Rising home valuations in Haltom City in April

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The median assessed value of a home sold in April in Haltom City rose by $3,518 while total valuation decreased by 38.2 percent, according to BlockShopper.com.

In April, there were 55 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $97,172 - a 3.8 percent increase over the $93,654 median valuation for the same period of the previous year. There were 89 homes sold in Haltom City in April 2021.

The following table compares Haltom City to other Tarrant County cities with similar median home valuations in April:

CityApril 2022 Home SalesApril 2021 Home Sales% change (Total Home Sales)April 2022 Median ValuationApril 2021 Median Valuation% change (Median Valuation)
Edgecliff Village59-44.4$113,465$119,566-5.1
Richland Hills2425-4$98,598$93,5125.4
Westworth Village36-50$97,500$101,520-4
Haltom City5589-38.2$97,172$93,6543.8
Forest Hill2430-20$87,563$65,21934.3
Lake Worth16156.7$84,591$76,83510.1
Blue Mound63100$77,999$74,3324.9
White Settlement3238-15.8$70,053$78,205-10.4
River Oaks1424-41.7$61,950$90,726-31.7

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