Top 100 Des Moines, Iowa home sales for May 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Des Moines, Iowa in May 2022, according to

In May 2022, there were 447 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $180,000 in Des Moines.

Top 100 home sales in Des Moines for May 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
John D. and Mary Melvin3511 St. Johns Road$1,600,000
Clinton and Jacqueline Akerberg5315 Waterbury Road$1,355,000
Ryan Graham and Kathryn Elaine Arnold4323 Ingersoll Ave.$620,000
Elizabeth Lockwood Hawley and Michael John Monnot3310 Southern Hills Drive$590,000
Joshua Benjamin Cook3663 Grand Ave. Phcd$570,000
Groth Properties LLC3712 42nd St.$557,300
David and Loann Sumner725 54th St.$525,000
Greggory and Marnie Smith1501 Park Ave.$476,000
Michael and Alicia Chilton5748 McKinley Ave.$459,900
Charles and Sheila Gathercole5424 Third Court$450,000
John Michael Bedessem201 Grand Ave. 201$428,000
Sean and Lindsay Bagniewski4019 Ovid Ave.$425,000
Ann Clare Sobiech and Kyle Lee Munson1539 Germania Drive$415,000
Richard III and Jaclyn Bales3407 33rd St.$399,000
Roger D. and Anita Schlenker4506 33rd St.$383,500
Azra Beganovic and Luke David Stadlter1815 Center St.$380,000
Jennifer Haun and Tanner Spuzello3808 Muskogee Ave.$380,000
Kole J Ruud and Ashley A. Burrows862 58th Ave.$369,900
Kristin Schomburg3926 Brinkwood Road$365,000
Phillip Copeland3831 Lanewood Drive$357,500
Kayla and Russell Parkin1043 Polk Blvd.$355,000
Refugio and Erika I. Guzman4145 38th St.$350,000
Ram K. and Anita Biswa5404 24th St.$349,000
Lauren Renae and Jeremy William Fischels4005 Forest Ave.$340,000
Jose Arnoldo Garcia Hernandez and Gabriela Perez3000 Porter Ave.$337,000
Stephanie Shay and Brad Overholser241 56th St.$335,000
Christopher Malek and Miriam Rosenfield3401 48th St.$330,000
Angel Marie and Christopher Allen Erickson3730 Lincoln Place Drive$325,000
Alexander and Claire Buscher409 42nd St.$325,000
Oscar Romo303 51st St.$320,000
Steven R. and Gina Jensen4177 Pine Ave.$319,000
Tyler Nicholaus Hanft and Mena Kathryn Ramm1914 40th Place$315,000
Brian M Brimeyer5729 30th Court$309,000
Systematic Investment Partners LLC3060 44th Ave.$305,000
Jeffrey and Brianna McCann3506 43rd St.$305,000
Mary Winters6700 Sheridan Ave.$304,900
Victor Hernandez Galarza and Glenda Elizabeth Mendoza4620 Sixth Drive$303,000
Aidah Moeller1215 Burlington Terrace$300,000
Angela and Alex Carter1150 37th St.$300,000
Jacob M. and Kary Anderson2401 Emma Ave.$297,000
Cody Nicely and Charlynne Roach Green4216 Lincoln Ave.$295,000
Wesley Andrew Etter and Julie Ann Marks4316 Ashby Ave.$295,000
Larina F. Kylee M. and Robert C. Blad Kylee M.683 56th St.$295,000
Morgan Rae and Timothy Ray Hunter3036 Diehl Ave.$295,000
Michel Niyomugabo Nshimiyimana and Charlotte Mukamanzi4110 Easter Bay Court$290,000
Evan J. Bergeson and Lindsay Blackford3801 Lindlavista Way$289,900
Betty Chidester2210 Redmond Ave.$286,900
Danette Sterrett2228 Redmond Ave.$284,900
Aung Naing and Tun Win5021 Bel Aire Road$282,000
Charles E. Stewart Jr. and Ashley E. Stewart5414 20th St.$280,000
Arjun Subba2854 Diehl Ave.$280,000
Margaret J. Casey3031 Grand Ave. 113$278,000
David Alan and Lee Anne Basquin Smith2252 Redmond Ave.$277,930
Allisyn Ann Marie Weis and Keyton Taul Wichman4615 Beaver Crest Drive$275,000
Brian Klitzke and Ginny Ray1116 42nd St.$275,000
Geoffrey Muchiri Maina1750 Diehl Ave.$275,000
Solid Capital LLC4239 Beaver Ave.$275,000
Kathryn and Vincent Driscoll5821 Harwood Drive$275,000
James Edward Kruse and Sarah Jeanne Potter2528 Shadow Creek Lane$275,000
Janessa Moore2323 33rd St.$273,870
Jennifer Lin and Daniel Paul Theis5703 Clark Blvd.$272,000
Teresa Lorraine Fuller2610 30th St.$272,000
Robert and Vicki Clubine5718 24th Court$270,000
Timka LLC6630 Holcomb Circle$270,000
Christine Taggart117 58th Drive$269,130
Charles Scott and Ann Bigbee6120 Pleasant Drive$268,600
Scott Becthold3013 43rd Court$267,000
Driftwood Holdings LLC2803 Fayrdale Drive$265,000
Nicole E Miller944 38th St.$265,000
Than T Naing and Khin Win4309 51st St.$265,000
Connor Wohlenhaus and Ashley Adams1718 Marella Trail$261,550
Salem Elzanna Maat Peterson and Braeden Wesley Irvine2901 29th St.$260,000
Cassidy and Nathan Walter5018 38th Place$260,000
Margaret M. Njuki2007 Merklin Way$259,900
Christopher L. Stamp Powders4007 47th St.$256,000
Mitchel Jay and Dana Annette Anderson2500 Westover Blvd.$255,000
MacOy Rasmussen112 11th St. 305$255,000
Emalee Brubaker and Patrick Blaylock1004 Thornton Ave.$253,900
Austin Postier6109 Gordon Ave.$253,000
Samuel Carruth809 Euclid Ave.$250,000
Dakota S Mason and Kayla A. Bates1327 Elder Lane$250,000
Jacki Rodgers3812 Crestwood Road$250,000
An and Dung Phan665 33rd St.$250,000
Philavanh and Thonit Sensouk4213 22nd St.$249,900
Kamal Nepal and Matrika Sapkota2633 Whispering Ridge Drive$248,000
Denise and Craig Haugh2421 Southlawn Drive$247,500
Samuel Austin and Ruby Kathryn Pierce4025 43rd St.$245,000
Yaw Bredu Frimpong400 Walnut St. 201$245,000
Chida Subedi and Grisma Bhattarai2638 Whispering Ridge Drive$245,000
Sherry D Bennett3439 Kinsey Ave.$242,000
Heather Pelzer2822 34th St.$241,000
Kazimoto Kawaya and Binti Mbuto1810 Arlington Ave.$240,000
Shwe Moe Aung and Shwe Par3830 Twana Drive$240,000
Brett William Carter3009 Valdez Drive$240,000
Rachel Gulick1147 36th St.$240,000
Uss Grand LLC1620 Grand Ave.$240,000
Nicholas Duneman2519 Riverwoods Ave.$240,000
Filadelfio Alfonso Cruz3304 25th Court$239,000
Kristopher Douglas Lind3413 Second Ave.$239,000
John P. Latusek33 Pleasant View Drive$237,700

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