Top 100 Sunrise, Florida home sales for July 2022

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These are the top 100 home sales for Sunrise, Florida in July 2022, according to

In July 2022, there were 175 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $295,000 in Sunrise.

Top 100 home sales in Sunrise for July 2022
BuyerAddressSale Price
Julian Garvin and Chanique Trevia James1016 130th Terrace$745,000
Milka Sharabi Steinmetz1287 127th Drive$685,000
Erick and Dorene Montero13402 Eighth Court$670,000
Jorge Demetrio and Areli Gonzalez1015 133rd Ave.$650,000
Andres Patricio Abed and Alexandra Claire Curtis15811 Seventh Place$650,000
Daniel Edward and Jeanette Moran1010 132nd Ave.$649,900
Gloria Alvarez13337 13th St.$620,000
Camille Sebastian and Sunmelvic Manuel Blanco2341 139th Ave.$602,500
Sandy Steve10801 23rd Court$580,000
Sebastian De Castro3561 109th Terrace$565,000
Rabindra and Parbatee Sookhoo3237 123rd Ave.$565,000
Johnny Dinh and Tracy Hoang1144 149th Terrace$530,000
Jacqueline Reid-Nesbeth1030 125th Ave.$530,000
Connie Carmen Bermudez-Cardoza and Joshua Ethan Fox4470 94th Terrace$530,000
Daner Bello Cruz8441 21st St.$530,000
Marie France Di Pasquo and Luis Velasquez3212 104th Ave.$520,000
Reinaldo Ellas Figueroa Salazar and Isel Ivette Izquierdo Clavel15991 Wind Circle$519,000
Matthew B. and Sarah Chenworth2363 108th Terrace$515,000
Jheanelle Singh1250 126th Ave.$500,000
Yorbeidys Gonzalez Figueroa and Martine Mokwaka2051 93rd Lane$500,000
Laura Jimenez12350 29th St.$499,000
Keyan Jalili Farsodeh and Amy L. Jalili3156 113th Ave.$495,000
Cynthia E Torres and Elizabeth A. Solano3281 95th Terrace$495,000
Nayira Leon9630 24th St.$495,000
Alicia Antonia Perez Angel2410 111th Ave.$495,000
Godfrey Edmond and Ashantell Mann9381 39th Court$495,000
Opendoor Property J LLC11641 31st Place$490,700
Garfield McLean and Lorna Blake4654 93rd Terrace$490,000
Peter Hoffman12341 29th Manor$480,000
Junior Maldonado and Anna Ruth Aguilar Gonzales11640 29th Manor$480,000
Javier Francisco Izquierdo and Stefanie Batista11711 33rd St.$480,000
Josette Natasha Rowe6621 21st St.$470,000
Ramon and Danny Valentina Armengot De Zamora5820 18th Court$470,000
Carmen Cruz and Gabriel Hernandez7271 Sunset Strip$469,000
Mayreth Gonzalez Pena and Ricardo Eduar Aguero Rivero11470 39th Place$465,000
Sanjay Phillip Thompson and Jashoda Cooper11020 24th Court$465,000
Devasia Realty Group LLC11322 33rd St.$461,000
Gary Silverstein2641 Flamingo Road 708$460,000
Carlos Prada and Maria Graziosi2420 94th Way$460,000
3904 Arsof LLC8501 21st Court$455,000
Yp Properties LLC10292 32nd St.$455,000
Vikas and Jaya Gupta232 Lakeside Circle$450,000
Barbara and Pedro Luis Colon and Jesse Padilla2600 98th Ave.$450,000
Monica Alexandra Ardila and Luis Miguel Bolanos11901 33rd St.$450,000
Cesar G. and Farley Viviana Sein9169 25th St.$450,000
Rowena Cancio Areilano8640 28th St.$445,000
Constanza Elisa Schubert9151 26th St.$445,000
Marilyn Lucia and Kimberly Abadia6360 25th Court$440,000
Linx Investments LLC2500 89th Ave.$440,000
Rebecca Samantha Perez and Jeremiah David Jenkins9741 24th Place$430,000
Moreno Technologies LLC8521 25th Court$425,000
Guillermo A. Roman3963 94th Way 52-6$422,885
Mercedes Angela Shuler504 Woodgate Circle C$420,000
Barns of Hope LLC7930 21st Court$415,000
Robert Martin and Petagay Edmond2901 Aragon Blvd. 2$410,000
Javier S Medrano and Angelica Montes Perez8390 25th St.$405,000
Ahmad and Saeedeh Naderi2681 Flamingo Road 1801s$405,000
Mayrton Jose Maia Lima and Ana Paula Silva Marquez5470 93rd Terrace$405,000
Yoelvis Orozco Gonzalez and Dayana Marcelo Yero9541 25th St.$400,000
Own Up Power Buyer Services LLC8580 31st Court 2b$400,000
Arnaldo Zuccaro669 Woodgate Lane A$395,100
Resicap Florida Owner II LLC8290 26th Place$395,000
Altida Estelet and Ericson Pubien Estelet9791 25th Court$390,000
Fabienne and Patricia Dorlus and Patricia Colon6000 25th St.$390,000
Smith and Raytasha Thenor9765 37th St. 3-J$385,000
Mariglen and Alketa Lika5320 89th Terrace$380,000
2020 Premium Holdings LLC8290 26th Place$379,990
Daniel Gonzalez and Laura Sierra3876 121st Ave.$375,000
Kadian Colliar Portious and Andre Boyd9439 42nd St. 20-3$370,000
Harrison Tak Hong and Suet Fan Wong3253 101st Terrace$365,000
Marjorie F. Nicho9860 25th Court$365,000
Raul Enriquez2925 126th Ave. 221-1$360,000
Robert and Jennica Ferreira3804 121st Ave.$355,000
Celina Metlick and Ismael Esquiabro8360 25th St.$355,000
Robert and Jennica Ferreira3804 121st Ave.$350,000
Robyn Latoya Pitter-Scott and Ramon Neil Scott6951 25th Court$345,000
Carlo Cavallo and Amira Avelina Cavallo-Duran9311 49th Place$345,000
Danny Ramos7791 Grande St.$345,000
Lisa D Bulla751 148th Ave. 1010$340,000
Twila Mae Logan (life estate) and Christopher Scott2681 Flamingo Road 906$340,000
Yi Sun2881 99th Terrace$331,000
Verza Real Estate Group LLC2200 60th Ave.$331,000
Carlos E Hoyos11340 39th Place$330,000
Guillermo Javier Garcia Gomez2641 Flamingo Road 303$325,000
Ahmad and Saeedeh Naderi2641 Flamingo Road 1203n$315,000
Jonathan Grundfast2641 Flamingo Road 2402n$310,000
Emily A. Magnuson4551 90th Ave. 2-11$305,000
Marcel Ricardo Halaby2681 Flamingo Road 1207s$295,000
Jesus M Gonzalez3983 122nd Terrace$290,000
Gerard Hills2681 Flamingo Road 1707s$287,500
Kiara Johnson and Troy Lawrence3684 83rd Lane 38-6$280,000
Betty Dufort and Luis A. Olivo8005 41st Court$275,000
Isaac and Graciela Alboukrek2681 Flamingo Road 307$272,500
Magic Sixteen Corp.12510 Vista Isles Drive 1217-12$265,000
Loan Thi Le3238 Pine Island Road 105-1$265,000
Fair Value Homebuyers LLC6001 25th St.$262,000
Maria Elena Vasquez8950 Sunrise Lakes Blvd. 102$260,000
Sherry E Cusano and Jerry P. Slubowski15813 Waterside Circle 202-27$250,000
Carmen Regina Martinez3624 95th Terrace 3-L$249,000
Woon Tin and Angela Chin10036 Winding Lake Road 104-41$245,000

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