Top 100 Cincinnati, Ohio home sales for July 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cincinnati, Ohio in July 2022, according to

In July 2022, there were 476 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $201,500 in Cincinnati.

Top 100 home sales in Cincinnati for July 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Bartley and Alexis Morrisroe Morrisroe1250 Cliff Laine Drive$1,797,500
Robinson C. and Mikel J Quast Quast1257 Hayward Ave.$1,225,000
Vicky L. Oakley (trustee)1297 Michigan Ave.$1,150,000
Daniel and Taylor Pomeranz Arnold1041 Catawba Valley Road$1,100,000
Monir Tabbosha2145 Luray Ave.$1,050,000
Jagdev and Ramandeep K Kang Singh3737 Rawson Farm Lane$999,000
Michael and Jacy Potts3540 Totten Ave.$980,000
Elena Gorozhanina3618 Michigan Ave.$910,000
Miriam and Richard M. Ryan Gale3531 Zumstein Ave.$860,000
Alexander Martin1908 Dunlap St.$825,000
Anne and David W. Katcher Slavotinek2505 Observatory Ave.$816,500
Caitlin and David Weber Shepherd3936 Cliff Lane$800,000
Huong Le Diem Nguyen1229 Martin Drive$800,000
Shankar and Kristen Mendoza Narayanan1292 Herschel Ave.$760,000
Caj (trustee)3003 Fairfield Ave.$745,000
Roy Travis and Ingrid K Likes1010 Hatch St.$735,000
Carrie Rathod3515 Holly Ave.$718,000
Christopher and Sonya Forg6 Annwood Lane$682,000
Henry B. and Emily C. Schmidt4299 Ashley Oaks Drive$675,000
Andrew T. and Margaret E. Gesing Norris930 Ellison Ave.$672,500
Big Sunny Day LLC3440 Golden Ave.$667,500
Ryan T. and Kristyn H Back2818 Victoria Ave.$650,000
Ellen and Jonathan Richard Becker1302 Meier Ave.$630,000
Nancy Alexandra and Ryan George Rospert Tremaglio3438 Stettinius Ave.$625,000
Susan M. (trustee) and M. Charles Hellman Hellman (trustee)400 Pike St.$605,000
Wendy and Lawrence Ostrowski3435 Golden Ave.$600,000
Andrew R. Giannella3921 Devonshire Drive$583,100
Pierre Gober217 Ninth St.$565,000
Ross Ormsby3531 Shaw Ave.$550,000
Bwy Properties LLC415 McDowell St.$540,000
Bwy Properties LLC417 McDowell St.$540,000
Eric and Karlee Camejo2731 Cleinview Ave.$540,000
Geoff and Teri Daumeyer504 Tusculum Ave.$539,000
Casey A. Young2823 Park Ave.$535,000
Caroline M. and Brent D Kremer939 Mound St.$533,200
Jacqueline and David Gajus Hammersmith3726 Woodland Ave.$530,000
Christopher and Nicole Heims2901 Markbreit Ave.$520,000
Joanna and Russell J. Boutelle Huh3309 Morrison Ave.$516,000
Mark and Jennifer Steller2215 Raeburn Drive$515,000
Kristin A. Schneider1326 Ault View Ave.$511,500
3578 Michigan Ave LLC3578 Michigan Ave.$507,500
Mark Douglas and Allison Paige Alright3616 Erie Ave.$505,000
Jacob and Melinda Haynes2840 Linwood Ave.$499,900
Nabil and Farah Kaval Hamadani850 Longwood Lane$495,000
Vb One LLC7859 Stillwell Road$490,600
Vb One LLC6633 Daly Road$490,600
Max and Courteney Orr Schlachter3439 Club Crest Ave.$485,000
Brookfield Lane LLC1130 Delta Ave.$476,250
Ryan L. and Autumn H Cayabyab3935 Brandonburg Lane$475,000
Gareth J. and Nicole A. Collins Speight4183 Paxton Woods Drive$461,000
Thomas Stephen Duetsch3768 Ault Park Ave.$455,000
Nick Broerman877 Tweed Ave.$455,000
Brandt and Sarah Tiffany3651 Traskwood Circle$450,000
Duckpark 2220 LLC2220 Park Ave.$450,000
Olivia Rengering2824 Astoria Ave.$450,000
Julie McMahon3314 Ormond Ave.$449,900
Christopher and Cynthia Holman1306 Duncan Ave.$445,000
Alex and Jamie Moore Moseley4503 Butterfield Place$440,000
445 Ludlow LLC445 Ludlow Ave.$440,000
Angelo Pusateri4926 Oaklawn Drive$439,900
Michael Hessler4315 Erie Ave.$435,000
Ian Mitchell Templeton4309 33rd Ave.$430,000
Nathan L. Ricke2860 Madison Road$428,000
Christian A. Sarkisian937 Monastery St.$425,000
Molly Carr and Taylor Gosnell488 Stanley Ave.$424,900
Alexander and Rachel Goheen Plattner1147 Paxton Ave.$420,000
Kaanapali Renovations LLC4926 Oaklawn Drive$415,000
Katherine Joyce Hendy (trustee)3420 Club Crest Ave.$415,000
Breeanna Kaylee and Craig W Behler3621 Pape Ave.$415,000
Jared M. and Elisabeth Perin Hamilton4137 Georgia Ave.$410,000
Ariel and Gloria Yeomans Maldonado Lebron1533 Larry Ave.$406,000
Tara T. Eaton (trustee)3435 Golden Ave.$405,000
Alessandro Botta and Amy Geibel Blondet3628 Saybrook Ave.$405,000
Kristin D Smith2751 Madison Road$403,500
Rachael Rothwell Peck3516 Saybrook Ave.$400,000
Norman Wood2369 Fairview Ave.$400,000
Norman Wood2368 Fairview Ave.$400,000
Michael E. Luft4214 Brookside Ave.$400,000
Shelley R. and Lucas A. Wyatt982 Hatch St.$400,000
Kathryn Gieselman2 Revel Court$395,000
John R. Schimpf3226 Glengyle Ave.$390,000
Joseph P. and Caroline A. Tweddell Weaver3945 Marburg Ave.$387,300
Regina Chilcoat (trustee)7093 Vail Court$385,000
Samantha M. Berten3625 Erie Ave.$385,000
Tiana and Byron D Hughes2006 Breen St.$385,000
Karl and Alexandra Marie Quintano Schneider791 Ludlow Ave.$385,000
Gone Native LLC423 Oregon St.$385,000
Kathryn Elizabeth Lawler1429 Dana Ave.$385,000
Chelsea Lee Thomason2837 Minot Ave.$380,000
Graham and Chloe Moncayo Long3779 Isabella Ave.$375,000
Mark Thomas and Mary Sandman7008 Bramble Ave.$375,000
Christine T. Halferty4960 Charlemar Drive$370,000
Brian Oliver and Colleen Ann Kupper4970 Oaklawn Drive$360,500
Quinton Michael McGrath Gallion959 Paradrome St.$360,000
David Himes3453 Woodburn Ave.$357,500
William H. Worthington (trustee)2370 Dana Ave.$357,000
Elizabeth Anne and John Bird Niezer1900 Bluebell Drive$356,500
Patrick J. Gilligan3416 Club Crest Ave.$356,000
Kevin and Sarah Collins-Grego Grego6403 Orchard Lane$355,000
Elizabeth and Roman Lewis Cornine774 Hand Ave.$350,000

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