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Creative director, hedge fund exec take $1.2M Kingsbridge home

Annette Back and Stephen Back bought a 2,583-square-foot home at 131-17 86th Road in Kingsbridge/Spuyten Duyvil from David Cohen and Samantha Cohen for $1.2 million on June 7.
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Security firm CEO sells Pelham Bay home

Leslie E. Heine sold a house at 96 Bay St. in Pelham Bay/Country Club/City Island to Martha Vetter for $350,000 on June 15.
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Estate of insurance agent sells Riverdale home for $1.29M

The estate of Dante S. Caputo sold a home at 5288 Sycamore Ave. in Riverdale/North Riverdale/Fieldston to Christopher Chesney and Sarah Cornog for $1.29 million on June 8.
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Design firm co-founder sells in Queens for $2.8M

Saffron Case and Timothy Case sold a home at 4595 Fieldston Road in Queens to Susan Hyunkyung Choo for $2.8 million on June 14.
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Family practitioner buys Bronx home

Dr. Rounak Ahmed and Sultan Ahmed bought a home at 944 E. 233rd St. in Williamsbridge/Olinville from 395 Development Inc. for $385,000 on April 10.
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Caseworker buys Bronx home

Sunday Etsekhume and Blessing Etsekhume bought a home at 1108 Forest Ave. in Morrisania/Melrose from Queens Land Purchase LLC for $315,000 on April 30.
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Chief accounting officer settles in Pelham Gardens

Joanne Hojsak, Janice Klettner and Joseph Marolda bought a house at 2227 Fenton Ave. in Allerton/Pelham Gardens from Hector L. Gonzalez for $520,000 on March 23.
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Lawyer deals Woodlawn/Wakefield 3BD

Brenda Vasile Mechmann sold a three-bedroom, two-bath home at 4389 Martha Ave. in Woodlawn/Wakefield to Donika Toma for $287,500 on April 27.
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Estee Lauder auditor buys Williamsbridge/Olinville home

Alethea Webster bought a house at 4153 Laconia Ave. in Williamsbridge/Olinville from Superior Holdings of NY LLC for $272,500 on May 11.
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Legal assistant takes 4BD in Williamsbridge

Karen A. McNairn bought a four-bedroom, 2.5-bath home at 3226 Barker Ave. in Williamsbridge/Olinville from Angel Del Valle for $265,000 on April 9.
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City programs officer takes 8BD in Olinville

Ukah Busgith bought an eight-bedroom, four-bath home at 768 E. 222nd St. in Williamsbridge/Olinville from Gloria Carney and Mark Carney for $340,000 on April 12.
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Filmmaker takes 4BD home in Country Club

Loira Limbal and Luis F. Dasilva bought a four-bedroom, two-bath home at 1625 Fowler Ave. in Pelham Bay/Country Club/City Island from Rosemarie Martino and Theresa Panza for $449,000 on April 6.
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Communications specialist settles in Pelham Bay

Jerre D. Holbrook and Joanne E. Brogan bought a house at 487 Minnieford Ave. in Pelham Bay/Country Club/City Island from Edward E. Schweizer for $282,000 on Feb. 15.
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Hotel assistant manager sells Allerton/Pelham Gardens 2BD

Olis Delarosa and Ethel Dabi sold a two-bedroom, two-bath home at 2736 Young Ave. in Allerton/Pelham Gardens to Charlotte Baah-fordjour and Joyce A. Konadu for $435,000 in March 30.
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Special education teacher sells in Bronx-Melrose South

Luis O. Rodriguez and Ely Graciano sold a home at 859 Tinton Ave. in Melrose South/Mott Haven North to Anthony Cruz for $375,000 on April 11.
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Day care provider sells 3BD home in Van Nest

Esther Zapata and Jaime Zapata sold a three-bedroom, two-bath home at 1806 Muliner Ave. in Van Nest/Morris Park/Westchester Square to Park Joseph Singh and Parbatty Drayton for $303,000 in March 2012.
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School teacher sells Schuylerville home

Athanasios Mitsios and Margarita Mitsios sold a home at 1318 Hobart Ave. in Schuylerville/Throgs Neck/Edgewater Park for $500,000 to Zefa Markovic and George Markovic on March 26.
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Staff attorney buys Wakefield home

Jessica M. Crafton and James S. Crafton bought a home at 341 E. 235th St. in Bronx-Woodlawn/Wakefield from William P. Horan and Eileen F. Horan for $440,000 on March 12.
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Sales director buys 4BD home in Riverdale for $1.35M

Peter E. Kries and Jessica S. Kries bought a four-bedroom, 3.5-bath home at 4456 Waldo Ave. in Riverdale/North Riverdale/Fieldston from Jays Waldo LLC for $1.35 million on Feb. 23.
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General counsel buys Riverdale home for $1.88M

Jeffrey Wechselblatt and Daniella Fuchs bought a home at Riverdale/North Riverdale/Fieldston from Hal Dorfman for $1.88 million on March 1.