Top 50 Cleveland Heights, Ohio home sales for July 2022

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These are the top 50 home sales for Cleveland Heights, Ohio in July 2022, according to

In July 2022, there were 65 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $175,000 in Cleveland Heights.

Top 50 home sales in Cleveland Heights for July 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Amy and Brian Dolzine3121 Fairmount Blvd.$647,000
Raphaelle Chemtob and Yaron Kohlberg2909 Fairfax Road$555,000
Daniel M. and Stacy Oneill2215 Harcourt Drive$510,000
Laura D. Young2919 Scarborough Road$425,000
Gerald P. and Moria Scipione2195 Demington Drive$358,000
Elizabeth M. Tabish and Stanley M. Mayer3396 Bradford Road$350,000
Robert Heineman2960 Coleridge Road$350,000
Christian E. Corzine and Neil A. Miller2114 Lamberton Road$345,000
Elya and Perel Keller3494 Shannon Road$330,000
Billy Husher and Linda Penny2630 Colchester Road$323,500
Petra C Martin2784 Berkshire Road$310,000
April Coleman and Jolene Jones2832 Mayfield Road$280,000
Christopher J. Perchinske12953 Cedar Road$270,000
Magued Morcos and Reham Ragher1771 Cumberland Road$265,000
Jennifer and Nathan Creviston3523$260,000
Philip Ammann3269 E. Berkshire Road$255,000
Baze Ltd.3547 Severn Road$252,000
Dovid Y. and Shira Keilson3520 Blanche Ave.$250,000
Zvi Rokowsky3534 Bainbridge Road$236,000
KC Property Holdings LLC1321 Forest Hills Blvd.$233,923
Lori C. and Nicholas A. Huston3498 Edison Road$219,000
Baelee and Dale R. Wehlburg0 Meadowbrook Blvd.$215,000
Nicholas B. and Tevia D. Longworth3242 Cedarbrook Road$215,000
Megan Levanduski3338 Silsby Road$208,075
Aisha D Waller and Reginald Drake2320 Taylor Road$201,500
Robert Soreo and Ruth Demilia3500$198,000
Christian Plante2616$191,000
Leonard Hill3133 Kensington Road$190,000
Brigette and Eric Brice3374 Monticello Blvd.$185,000
Calvin and Tanya Y. Pearcy3987 Delmore Road$185,000
Charlie Park2140 Lamberton Road$180,000
TJ Lewis Development LLC3048 Euclid Heights Blvd.$175,000
Brett Balika and Kelsey Ferguson3420 E. Fairfax Road$175,000
Teria Thompson947 Beverly Road$172,500
Bay Street Homes LLC1129 Hereford Road$170,000
Chaya S Finegold1682 Eddington Road$170,000
Jacqueline Manley3809 Montevista Road$170,000
Christopher Margrett1132 Yellowstone Road$170,000
Oliver Richman3181 Corydon Road$170,000
1623 Hillcrest LLC1623 Hillcrest Road$167,000
Littlejohn Family Trust and Anne Marie and Robert Littlejohn843 Beverly Road$164,900
Casey A. Venema985 Montford Road$160,000
Michele Gilmer3800$160,000
Mary S. Williams Stokes1071 Brandon Road$150,000
Sarah S. and William P. Carr2389 Taylor Road$145,000
Elizabeth Paskin3570$140,300
Sommer Hights LLC3630 Berkeley Road$127,500
Sheung Ping Lai1150 Cleveland Heights Blvd.$125,000
Great Lakes Re Holdings LLC1171 Erieview Road$123,926
Michael A. Meilstrup1169 Yellowstone Road$120,000

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