Top 100 Boynton Beach, Florida home sales for April 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Boynton Beach, Florida in April 2022, according to

In April 2022, there were 145 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $290,000 in Boynton Beach.

Top 100 home sales in Boynton Beach for April 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Kimberly A. and Kenneth E. Fogarty3061 Waterside Circle$1,380,000
Maria S. Morey and Jaime A. Ballesteros637 Castilla Lane$1,295,000
Stacie and Lori Kirsch23 Sutton Drive$1,100,000
Stephanie M Urban and Calgary G Leveen3 Belair Drive$1,000,000
Evan Goodman126 Harbors Way$894,000
Cheryl and Craig Moore4475 Ocean Blvd. 31L$840,000
Crystal and Richard Roskell2818 Fifth St.$805,000
Judith A. and Jay I. Weintraub625 Casa Loma Blvd., Unit 1403$775,000
Alexander N Bonilla313 21st Ave.$705,000
Rory D Hyman3404 Third Court$702,000
Charity Garey109 Fourth Ave.$700,000
Kelly and Scott Howard Seitchik502 27th Ave.$694,900
Markman Markman-Schneider and Jeremy Schneider13 Oaks Lane$650,000
Sharon Bemin3109 Waterside Circle$630,000
Arnoldas Kardasas9 Meadows Park Lane$611,000
Sylwia and Wojciech Klimczak4367 Star Ruby Blvd.$610,000
Michael Andrew Graffeo118 29th Ave.$600,000
Michael Patrick Oconnor2811 Fourth St.$575,000
June and Sanford Lindenbaum50 Essex Drive$569,000
Vladimir Reese1099 27th Ave.$560,000
Gregoria Palomino and Raffaele Tropeano Jr.1434 Artimino Lane$560,000
Rebecca K. and Joseph R. Cuneo8189 White Rock Circle$550,000
Alissa Kay and Andry Noel Fuentes8317 Bermuda Sound Way$545,000
Lori Ann Sames100 Sixth St., Unit 301$530,000
Opendoor Property (trust)1539 Rialto Drive$528,200
Robert Corey and Yvette Leszczynski Corey and Lauren Quinn29 Dogwood Circle$525,000
Jayanthi and Ahilan Zephyrinus Easwarachandran4150 Key Lime Blvd.$500,000
Equity 305 Berlin LLC2511 14th St.$499,990
Janelle Elaine Cook8032 Stirrup Cay Court$495,000
Nadya Deantillon and David Donalson7080 Chesapeake Circle$485,000
Helmi Faline and Jacob Vanlandschoot1760 Banyan Creek Circle$472,200
Re Property Holdings LLC2511 14th St.$470,000
Lindsey and Kyia McFadden3214 Canal Drive$470,000
Carolyn Talbott and Ricardo Jose Khoury65 Baytree Circle$462,000
Brandon Nicholas Benedict534 Fifth St.$454,000
Southeast Sunshine Investment LLC420 First Ave.$450,000
Elaine J Braidi27 Cedar Circle$450,000
Surety Property LLC1041 Fairfax Circle 131$419,000
Damian H Johnson2609 Seventh St.$417,500
Turner McHugh Bachrodt Allison (revocable trust) and Allison Turner McHugh Bachrodt (trustee)1702 16th St.$415,000
Marissa Morgan and Andrew Barnet Lopez1375 Piazza Delle Pallottole$405,000
Tara Marie Cannon461 Fourth Ave.$400,000
Gisver Inc.1377 Piazza Pitti$400,000
Pamela Newman and Gary W. and Tatum Y. King1010 15th St.$400,000
Remus A. Sisca102 Spruce St.$400,000
Michael Tichenor1106 15th St.$399,000
Kimberly Spiro2018 Federal Highway 309$386,000
Barbara J. and Charles Bucher1908 14th Ave.$385,000
Catherine Lilly and Raymond Mattatall225 Ninth Ave.$385,000
Buddy Cooper213 14th St.$385,000
Maria Alves46 Desford Lane$380,000
Lori-Ann Dacosta17 Largo Way$375,000
Demetrio Green Jr.2815 Evergreen Circle$370,500
Marybeth Calvert Fisher and Andrew Davis Johnson147 Lake Monterey Circle$368,500
Scotia Villas LLC310 Glen Arbor Terrace$355,000
Patricia Collins209 14th St.$345,000
Bergstrom Family (revocable trust), Marisa Feliciano (trustee), Taylor Bergstrom (trustee) and Chris Bergstrom (trustee)2413 Tuscany Way$342,000
Elizabeth and Robert W. Tracey154 Sausalito Drive$340,000
New Concept Contractors Group Inc. and S2 Investments LLC2865 First Place$340,000
Jeffrey A. Rietmann32 Farnworth Drive$340,000
Steven and Denise Vinelli2317 Tuscany Way$340,000
Baker Street Homes LLC2515 Seventh St.$330,000
Cynthia Lorraine Anderson and Leslie Lathon9761 Nickels Blvd. 306$330,000
Roberta Lynn and Edward James Canavan1633 Wood Fern Drive$326,000
Judith Dornevil and Ronel Deneus111 19th Ave.$325,000
Jeffrey A. Remas147 Ocean Court$318,000
Iris I Bonano505 Buttonwood Lane 308A$317,000
Wendell Trevor Alexander1501 18th Drive$307,000
Mizner Dev Preserve LLC7398 Willow Spring Circle$302,100
Saint Jean Lovely and Naurius and Marie Nicholas Joseph229 Third Ave.$300,000
Andrew and Lisa Horwitz1501 Nicholas Drive$300,000
Ryan D. Cappione35 Bethesda Park Circle M35$300,000
DB Buzz LLC2095 13th Terrace$290,000
Jwc Bermuda Cay LLC651 Woolbright Road, Unit 205$285,000
Eugene L. Salerni and Catherine M. Bennett30 Stratford Lane F$280,000
Advanced Process Inc.1907 13th Way$280,000
Madeline A. Blanco and Linda M Klusick646 Snug Harbor Drive H409$275,000
Jennifer A. Sulzbach2715 27th Way$270,000
Kimberlys Johana Hernandez Ortiz7 Viaduct Del. Casas Sur 202$270,000
Kristopher Edward Gardner2854 Fifth Circle$266,000
Luis J Reyes Inc.1508 18th Drive$265,567
Brian Bigler74 Viaduct Del. Casas Norte$252,000
Deena Brendan and Kerry Clancy Brendan16 Colonial Club Drive 201$248,000
Mark and Sara Kudlov33 Colonial Club Drive 105$247,000
Snug Harbor 650G LLC650 Snug Harbor Drive G207$246,000
Julie Burke1820 New Palm Way 107$245,000
Monteverde Owner LLC1625 Renaissance Commons Blvd., Unit 204$244,000
Michael Nixon315 Fifth Ave.$240,000
Jwc Bermuda Cay LLC641 Woolbright Road, Unit 106$240,000
Joanna and Tym Kloda602 Villa Circle$240,000
Albert Clinton Mathers1006 Leisure Lane$233,000
Leisureville Properties LLC and Leisureville Investments LLC1009 18th St.$230,000
Tammy and Richard Zelkowitz31 Stratford Lane B$224,500
Paulo Ricardo Pires and Marco Aurelio Pires Araujo and Cleide Jane Netto Pires22 Colonial Club Drive 105$220,000
Mary Louise and Steven Facey1003 Villa Circle$218,000
Anthony John Debias and Roxanne H Tennant2045 24th Circle$217,500
Angel L Diaz800 Horizons 201$215,000
Catia Regina Silva and Sergio M. Vicente815 Boynton Beach Blvd. 11-106$210,000
Veronica Cahill and Laurie Cassel1509 Eighth Ave.$205,000
Chad Fair1002 Belmont Place 1002$205,000

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