Top 100 Cleveland, Ohio home sales for July 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cleveland, Ohio in July 2022, according to

In July 2022, there were 441 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $85,000 in Cleveland.

Top 100 home sales in Cleveland for July 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Geralyn M. Presti (trust)2041 Fairview Ave.$950,000
Cannon Vachon Enterprises1357 170th St.$789,352
Kelly A. Kirtland11459 Edgewater Drive$674,900
Alan E Saunders and Joseph Eckenfels1103 Starkweather Ave.$601,000
Zachary Kenne1405 10th St.$550,000
Brady and Shiva V. Risner6914 Franklin Ave.$485,000
Justin Politi and Sophie Miller3915 John Ave.$445,000
Flashhouse Cle West LLC7508 Rutledge Ave.$439,560
Saurabh Jetjva and Vrushti Patel1938 48th St.$409,900
Paul C. Castrigano and Stephanie L Barunermer3220 Chatham$366,000
Cameron and Sarah Wilk1521 123rd St.$360,182
2168 West 25TH Street LLC2148 26th St.$350,000
Chad Stacy and Margaret McIntyre16406 Marquis Ave.$330,000
4755 Pearl Road Properties LLC0 Oak Park Ave.$309,999
Marisa C Caliguire3467 41st St.$300,000
Kathleen Benmeziane and Robin Cadillon17410 Park Drive$300,000
Brian Burns and Stephanie Stimmel13003 Hlavin Ave.$297,798
Brian Burns and Stephanie Stimmell11825$290,401
Dave McCombs (trust) and David R. McCombs9421 Parkview Ave.$290,176
Julia T. Kwok8421 Euclid Ave.$290,000
First Quarter Holding LLC18313 Windward Road$289,000
Courtney and Elizabeth McKeegan and James T. Briody17300 Oxford Ave.$280,000
Samuel K. Sawan1302 114th St.$280,000
Daniel Kennedy1341 76th St.$277,000
Tonoy Seema and Trisha Bose Seema1452 116th St.$260,000
Yesenia G Vega864 Marcie Drive$258,000
Ashley T. Wells and Jacob H. Richey3483 152nd St.$255,100
Kourtney A. McNulty and Terrance R Costello3856 157th St.$252,500
Audentes Fortuna Iuvat LLC2101 42nd St.$250,000
Patricia D. Porreca (living trust)1018 72nd St.$245,828
Turquoise Ocean Real Estatre LLC1125 99th St.$242,500
Edward Figlar3162 142nd St.$240,000
Suzanne Stephanyan3284 98th St.$240,000
Domenique Demaria1150 Spring Road$240,000
Brian M Gnandt15220 Rosemary Ave.$240,000
Ellen M. and Thomas R. Spell12000 Kinsman Road$236,387
Mark C. Pratt3312 Scranton Road$235,000
Judith A. Mack4034 63rd St.$235,000
Chandra K. and Yam B. Gurung14717 Grapeland Ave.$230,000
Dara F Adkison2076 Hillcrest Ave.$230,000
Kelsey M. and Sean M. Curran16013 Southland Ave.$228,000
Madeleine Winer6105 Wakefield Ave.$225,000
Iagos Lucca15316 Lydian Ave.$225,000
Kian Yagoubnejad1900 Grove Court, Unit 105$220,000
Jacqueline C Bon17210 Dartmouth Ave.$216,000
Angelina M Morales and Robert M. Hamill4736 20th St.$215,000
Carleigh Walter and Travis Pescatatrice16700 Southland Ave.$215,000
Alison S. and Joshua S. Roach17916 Canterbury Road$210,000
Calvin J. Kohler1445 52nd St.$210,000
Sean Kahl14404 Broxton Ave.$210,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.3179 140th St.$209,100
Brandon and Hannah Smith14733 Orchard Park Ave.$209,000
Thomas Nims6214 Dellbank Drive$200,000
Nolan Burger and Tiffany Baur4287 182nd St.$199,500
Madtaz Properties LLC1133 Ninth St., Unit 302$198,000
Darren P Evans0 112th St.$197,813
Bapi LLC1903 45th St.$195,000
Jeffrey J Ward16605 Westdale Ave.$195,000
Molly E Cravens4216 49th St.$194,000
Miranda and Steven McCarthy4306 181st St.$190,000
Ann K. Tarr0 Colletta Lane$190,000
Akaniao and Kristen Kozeniewski4294 191st St.$182,500
Michael E. Waters1203 Norwood Road$181,060
Valisha K Bogart4918 Gifford Ave.$180,000
Jill M Davis4029 176th St.$180,000
Melda and Ronald English2036 Treadway Ave.$180,000
Michael Haddad6404 Southfield Ave.$180,000
Julia C. Mitchell4125 58th St.$179,000
Scott R Scott2657 111th St.$177,160
Austin E. Harris and Josephine T. Celeste3720 Revere Court$175,000
Matthew Aumann3594 139th St.$175,000
Adam B. Ditzel0 93rd St.$174,900
Claudia Salazar13428 Highlandview Ave.$174,000
Hung Nguyenr3286 84th St.$174,000
Charkesha Dixon2117 Schell Ave.$173,000
Ns Real Estate Holdings LLC3205 Archmere Ave.$171,500
2020 Stewart Family Trust and Danielle and Kevin Stewart3977 23rd St.$171,000
Susan Baez4177 Ridgeview Road$170,000
Hilary and Nicholas Braun18519 Shawnee Ave.$170,000
Delysia Eminian3498 145th St.$170,000
James J. Yang2101 89th St.$170,000
Renea Tritt3848 152nd St.$170,000
Lou Ann L Montrose2175 101st St.$170,000
Sean Mitchell3505 146th St.$170,000
Mario E Torres10822 St. Mark Ave.$166,000
Kyle R. and Michelle Musat11216 Peony Ave.$165,900
Omar Vega2005 Fergus Ave.$165,000
Matthew J. Ocasio14625 Grapeland Ave.$164,900
Courtney Hudson1908 44th St.$164,900
John P. Welsh1927 Willowdale Ave.$164,500
Brittany J Yeager and Joseph M Hanson6409 Southfield Ave.$163,500
Claudine Lacdao1325 116th St.$163,000
Ganga Gurung and Yam Biswa17505 Glenshire Ave.$161,500
Alexa M Tovanche and William M. Wilson4190 Valley Road$161,000
Delmer E. and Lois E. Brenneman15214 Edgecliff Ave.$160,000
Edward Sroka2701 Walbrook Ave.$160,000
Joseph M Webb1922 Mayview Ave.$160,000
Christopher and Tricia Youseff4395 140th St.$160,000
Curtis Tidmore and Keegan Allison17914 Brazil Road$158,500
Luis A. Feliciano3531 99th St.$155,100

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