. Friedman, Kate S. Meyer 2018 (trust), Paulette J Meyer and Eric M Zimmermann1708 Portal Drive$2,804,000
307-311 Division Avenue LLC307 Division Ave.$2,800,000
Bethea Patterson Schoenfeld and Richard Holleman Schoenfeld Jr.4326 Forest Lane$2,800,000
Conner Fromknecht1620 15th St.$2,780,000
Ethan and Lindsey Kate Eilon6455 Barnaby St.$2,750,000
Evan Sydney Klondar and Sarah Elizabeth Judith Krieger3807 Alton Place$2,750,000
James R. and Janet G. Ricciuti2003 Kalorama Road$2,750,000
The Berliner Group LLC1825 18th St.$2,700,000
A. K. H. and S. S. Dantiki2707 34th Place$2,700,000
Bradford S Olsen1715 Riggs Place$2,600,000
Cybil A. Gregory3125 O St.$2,600,000
Lang Linda (revocable trust)3715 49th St.$2,575,000
Diana Shineman and Marcus Gustafsson3819 Morrison St.$2,549,000
Scott Gunther and Rachel Lesaar126 Tennessee Ave.$2,525,000
William S. Dudzinsky1317 21st St.$2,525,000
Some Inc.6111 Dix St.$2,500,000
Gardiner Avery and Dion Love4720 Butterworth Place$2,395,000
Christopher Delessert and Meredith Tierney Shields3718 Morrison St.$2,395,000
Aidan H O'Connor and Constance D O'Connor5531 Chevy Chase Parkway$2,364,575
Michael Louis Sulmeyer3700 T St.$2,360,000
Bradley M Rothstein and Jasper the (trust)1618 34th St.$2,350,000
Steven C Gage3519 Albemarle St.$2,252,000
Lien Kuei Che and Michael Rourk Hallinan3017 Cambridge Place$2,250,000
Michael McKay24 Fifth St.$2,200,000
Brett David Gerson and Amy Ying Qin3213 Adams Mill Road$2,200,000
Hari Chandra1827 Phelps Place$2,195,000
Deepak and Madhu Priya Seth4401 43rd St.$2,177,500
Jeremiah Jacobs and Suzette Roth-Jacobs1530 15th St.$2,175,000
Jennifer A. Levine and William E. Staedeli4728 Van Ness St.$2,175,000
Alex R. and Elizabeth H. Velinsky5047 Glenbrook Terrace$2,175,000
Alejandro Bernal Arevalo914 Westminster St.$2,160,000
Justin M. Franks and Jessica L. Ray3832 McKinley St.$2,150,000
Danielle M Gosthe1817 Belmont Road$2,150,000
Danny Melvyn Leipziger and Maureen Ann Lewis1784 Lanier Place$2,125,000
Washington Advocacy Group LLP124 Third St.$2,125,000
Kristen Dunne and Walter Holemans4823 Alton Place$2,110,000
2610 University PL Nw LLC2610 University Place$2,100,000
Amelia Stocker and Lee Austin Mayberry3750 Kanawha St.$2,050,000
1635 6TH St. Nw LLC1635 Sixth St.$2,022,000
James J. and Lacy Perry4617 36th St.$2,020,020
Jacquelyn Fradette and Lee Goldsmith2838 28th St.$2,000,000
Carter McCook Smith2029 Connecticut Ave. 53$2,000,000
Laron J Galea and Stuart J Landucci1740 R St.$2,000,000
Daniel and Sophia Grimes5136 MacOmb St.$2,000,000
Philip J. Anderson and James O. Tibbs 2021 (revocable trust) and James O. Tibbs III2638 Woodley Place$2,000,000
715 H St. LLC715 H St.$2,000,000
Cue Street LLC1713 Q St.$1,999,000
Andrew James and Jane Keli Diehl Greulich5536 30th Place$1,962,875
Caitlin Phillips and Jonathan W. Gossens3361 18th St.$1,950,000
Redstone-1514 R St. Nw LLC1514 R St.$1,930,000
Stacia Marie Cardille and Scott Edward Dafflitto1923 St.$1,925,000
Louise Doumet and Kareem Salman4610 Rodman St.$1,915,050
Tara D Hickey and Corey Patrick Rooney4531 Warren St.$1,914,500
Kevin P Donohue and Laura K. Williams4401 Garrison St.$1,910,300
Caroline S. and John Andrew Smith3137 O St.$1,905,000
Margaret Perez-Sullivan and Donnel H Rayhill2848 27th St.$1,900,028
2646 39TH Street LLC2646 39th St.$1,900,000
Daniel E. Balserak and Jessica McGuire Long4214 50th St.$1,900,000
Nicholas Hollingsworth and Regina Deborah Weil5329 Reno Road$1,900,000
Niharika Khanna6915 32nd St.$1,875,000
Labhusjirasavetakul (co-trustee) and Christoph Lakner (co-trustee)4043 Mansion Drive$1,875,000
Natalie Hughes, John Kistner and The Kistner-Hughes Family Trust57 U St.$1,869,000
Andrew and Michelle Sohn400 G St.$1,850,000
Ignacio Javier De Bidegain Malvarez and Ruoyi Zhang1539 Eighth St.$1,850,000
Rodrigo Andres Briceno Castellanos and Hillary Yale4809 V St.$1,850,000
Logan C. Dobson and Emily C. Taylor4607 Kenmore Drive$1,850,000
Golnaz Bahmanyar3925 Ivy Terrace Court$1,825,000
Andrew Leahy4615 Van Ness St.$1,823,000
Dan Marcos Vardi the (revocable trust) and Jeanne Verrier the (revocable trust)1758 Kenyon St.$1,820,810
Andrew Cuyler Ridgway and Ruiye Rong2415 39th St.$1,816,000
Rebecca Anne Hyde and Joseph Michael Radinovic1507 Caroline St.$1,807,000
Fastow Family LLC4204 48th Place$1,800,000
Kendra Ann McDermand2415 First St.$1,800,000
Abram and Stephanie Paley5519 Carolina Place$1,800,000
Daniel Kane and Ashley Robertson511 D St.$1,800,000
Phillip T. Cunningham and Jessica L. Labella3706 33rd Place$1,800,000
Kira Carter Atkinson and Lafeyette Atkinson Jr.4200 16th St.$1,800,000
Caraid M Swaby921 N. Carolina Ave.$1,788,000
Nicholas Bartz and Haley Ottem Dorgan2319 First St.$1,775,000
Viet Dai Hoang and Huy Bao Tran Nguyen216 10th St.$1,755,000
Albermarle Properties LLC3204 Q St.$1,750,000
Celia Coghlan Lovell (trust)3131 O St.$1,750,000
Jonathan Vincent and Karmia E. Lewis5911 Nebraska Ave.$1,750,000
Julie Earne1850 Third St.$1,700,000
Miranda Bogen and Micah Hendler1857 Ingleside Terrace$1,691,000
Alejandro M Alderete and Naomi R. J. Tukker1305 Kenyon St.$1,690,500
Eric Francucci and Esperanza Lopez Rodriguez1427 35th St.$1,690,000

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