Top 100 Cedar Rapids, Iowa home sales for July 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cedar Rapids, Iowa in July 2022, according to

In July 2022, there were 151 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $177,000 in Cedar Rapids.

Top 100 home sales in Cedar Rapids for July 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Rolando Aaron and Myka Ani Ramos5020 Chestnut Ridge Road$525,000
Agustin Aguilar Jr. and Keli Hagen2505 White Eagle Trail$451,000
Cynthia J. and John F. Fiester330 Wasatch Court$430,000
Donald A. Serovy4610 Oak Creek Court$419,639
Sachidanand Sasidharan and Archana Arumugam930 Crescent View Drive$414,478
Sara Konrad and Anthony P. Baranowski III3315 Emerson Ave.$375,000
Alice H. Callahan2207 Shady Grove Road$359,900
Richard Louis and Jodi Anne Petersmith3814 Willowbend Road$355,000
Andrew and Jennifer McKinstry306 Linden Terrace$349,900
Donald D. and Barbara J. Daake1903 Shady Grove Road$346,950
Pablo Lopez1905 Huntsboro Lane$346,000
Louis Xavier Pradeep Marialouis Belavendran7214 Doubletree Road$345,000
Gregory C. and Karen R. Billick2053 26th St.$345,000
Dalton R. and Amber L. Burgett4021 Elkhorn Drive$344,000
Jonathan Heitland and Danielle Frey3950 Sally Drive$325,500
Daniel F. and Jill A. Cassidy7302 Rolling Ridge Drive$313,000
Juma Kalunga Jr. and Nyota Ebame2620 Lancelot Lane$305,000
Natasha M. and Troy A. Solem1732 26th St.$290,000
Jade R. and Tristan S. Loux3629 Coppermill Road$289,000
Diane Hanson2043 Sunland Drive$285,000
Russell J. and Ashley N. Blegen2575 K Ave.$284,500
Anne Felderman2432 10th Ave.$279,900
Joel and Katherine Jane Minturn370 Eastland Drive$265,000
Matthew L. Roth4116 Lark Court$260,000
Austin Springsteen and Kathryn E. Koehler644 40th St.$257,000
Cindia Durnil2167 Sugar Creek Drive$255,000
John Ritch282 Sussex Drive$253,500
Sheldon M. and Destrea L. Havlik4412 Northwood Drive$250,000
Johanna S Cordell3914 Redbud Road$249,900
Kenneth L. and Jane A. Davis3729 Royal Drive$242,000
Joshua V. Temperante and Florence Ann A. Corotan4321 Twin Pine Drive$240,000
Ariah J. and Daniel B. Welle954 Acacia Drive$239,900
Bruce and Judith Barnes1221 Forest Glen Court$237,500
Nawal Mulla1377 Elmhurst Drive$236,000
Jeffrey L. and Rochelle Jordan1165 Crescent View Drive$235,000
Sydney Stankee2300 Newport Drive$235,000
Blue Sea LLC3625 Second Ave.$228,000
Sarah Johnson and Ryan Heskje824 Crescent View Drive$227,000
John E. Moyers1637 13th St.$225,000
Parisa Norman and Aghdas Hosseini3858 Trailridge Road$225,000
Michael E. and Deborah A. Hamed1620 Greens Way Court$225,000
Christopher and Lindsey Bennett607 Bartlet Court$222,000
Logan McClure and Tarah K Sahlberg1725 27th St.$220,500
Kris and Cathy Hill314 30th St.$220,000
Scott and Allison Lopshire6409 Quail Ridge Drive$220,000
US Bank National Association and Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery Association Inc.146 40th St.$220,000
Joseph S Tamayo II6133 Ridgewood Meadows Lane$217,000
Sandra and Joseph Ellis130 Thompson Drive, Apt. 114$215,000
Daekaree Justice Alexander McLean and Daekaree Justice Alexander and Kylie Michelle McLean2500 Lori Drive$211,000
Matthew D. and Becky Oneal Jones242 Highland Drive$207,000
Connie A. Scheidemann2311 D Ave.$201,000
Eagle Properties LLC819 G Ave.$201,000
Jensen Burian and Michael Wright5309 Ave.$200,784
Debra A. Ernst1598 Matterhorn Drive$200,000
Brody Lodge6216 Langdon Ave.$199,000
Coleton J Byers and Mikaela Lighty159 Woodstone Lane$199,000
John and Beth Larson146 38th St.$197,500
Alysia Cleppe and Samuel Rohovit5607 Dostal Drive$195,000
Heather Ostrum and Bernice Abrenica1544 B Ave.$195,000
Christopher M. Schirm6612 Kent Drive$195,000
Marissa L Bream3022 Carriage Drive$195,000
Mindi L Price322 Sussex Drive$192,500
Christopher Alan Jackson1617 20th St.$191,822
Ashley M. Manning2122 29th St.$190,000
Lenora J Kiley6257 Muirfield Drive$189,000
Christopher Deeter and Madison Deeter Johnson160 Belvedere Drive$187,000
Kolin Lynn and Jennifer Nicole Gage6705 Boxwood Lane$185,000
Kathleen Morrish6345 Muirfield Drive$185,000
David L. Yansky and Diane K Burke192 19th Ave.$184,000
Benjamin R. Curley2900 Soutter Ave.$182,750
Miguel Gutierrez Murillo and Megan Marie Valentine2618 Southland St.$180,114
Allison M. Woods2713 Evelyn Drive$180,000
Nicole M Dittmar1100 Cheyenne Road$180,000
Kelly Whitenack5905 Underwood Ave.$180,000
Dillon R Vorwald and Graceyn R Moes1635 10th St.$178,000
Kimberly A. Huinker2129 Sugar Creek Drive, Unit B$177,000
Delana Kendrick920 Belmont Parkway$176,000
Alexis Lacayo518 31st St.$175,000
Ryan Daryl and Chris and Eldon Zumbach2405 G Ave.$175,000
Brandon and Mallory Blackwell224 Windsor Drive$175,000
Breanna J Jacobs1036 29th St.$174,000
Trisha L Ketelsen1930 Ave.$173,000
Chrstopher M Stead and Mary E. Mohanna1945 B Ave.$170,000
Amber Franklin541 34th St.$166,000
Matthew J. Hamed2125 Larry Drive$165,000
Parker D Adams218 21st Ave.$165,000
Eileen Kraus3710 Timberline Drive, Unit 2$165,000
Megan R. Schwertfeger and Jathan A. Hanson3542 Stoneview Circle$165,000
Evelyn D. and Gregory and Angelia Blythe613 42nd St.$165,000
Andrew Daniel Wilharm916 Wilson Ave.$164,000
Amanda Jo Johnson3324 Franbrook Terrace$163,700
Lexi Massey and Derrick Burnham1331 O Ave.$161,500
Travis L Brustkern and Dawn H Lewis3200 14th Ave.$161,000
Christian D. Vogt2037 Washington Ave.$161,000
Patrick J. McMickle2708 Q Ave.$157,130
Darren L Freese2222 29th St.$155,000
Thomas John Barton3840 37th Ave., Unit D$153,000
Virginia Hootman2752 O Ave., Unit B$152,000
Ryan J. Ruppert1439 Wildwood Drive$150,000
625 Ia Properties LLC711 33rd St.$147,900

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