First half of 2022: Home valuations in Oak Creek Village increased

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The median assessed value of a home sold in the first half of 2022 in Oak Creek Village rose by $56,833 while total valuation increased by 66.7 percent, according to

From January through June, there were 15 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $266,633 - a 27.1 percent increase over the $209,800 median valuation for the same period of the previous year. There were nine homes sold in Oak Creek Village in the first half of 2021.

The following table compares Oak Creek Village to other Harris County cities with similar median home valuations in the first half of 2022:

CityJanuary - June 2022 Home SalesJanuary - June 2021 Home Sales% change (Total Home Sales)January - June 2022 Median ValuationJanuary - June 2021 Median Valuation% change (Median Valuation)
Pinewood Place81700$274,383$282,124-2.7
Canterbury Forest911-18.2$274,094$173,67857.8
Rustic Acres12-50$268,185$197,39535.9
Champion Park550$267,300$281,755-5.1
Oak Creek Village15966.7$266,633$209,80027.1
Pine Forest Village45-20$266,240$261,4251.8
Southdown Village15887.5$264,937$213,56724.1
Wimbledon Estates30-$263,687$0-
Champions East1216-25$261,311$235,06111.2
Lakewood West15887.5$261,075$215,74421

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